Should I run 13 miles??!!

Ok, here it is! I love running. I started about six months ago in order to try and lose some weight. I've been bitten by the running bug and now try to run four times a week. I have entered the Bristol half marathon, date 22nd Sept. I lost about four weeks training eralier in the year with an injury. Now, ten days from the race, I'm wondering if I can do it! I train to about six miles, three to four times a week at approx 9 min mile pace. My longest run to date has been 9 miles, completed in about 1 hour 25 mins. I felt as if I could have done a little more! I intend to run 11 miles at my next session and then go easy 'till race day. My aim is simply to get round! Advice please!


  • Keep on doing as you're doing, Peter. Provided you don't pick up another injury between now and 22nd September, you'll be fine and emerge with a respectable time too.

    Don't leave it too close to the race before doing your 11-miler. You ought to be thinking about starting to taper now.

    Hope you have a really good race on the day. May the (running) bug be with you!

    Cheers, V-rap
  • Hi Peter - I'm doing Bristol too and it will be my first 13 miles. I began running in May and tend to run around 6 - 7 miles a few times a week, but my longest run so far is only 10 miles. Like you, I also run about 9 min miles, and while I haven't been injured, I have been too busy (translate: lazy) to train as much lately. I am going to go for it though, and hope for a time under 2 hours, although I suspect I'll be looking more at 2.10 - 2.15. BUT, if I can finish then you can! Good Luck.

  • Yes you can do it, yes your training so far is OK, yes your plans are sensible & will achieve what you want to achieve.

    As V-rap says, don't leave the long run too late & ease off ahead of the race (most of us feel nervous we haven't done enough & start thinking about trying to squeeze a bit more in - don't!).

    Enjoy the 22nd
  • I ran my first half this autumn and was in a similar position. 9 days before the race I got home from work and decided on a whim to run 2 laps of my normal 6.8mile circuit - I stashed a bottle of coke in my hedge for half way (to save me having to stop and go into the house) - ate a couple of jaffa cakes and ran - I'm glad I did it because I went into the race knowing I could do the distance.
  • Peter
    How did it go?
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