Saturday 16th May 2009

As you start out the climb
 morning all!!!

well not only is this off my most played album at the moment it somehow seems fitting for me today....

what: moonwalk at midnight, 26.2 miles in your bra!

why: a good cause and it is such fun

last hard: double thurs

last easy: yesterday

have a good day all, off to get my hair done then hopefully crash for a few hours this afternoon, which will ruin the hair but who cares! Will prob have a bright pink baseball cap on later anyway!tai chi soon


  • Hi All

    Wabo: Enjoy the moonwalk, does anyone run ?

    What: Nowt
    Why: Comrades Taper
    Last Hard: The third lap yesterday
    Last Rest: Today

    Have fun off to the pool with the kids in a minute

  • What: stuff
    Why: indeed
    Last hard: lol
    Last rest: bigger lol
  • hi dd, no its strictly a walk, though you do spot the odd person jogging along a bit!
  • Gobi - Stuff, try loadsa stuff in the Gym.... and bike...

    What - Chasing Gobi on lead Bike
    Why - Coz he's crocked and cant be bothered to run - came 2nd 18:16 at 1st Danish Park Run 
    Last Hard - Not catching Gobi....... Turns out he can cycle fast too......
    Last Rest - coffee and cookies in a Danish coffee house

    (Jnr came 6th in 20:52)

  • Afternoon all - very quiet today.

    Wabo: Enjoy the moonwalk - fingers crossed that the weather behaves itself...

    Trini: will look out for Tristan at Drummond to pass on your regards.

    What: Rest
    Why: Comrades Taper
    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last Rest: Today
    Lyrics: Nope

  • Evening all,

    Wabo:  Good luck at the moonwalk?

    Gobi/RFJ:  Denmark?  Must read back.

    Not being around for a few days as head went to anti-never-never land. 

    • What: 6m
    • Why:  sort head out
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  Yesterday

    Have a good one!

  • AF, We're a happy couple :¬)
  • Looks like lots of fun and success happening there in Denmark RFJ, Jnr & Gobi. Nice.

    Wabo - didn't realize it was a marathon! Hope you don't get cold!!

    Hi AF - wondered where you had got to. Though wondering where lots have got to. Think a lot must have those post marathon blahs. I've had them for quite some time now.

    What: 10 miles on the hills with my mates. Still got sore heel so felt every step. After coffee went and watched 9 year old gdaughter play netaball.

    Good running everyone.

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