Cardiff Half-Marathon



  • Don't be such a grumpy guts Spike lol imageimage

    For those coming from the Eastern side of the bridge, take heed!  As you come off the (newer) bridge and approach the toll booths, the speed limit drops to 50mph.  They occasionally have mobile speed camera units there, so watch out.

    A slow run planned tonight I think!

  • my son has a temp of 39.6 today.  so i am wondering whether it will be thurs or fri when i come down with his lurgy.  oh joy!  i am necking vit c with zinc and echinacea (not that i believe in it - but i have to do something).
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Killed myself on Sunday's LFR and last nights hills so taking a rest today, short fast run tomorrow, and slower each day after.

    Parking will be easy on the day.  I've figured that all the police will be busy with the race, so I'll dump the car on double yellows somewhere.  Next year I'm going to rent a couple of coaches and offer my services from the Newport Road stores... £££

    Definitely not going down to Barry for fesh'n'cheps, sorry Spike.  Up by Ponty way for a few.  Tidy! image

    DB9, gotta be in it to win it!  image

  • Definitely won't be Barry for me either, more likely somewhere central like the Old Arcade or summat image
  • Not had time to look at race pack info yet but are road closures going to prevent getting away?

    Ratzer - you in 1.30 shape?  If you are then I'd be happy to switch on cruise control and trot round with yourself. 

  • I doubt the road closures will prevent you getting away, it should be easy to get out, it has been the last few years.
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    DB9, I'm in much better shape than I was at Bristol.  1.30 is my goal and challenge.  Dropping 10s per km will be the challenge.  I'd be very happy for company!  But don't expect any meaningful conversation!!  The odd grunt perhaps if you notice something really special...

    I'm not sure what time I'll actually get to the start area, what with lifts and parking, but 8:30am (latest) at the museum steps is plausible.  Any other suggestions fine.  I'll be the one wearing running kit.  And the number 1146.  Anyone else who wants to introduce themselves, feel free!  It'd be nice to put some faces to nicknames.

    The museum steps is close enough to the start, isn't it?  It looks like the start is behind county hall...

  • Good luck with the 1:30 attempt.

    I may just tag along, I'm pretty certain I'm not in PB shape, so won't be going for 1:27, but am hopeful of doing low 1:30's.

    Museum steps is only a couple of minutes walk from the start, if they're starting from the same place as last year which I think they are.

  • daz, Ratzer

    Will the parking bays along North Road be available?

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Looking at the route you'd be unlikely to get into those spaces on North Road.  It's difficult to judge how far north on North Road will be closed, but it looks definite that anything alongside the civic buildings will be unavailable.  If you did get there, it would be unlikely you'd get away quickly!
  • Thanks Ratzer.  I guess it depends where I stay over.  Me too wearing running kit - les bleu naturellement!!
  • If you're heading down North Rd from the Gabalfa flyover area, as long as it's open so that you can turn into Colum Road, I reckon the bays on Park Place will be available.
  • wishing everyone best of luck on  sunday,hopefully the weather will be as good as it has been
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Thanks, bubbles1970!  Weather's presently looking like it will be sunny, max 14, sunrise 07:42.  So that's 1 hour and 18 minutes of sunshine to get the temperature up from freezing...
  • yes,and knowing what welsh weather is like in the mornings it will need all of those 1 hour and 18 minutes to warm up.should be a good day
  • Group hug before the start? image

    (Or afterwards if you can stand the smell!) imageimage

  • That weather forecast sounds good!

    A bit sniffley this morning, hopefully nothing will come of it.

  • Smell?  As a ladeee, one finishes smelling of roses image
  • Ladies do smell, it's common knowledge.

    Many years ago a lady told me to kiss her "where it smells", so I drove her to Swansea image

  • daz1927 wrote (see)

    Many years ago a lady told me to kiss her "where it smells", so I drove her to Swansea image

    wahahahahaha... Daz...!!! image

    you running on the weekend?  might see you, give you a wave.  image

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    LOL!  Port Talbot would have been far enough though...

    Group hug before, I reckon.  Saves me doing a warm up!  All that body heat...

  • daz1927 wrote (see)

    Many years ago a lady told me to kiss her "where it smells", so I drove her to Swansea

  • Hope to see you there Nam, I will wave back image

    Not sure on the Group Hug, once some of you get hold of me, you might not wanna let go lol image

  • With jokes like that, it may well be the neck that ladies will not want to let go of!
  • You might be right re the neck Spike lol image

    If they want to achieve that, they need to put there money where there mouth is, by changing the route in many areas to cater for larger numbers.  That would mean more road closures hence more cost.

    I hope they show some real appetite to achieve this, it can only be a good thing!  With a better-established Half, they may even re-consider hosting a Full in the future.

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Achievable, but it's got to be a lovable event.  Get anything wrong with 11k people there, and you're never going to get near double the numbers.  Anyway, that statement is pure propaganda.  Who's going to remember that article in three years time.  (Actually, I'm going to take a copy and save it so that I can publish it here in three years time...)

    I'm also worried that Cardiff is already pushing the limits of cost.  I can see dollar signs in Rhodri Morgan's eyes as he does his official business at the start.  (Same as anyone else's business but his loo is plusher.)

  • Yes - Cardiff is a bit on the expensive side for a Half, with more attending surely the economies of scale mean that the cost should reduce lol image

    Last pre-race run last night, just Gym today.

  • is that wishful thinking daz about the hopeful reduction in cost?lol. i like your
  • Lady that takes care of the admin text me to say "accom & garage sorted and you're staying in CF10" .....

    So that will be me lost tomorrow then!!

    I may have missed the reason but why did Cardiff drop the Full and wasn't it two laps of the half anyway?  Agree too that for a half Cardiff is a tad expensive. 

    Anyway enough niggles - wish you all best of luck Sunday - should be a crisp/keen temperature for warm up along North Road.

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