Cardiff Half-Marathon



  • I don't know!!  He had army style creases down the sleeves and everything when I used to run with him! lol
  • Hello all

    Getting closer, Looking at going under 2Hours 10 here hopefully 2 hours if the training goes well

  • You may run quicker if you don't carry the fish....


  • The fish goes back before each run
  • The list grows as long as the jokes about Daz from Spike. Hope he's cleaned out  Any more for any more?image DB9 1.27
    kittenkat 1.27 (If I'm there at all, it depends on the next few weeks)
    SteveG 1.27
    Stray Celt 1.40
    Spike sends Love light and peace 1.40
    The Kings Shrew: 1.50
    hovis 1.56
    Pingu Pongu 1.52? you'l be fine by then and may adjust sub 1.50
    Catoface 1.59.55...caution thrown for you
    Dean Oram 2:00-2:10
    Paul Bowen 4 2:10
    Im Rio!
    Don Kiddick
  • Dean Oram wrote (see)
    The fish goes back before each run
    That's not that big famous Carp that died is it?!
  • Daz ceratinly ain't no Fairy!  (although he does fly!)
  • P.S. Lux like the last of the Daz gags.......

  • Fairy Nuff...I wouldn't be so Bold to suggest you could Surf the net to find any more.  I'll keep my Ariel tuned in to see if anything else crops up, otherwise I'll take Comfort on knowing there's a lot of us ready for the HM nad in good condition..err or so I think
  • Enought with the gags lol.

    Pmsl at "creases down the sleeves " - yeah right, I only wear vests image

  • You do not.  When we trained for FLM in the winter you even had creases down your sports jacket!!!  And many times you had long sleeve top on with creases to cut bread with! image
  • There is nothing wrong with being well turned out!

  • Ah if only you knew how! lol image

  • Shaddup and put the kettle on image
  • What did your last slave die of?  Cos this one is rebelling! lol
  • Do as your told!

    Calm down now anyway, you're frightening everyone else away. image  None of 'em wil come to Cardiff at this rate.

  • Children! Children! Now stop squabbling and get back up the chimney!! image
  • daz1927 wrote (see)

    Do as your told!

    When have I ever?   lol

    And I don't like soot!!! image

  • Dont' think I'd fit up a chimney now. image

    So who's gonna beast (sorry pace) Cato to her sub 2 hours?

    Plan on doing a long'ish run this weekend to assess my target.

  • Aiming for sub 2:30 then are we???  With all that extra weight you are carrying round now image
  • Yep - just ahead of you. image
  • I am not going for a time.  I haven't done a race in so long I have probably forgotten how to run!  And don't think I am going to be able to run longer than about 8 miles or so before hand.  Relying on residual fitness I think
  • You'll do it! I have every faith!
  • Mmmmm excuses in early - canny image

    I emailed the organisers on Tuesday about pacing, still no reply.

    Run club tonight.

  • Oh I can do it Spike but how fast is another matter.  IM training meant lots of long but slow stuff so we shall see image
  • You know I may just be able to crack the 2 hours (especially if I'm chased/paced Daz!)

    I know this is probably not that impressive to all you fast types, but I'm telling ya anyway! I went out for an easy run last night, but I got scared by a large bunch of yoof's about half a mile in and sped up. Thought I'd see how long I could keep it up for - did a smidge over 5 miles in 43 minutes and had enough energy for a little victory dance round my kitchen when I got home!

  • Just wear the outfit you have in your avatar and I'm sure lots of young men will volunteer to pace you lol.

    That's a good run, based on 5 miles exact that's a pace of 8:36/mile equating to a half time of 1:59:22.  Go for it.  We'll organise some Welsh yoofs to scare you.

    Rio can finish first and get the ale in image

  • That's a Jane Fonda leotard - it's my fancy dress 'piece de la resistance'! I can't really breathe when I'm wearing it so I reckon it'll hamper my chances..even if you do release the yoofs!

    I worked it out that if I could keep that pace up I'd run it in 1:52:44! You're not going to shatter my dream are you?! image

  • anyone up for fancy dress?

    i struggled to do my last half in 1.58, and i have been off with an injury for a month,

    and as im running for VELINDRE CANCER CENTREim thinking why not?

    sponsor me @..........


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