Maybe I am being a dizzy blonde but how do you know whether the distance on a running machine is in miles or kilometers ?


  • depending on your general pace if you are covering 1.0 units in 4 to 5 minutes then its a good chance its kilometers.Longer for miles.
  • Depends whether it's been programmed to display miles or kilometres, Kate - some machines can show you either or both. But if you can't find out any other way, work it out according to how far it's telling you that you travelled at a given pace in a given time.
  • Ask the gym staff.
    My old gym used to have miles and KMs
    the one near my office had kms only,the one near home had miles but the scumbags have just re-calibrated to kms.

    You could always just walk at your normal pace.If the speed is 3-4 then its mph, if its 5-6 then its kmph.

    and yes , you are being a dizzy blonde :D
  • Charming I can't be that dizzy at least I know how to turn it on.

  • I was , of course , only teasing !
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