Titty Wittering 38 mile

Just had a really nice chat with one of the organisers. He was very helpful and more than happy for runners to join in. He pointed out that the setup and logistics were at the moment geared to walkers but would try as much as possible to accommodate runners needs. He asked me if I could send him an email in the next day or so with any sort of requirements that we would expect.

The event will start between 4am and 6am - you can chose at the minute. So finish time would be nice and early to make a day of it. They will arrange to get us back to the start if we need it, which I thought was very nice.

The route is marked to some extent and it also follows an ancient pathway that is well marked but you will need to follow a map on some points I guess. There will be a few checkpoints on the way, and he asked what we would need. I said water and jelly babies, jaffa cakes nothing fancy as most people carry there own food but water top up would be essential especially if its a hot day.

The finish is at a pub so you'll be able to get food. I asked about changing and showering as I'd quite like to meet the family and do something after but don't want to do it dirty and stinky! SO they will try and set something up for this.

I'm sure I've left some stuff out so please feel free to comment and I'll add it to the email I will send. Their website will be updated in the next few days so some of this information will be on there then


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