I need your advice

Hi Peeps,

I hurt my left hip in January during a 10M race. Since then I have been having weekly physio sessions for an unstable pelvis. I stopped running for 4 weeks and started slowly again.The hip is about 50% better but not cured. Now I have two more injuries: An inflammation of the biceps tendons on my right arm and on my left knee I have a sensation that soemthing ( tendon or nerve) is rubbing on the bony bit outside the leg below the knee. When I run it clicks and I get a sharp pain followed by a momentary weakness on the left leg. It goes OK again until the next rubbing sensation and click. Do you know what it is?

My physiotherapist wants me to stop running. What do you think, I find another therapist or do as I am told?
Thank you for your time and advice.


  • Is it possible the unstable pelvis problem is causing the other leg problem, due to you running unnaturally to compensate?

    Worth getting a second opinion at least I'd say.
  • Oh, Spud, I'm really sorry. I know how it feels to be off injured.
    I agree with Iain - deffo get a second opinion, and preferably from a running physio.
  • Yup - someone who'll be sympathetic to that urge to R-r-r-r-un!!
  • Have a look here for London-based physios who understand runners:
  • Thank you Meerkat and Reindeer. I will follow your advice!
  • Difficult one Spud - and I sympathise as have not run for 3 weeks and one day due to dr's advice on knee (yes, I am counting!).
    He suggested I did sg else like the gym for exercise (can't think of much that I find more boring). I was not impressed and am going back again next week to get referral for whatever it takes and will be seeking more than one opinion.
    Good luck with your injuries - it's got to be worth checking thoroughly before you give up.
  • Thank you Wends. Good luck with your treatment. What is wrong with your knee?
  • Hi again Spud - dug this thread out from the depths, as not much time online right now.
    The doc thinks it is ligament, so possibly keyhole surgery candidate, but really need to be referred to someone who really knows! Going back on Monday.
    Now nearly 4 weeks since last run and v p***ed off, but have to admit, I'm still getting swelling and pain.
    Have u got any further since last time?
  • yes, Spud, let us know how you get on.
    <<meerkat leaves a hug for Spud>>
  • I ran a 5km race last night, as I have done several times over the winter...but this time my lower legs were extremely sore, which meant my time was a distaster at a minute and a half over my previous time. Could this be an injury, my shoes ( I don't understand the differences in shoes!)or just a bad race?

    Any advice would be great...as I have a 10km race next week....
  • Hi Tez - my advice is turning into a bit of a mantra! Go and see a physio BUT make sure it's a physio who knows sport or, even better, running. A non-specialist is, IMHO, a waste of time. Take your shoes along when you go to see her/him.
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