What can I do in Oxford on a Sunday

Rattler and I are going to be in Oxford on 2nd August all day before flying out on holiday on the 3rd. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go? Neither of us has been before, so we're clueless! I keep hearing about what a great city it is, but I don't know where to start.

The Ashmolean is closed till November, which would have been my first pick. Anything else?

If anyone knows of any quilt shops, send me an email rather than replying on list so he doesn't suspect anything! image


  • No Kwilt shops I know of but a wonder round the uni (morse) areas is sposed tobe ok. And a punt up the river but isn't cheap. To be honest Oxford is expensive full stop. My advice is to drive a few miles south to Foxes cafe(bike cafe, ask and it's easy to find) and have a decent breaky and cuppa also meet and see some nice guys and some lovely motorbikes.
  • Could go and look round a college...  e.g.  http://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=231&Itemid=281

    or, yeah, take a punt out on the river with a picnic 

  • Hooky 6

    No idea where Hook Norton is in relation to Oxford though

    Think there's a brewery there

  • Blackwells bookshop is quite large.
  • Oxford is just nice to walk around I think ...  that and I will second Foxes cafe,  even I know where that one is   image
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    The Trout is worth a visit too, especially if the weather's nice (at least, it was lovely when we were there but that's a few years ago now).
  • Catch the hop-on hop-off bus and do a tour.


  • There are some fab buildings around Oxford, if you're into architecture do a photo safari!
  • Not been there, but this is meant to be very nice http://www.botanic-garden.ox.ac.uk/
  • Botanic gardens are lovely, and it's worth a general stroll around.  Also worth going to the natural history museum and Pitt Rivers Museum (they're in the same building), the latter it the ethnography place and full of interesting stuff. 
  • Second Puffin1's ideas.


    Blenheim Palace is just up the road in Woodstock if you're into that kind of thing and Woodstock also has a good little museum.

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