Cardiff Half-Marathon



  • you culd park at say mothercare and get a taxi in. 02920 464646 dragon cabs very reliable
  • Ratzer - Panic is about parking...have driven into Cardiff several times. No time at weekend for practice I'm afraid..three very busy children to taxi from football, rugby, dancing, swimming....etc...I'll come in from M4 jn 32, onto A470 I imagine...along North Rd?

    NSF - thanks.. I might just do that!

  • MWW-Try parking at Asda Corytown-even easier off A470-know what u mean -parking is very restricted-especially if you don't know where to look for the spaces.
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Fried RICE, have you got confirmation you can reach all those Car Parks with the road closures on the day?  I'd expect Castle Mews and Sophia Gardens to be difficult to reach, but maybe not impossible if early enough.  If so, they would be useful for MWW.

    MWW, possible alternates, Tesco Extra at Llandaff and taxi/long walk, or down onto Park Place and cross your fingers?  Can't think of much public parking that side of the start, sorry...

  • Lots of car parking options in the program. I am staying in travel lodge the night before.

    Couldnt believe it when it said 9am start

    Training has been rubbish!

  • Crap! Yes, you're right - ignore that link people. image It'll only confuse you. It seems like the whole of the town centre will be closed.

    Just follow the list in the booklet, on page 11. Feel free to ignore me. Sorry.

  • Some of the parking at the university is open on the weekend and free for the public to park in - i parked there last year on race day.

    Here's the map of the address -,-3.17422|16|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.48687:-3.17435:16|CF24%204AG|CF24%204AG

    I've just checked on the uni website and it says you need a permit - but there were a lot of runners parked there last year without one and were all ok - but i except no responsibility if you get a ticket!!

  • i am also having a panic about parking, so you are not the only one, MMW!  i am thinking i will leave home (newport) REALLY early, take directions to the car parks that are on the race website, but plan to park on the road somewhere if i can find anywhere!  i can't believe how much of a nightmare the logistics of this are...  i was even considering getting a taxi all the way from newport, but i can just imagine how much that would cost!
  • To free up a space for all of you out-of-towners, I might just get the bus in image

    Means I can go for a few scoops once I've finished lol image

  • have you checked there are buses running at that time in the morning?  the first bus from newport (ok so not a local one but hardly international!) to cardiff leaves at 10am!!
  • There are indeed buses from where I live at that time of the morning, I am quite local.

    I'm only about 5 miles out if I ran the most direct route, so could probably even run to the start as a warm-up image

  • oh stop showing off image

    i cannot believe that there is no public transport in - or even a mass 'park here and we'll bus you in' effort...  and it doesn't help that it's a 9am start.  any later, and i could have persuaded hubby to drop me in, but with a baby and a 3-yr old in tow, they can't really wait until they get back home before they have breakfast, and if i wait until they are both fed and watered, it'll be way too late to get into cardiff!

  • See my earlier comments about transport.

  • I really don't understand the worries about parking etc image

    There will be some 10-11,000 runners, many with supporters etc.  However, the City frequently manages much larger other events (including sports), some with in excess of 70,000 attendees.  Granted, many of those would use public transport, but I've no doubt that the City can cope.

  • There is a council car park at  Pontcanna Fields (just at the top of Cathederal Rd).Space for about 100 cars.It's a bit of a trek to the start but worth it for ease of mind.
  • daz - normally i would agree with you.  however, the centre of the city isn't normally shut on such occasions, is it? i don't doubt at all that the city can cope with the number of visitors on this occasion and that there will be plenty of car parking spaces to go around.  what i do doubt, however, is my ability to locate a space near to the start, when i don't know the city and when many of the roads in the centre are shut.  normally i wouldn't think twice about it; it's just the road closures which are foxing me, as i don't know the centre bit of the city at all...
  • Caramel - the centre of the city is a nightmare at the moment anyway, race or no-race. 

    The areas that are shut for the race, around the Civic Areas are usually closed on International days as well as they're reserved for coaches so I don't think things are any worse for this race at all ie much fewer car park spaces.  There was sufficient parking when the Millenium hosted all the FA Cup Finals (and others) with two teams and sets of fans mostly from England, so if the Engerlish can find their way in so can anyone image

    My suggestion, as before, would be for you to drive into Cardiff  all the way down Newport Rd and park on the Parade.  I think it's about £3 for 10 hours, and it's only about 10-15 mins walk from the Start.

  • yes, that's what i was planning to do, daz.  the other problem is the time of the race as well. because it's so early, it's hard to leave enough time for all the faffing around trying to find somewhere to park which i would normally do on a race day.  i will be in sooooo much trouble if i wake the little'uns too early on the sunday morning when i get up to leave, as hubby will have them both all morning till i get back.  and as soon as i get back (literally), i will have to turn around and drive back to cardiff (radyr) for my baby's swimming lesson.  sigh...

    oy and enough about the engerlish.  i'm one of them, don't you know - although have now lived in wales for ... too long (8 years - omg!)

  • I suppose the early start is an issue, slightly later would have made public transport a more viable option.  I prefer early starts myself, but am aware that they can cause problems.

    Good luck to the English runners too lol image

  • So let me get this right I have to pay to get back into Engerland

    What a jeffing liability


  • yes, a start at 11 or so would have made the train possible, which is how i would normally get into cardiff for any sort of event at all.

    dean - no you have to pay to get into wales, if you are talking about the bridge tolls.  they let you back out for free!

  • Yep - it's called the Welsh Tax lol.

    Anyone can get into Engerland for free, just look at Sangatte!

  • As an Engerlishman who has had the misfortune to live in this god forsaken nation of Wails for 19 miserable years it's time to call a halt to all this sniping.
     Isn't it? Look ewe?

    I just hope that everybody who is having difficulty gettingn here on Sunday can make it and really enjoy the day (or the early morning anyway!).
    Just think you can finish the race before 11 o'clock and be at Barry Island for dinner!

  • I am not coming now


  • About paying to get into Wales image

    I was joking, 5 days to go everybody looking forward to it

  • I'm not looking forward to it now - I've a stinking cold and haven't run since last Tuesday. I'll still be running though as I've promised the parents I'll making my annual pilgrimage to sunny Grangetown and I aint going just to have lunch!
  • I feel your pain Steve, In the same boat, rough as since Friday, Ran last wednesday but not successfully loads of niggling pains lately.

     Will wing it on the day, But my thoughts of going under 2 hours are not going to happen

  • Ratzer, Spike

    Pebbles purchased my spare number...I didn't say I wouldn't be there!  Must admit the parking chat puts me off and the long drive after.  Planning on doing a 10miler tonight and Thursday before deciding to come or not.

    Still need to sort some accom...premium garage space.

    Good luck to all.

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