Help I'm knackered!

Can anyone help? I am a 44 yr old woman who has come into running laterly - and now find myself entering in various races and have been pleased up until now with my results (first half marathon last year 1 hr 56, best 10k 50mins and 10mile race last year 1 hr 26)..however this year I find as I train for the 10 mile race again that I am really struggling - both with pace (following a smartcoach schedule based on best 10k time) and also on the long run days I am yawning by midday and ready for bed at 5pm (impossible with kids!). Does anyone else suffer from this tiredness after a tough session??? Any clues - what I could be doing to boost my motivation (the race is next weekend and I don't feel anything like ready even tho I am doing all the schedule miles - just not the pace!).....and any clues about the total knackeredness I seem to be feeling???


  • You have to go by feel not go by a stupid schedule. That's the problem with schedules, there is one type but millions of different people have different needs. You need to adjust the program so you can enjoy your training.
  • You could have low blood iron levels.  If you still feel tired after resting then it might be worth going to the doctors for a blood test just for peace of mind.  I recently trained for a marathon and after 8 weeks I noticed I was constantly tired, especially after running, and I really struggled to keep my pace up.  It made me lose all motivation for running because I was getting slower and slower and I could barely run a mile without feeling out of breath and tired.  In the end I went to the doctors because I've been anaemic before and knew that one of the symptoms is constantly feeling tired.  My blood test showed I had very low blood iron levels and I was put onto iron tablets.  Since then my running has been better than it has ever been and I generally feel loads better.  I'd say it's definitely worth checking because it makes such a huge difference and if it's not then at least you can put it down to overtraining and take some rest.

  • I agree with the others. I used to train too much to schedules and ended up tired and getting injuries.. now I run when I feel good.. usually no more than twice a week.. and the results have improved and I don't get injured. I am 43... don't over-train!
  • Over training!!
  • Thanks so much for all your input everyone that has replied - I have just read an article in runners world about iron deficiency (never had it before that I know of..survived having 2 kids fine...) but think it may be worth checking just easing back a bit.  The 10 mile race is tomorrow and I find myself struck down with a gastro bug running for the wont' be trying to run 10 miles on a hot day after that.....guess there will be other races and there is always next year eh??

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