Pace problems

I'm currently following a SmartCoach training plan in preparation for my first 10K next month (first race ever) before moving on to half marathon training for the Great North Run. According to the plan, my long runs and recovery runs should be done at a 10:27 pace. This feels unbearably slow to me and physically quite difficult to achieve. The only way I can slow myself down to that pace is by considerably shortening my stride. A 9:50-10:00 pace feels much more comfortable. My tempo runs should be 9:03 pace but again feel more comfortable a bit faster at 8:45 ish.

Should I just aim for whatever feels right or make more of an effort to slow the pace? Probably a stupid question, but I don't want to overdo it too much! Any advice appreciated!


  • sounds fine to me,nothing to worry about.
  • I would run faster than the paces in the plan if you feel comfortable doing that.  Obviously if you feel stiff after runs or get injured you would need to reconsider, but otherwise I would go at the speeds you are suggesting.

  • Remember ibecks, these training programmes, no matter how accurate you are with the details you feed into them, are very generic so for you it might be slightly out. I say run to how you feel, but follow the principle sessions, and watch out for niggley signs of overtraining. Best of luck
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