help 1960/70s ice cream

Any oldies on here remember the heart shaped lolly, milk chocolate outside, vanilla inside with a strawberry bit in the middle?

If so can you please put me and my other half out of our misery.....been googling with no answer


two sheds 


  • yes - it had dark chocolate I think ..cant remember its name tho...
  • Yes I remember it, but can't for the life of me remember what it was called.  It's going to bug me now!

    Erm, you're not the same Two Sheds as the one on the Grapvine (veg growing  forum) are you?  If you are then hello and welcome over here, if not then hello and welcome anywayimage

  • other half says yes was dark chocolate.....thinks it was called love heart but i am not sure
  • Hi Hashette

    No i am two sheds on allotments 4all, veg growing forum as have two allotments! Mind you like on here more of a lurker than a poster......whats the web address? Is it a good site?

    Hope someone remembers the ice cream soon its driving me nuts!

  • Here you go

    Love hearts were those icky fizzy sweets weren't they, with some daft slogan in the middle of each one? This is really bugging me now!

  • your other half may be right  had to look i drives me mad trying to remember stuff !
  • ooh thats it ..dont remember it being called Heart tho
  • Me neither, but that's deffo what it looked like.
  • thats definately it, many thanks, knew it wasn't love heart, but didnt think it was heart either.......they should bring it back might start a campaign!

    thanks for the link hashette

  • me and tother 1/2 remember them but cant think what it was called.

    probably made by Walls or Lyons Maid

    dont think peops collect them though-lol (may collect packs and sleeves though) perhaps google ice cream collectors and see what you get

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Was it this one?

    I love this sort of thing, remember Aztecs and Bar sixes? Could go on all day

  • oh yes, could go for one right now, they were the other favourite was an orange jubbly.....
  • That was my favouritest ice lolly of all time.  It was my reward on a Sunday afternoon for going rellie visiting.  I remember they were the most expensive lolly in the freezer - I think it was 13p.  That would have been mid to late 1970s.

    Oh please bring it back.  The mini vanilla/strawberry magnums are good but these were to die for ..... or it just my memory image

  • My grandad used to treat me to them - my absolute favourite. They were around pre-decimal cos I remember how they felt expensive, one of the most expensive in the shop.

  • Hi I can solve the mystery of the Heart shaped Ice Cream.

    It was called a

    Walls Love Heart Ice Cream on a stick.

    It was obviously heart shaped and it had a dark chocolate coating with vanilla ice cream with  pieces of  raspberry sorbet.

    They cost 10p which was not cheap at all at the time.

    It was around very early 1970s.

    I used  to have one as a treat on a friday after school if my mum said id been good at school that previous week.

  • Has this been bugging you for 3 years??   image

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