race sabotage

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Just seen on the news that the Caledonian etape in pitlochry has been held up 'cos some f**cking idiot(s) have spread carpet tacks on the roads in protest about the road closures for the event........... makes me angry- hope the tacks puncture their car tyres too- sorry for anyone taking part.  How long before someone tries the same thing for a  big city marathon?- I bet the road closures for london inconvenience a far larger group of people!


  • Probably chav scum.

    My mate is doing the race-hope he is ok.

    Did the first Grand Union Canal 1/2M a few years ago and some morons stole all the water from one of the water stations-unf*ckingbelievable!

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    It's an out of proportion response, but I imagine that you're far more shafted in Pitlochry if the roads are closed than you are in London...

  • They should be made to marshall races instead of community service.
  • ...and replace everyone tubes at their own expense
  • No - they should be flayed alive.
  • ..and then impaled on a rusty spike...

    ...and then something really nasty!

  • sounds like a fate worse than a fate worse than death.

    How about cleaning the portaloos out after the VLM or GNR?

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Linky linkety link

    ... and then after that they should be shot. And survivors shot again!

    Three hours of road closure one day a year doesn't seem excessive to me.

  • They certainly deserve a damn good kicking for starters!
  • Bring back the stocks!
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    Doesn't seem excessive to me, either (3 hours' road closures), but people do tend to get awfully hot under the collar about these things.  I grew up in Reading and, despite being pretty much blocked in by the half marathon every year, it never bothered me at all; the festival causes far more disruption than the road race!  However, there was usually at least one Moaning Myrtle writing into the local rag, and we get the same thing in Bristol when they close the Portway for road races.

  • This event brings lots of money into the area for the weekend - you would think that people could cope with the road closure for the good of their community. Be good if the police find the nob that did it.
    And shoot them. I think thats fair.
  • Agreed. More execution ammunition for the police. image
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     It happens and road closures for road races arent half as bad as some other reasons for road closures. Its far worse when the council closes roads for 4-6months to repair about 200metres of road. We have an event called Thundersprint in my town where the whole place is full of bikers and the traffic is a nightmare and most of the roads in the town centre are shut but we didnt go round letting everyones tyres down etc and that was a whole weekend!!
  • 3000 cyclists and there families there.........a lot staying overnight probably and they say the road closure for 3 hours effects tourismimage..............I expect their antics have done that nicely.............I'm just glad no-one got hurt............its unbelievable how stupid some people can be
  • "Peter Hounam, a member of the Anti Closed Road Event group and local businessman distanced himself from the sabotage but called for the race to be held on open roads because it impeded churchgoers"

    not a very Christian way to act.... (orwhichever churchgoers were impeded)

    and I didn't realise its for Macmillan,  

  • ACRE's Manefesto

    although they have distanced themselves from any direct action...

  • They may have distanced themselves from the direct action, but that sounds a bit hollow when they've got this in their manifesto:

    "People will not stand idly by if road closures... ...are imposed on this community..."

    (My italics)

  • These are LOCAL roads for LOCAL people.
  • they are scottish roads for scottish people,

    they don't like those London types up there. 

    Scuse my ignorance about the even, but is it organised by a London Evil Profit-Making company (not that it matters, I just wanted to know)

  • I suppose the cyclists got off lightly.

    It could have been like the Wicker Man all over again...
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    We could all write to ACRE  at the address given and forget to put a stamp on the envelope.
  • Musketeer - thats a genius idea !
  • Surely their actions added to the lengh of the road closures?


  • roads get closed for loads of different reasons from football/rugby games to royal visits...........its an inconveinince but if you know in advance you make other arrangements.........

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