Summer Tough Guy - Nettle Warrior 2009

So who's doing this????

It's my first ever Tough Guy and I know I'm being a wimp by doing the summer one but any good tips/advise for a TG virgin?

How fit realistically do you need to be?  I can't wait!!! image


  • its also my first tough guy and i cant wait just a little worried at how fit you need to be etc
  • Hi Becky,

    Yes I feel exactly the same.  Luckily my boyfriend has just surprised me by entering it as well so will at least have someone to help me round n give me a hand over the big walls etc image

    Are you doing it with anyone?

  • hi sorry ive not replied sooner.Ive not been on this site for a while.

    Im doing it on my own,my husband and kids will be there cheering me on.

    Not sure what training i should do?i mostly just run but im only used to road running.Ive been doing abit of upper body weights at the gym.Hoping that will be enough?

  • Did it two summers ago and will be doing it again in a few weeks.

    Have a good look at the course guide on the website - you'll get sent a copy aswell.

    Basically starts out with a run to string out the field so there's less queueing later on.  Can't remember how long it is, but it doesn't really matter because it's nothing like running on road.  They send you straight through the middle of banks of nettles, through the middle of woods etc etc.  Quick runners can gain a lot of places here.

    Then you hit the hills - up and down and up and down the side of a 45 degree bank - you're lungs will be burning by the end of it - guaranteed!  This is the part of the course where fitness makes the difference if you're looking for a top result, but everyone manages it just fine!

    Then onto the assault course proper - mud, fire, flames, water - awesome fun.

    As for training, I'd recommend the runs you're doing now, maybe a bit of training on soft ground.  A bit of upper body strength is very useful.  Also some swimming in cold water is a good plan, and then getting used to run after that - my legs cramped up the instant I finished one of the longer swims last time!  The fitter the better obviously, but there are plenty of people who just treat it as a bit of fun and you end up queueing in some spots anyway - chance to get your breath back!

    It's going to be brilliant anyway - I just can't wait!!!!!

  • Hi Ian,

    Thanks for all the advise....sounds fantastic.  Not long now, I'm getting very excited!!! image

  • Tough Guy (Winter version) is on ITV4 at 2000hrs tonight if anyone is interested !!
  • I will be there, my first time and I could well be a broken man afterwards image

    Is it true you have to do the full killing fields twice? On the map it looks like you start the second lap just after the vietcong tunnels.

  • How did you get on? I finish in just under 4 hours which I was slightly disapointed with as I hit the killing fields around by 1hr:30min target. I did have to pull my self round the second lap kicking and screaming though after my left knee went halfway through the first.

     Great day out, don't think I could do the winter one though, yesterday was cold enough!

  • Still in quite a bit of pain today...

    Was caught entirely unawares by the first set of ditches during the run - they were much smaller last time I did it so you could just jump them, but this time you had no choice but to go through!  Never quite got back onto a good rhythm after that!

    Also completely forgot to look at my time as I finished, but think it was somewhere around the 2:10 mark - can't wait to see the results when they're out!

    Bring on January!

  • Hello All,

    Does anyone know when the pictures etc go up? 


  • Usually about a week after I think
  • Did everyone have fun at the weekend??

    Was great to see so many folk collecting their numbers on Sunday morning!
  • My 2nd ToughGuy... i did the January one. Was much much colder but just as enjoyable! I started in the mob in Jan but got away within the first 500 this time. Had a good run and made up a lot of time, damaged my ankle about 1/2 way into lap 1 of the killing fields. Dont knwo what i did it on as it was done in shallow water and couldn't see it! Lost a fair bit of time trying to put pressure on it with the running and climbing obstacles. finished in about 2.03 in the end. Will be back fitter and faster for the next one! image
  • Does anyone know the location of these pictures? Nettle Warrior 2009?

     Ta    x

  • On the main page link at the top IF they've been posted yet.
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