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  • pebble,

    my mate entered ages ago and forgot, so booked a holiday, im not sure which he is doing, so i will find out and let you know

  • I think I'll do worse than last year which sort of defeats the object really-feeling negative-It's not the taking part it's the improving that counts-How does one combat negativiy with only 2 weeks to go!!!
  • Cheers Hovis
  • Pebble - I managed to source one here, you might be lucky:

    Fetch Cardiff Spaces Thread

    Rio - what's that they say about new tricks image

  • Guess you should know Daz but this one is still learning loads! image
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    not so fit, you have to look at it differently.  If it doesn't go well on the day, blame the race organisation, blame the other runners, blame the course, blame the lack of toilets at the start.  Or, if you really think it was your training, blame the early nights, the overwork, the family that just doesn't understand, the dog that you tripped over spraining your ankle.  Just don't blame yourself, you're doing everything that you can!

    Honestly, you're going to have a great day out, doing something you love, alongside thousands of other people who love doing the same thing you do.  You're going to get fed, watered, and cheered along the way; laugh at strained photographs online afterwards; and sign up for every other race you can find!

    Who needs a PB?  They're easy.  I got one in the very first Half I ran! image

  • Hey Ratzer-you're right.  I think it's coz I did an eleven miler Thursday-never got into it-hated every step and just thought-Thank God that's over at the end-Didn't even get the post race buzz-wheras the week before I felt great-Just a bad day!  Gotta do the Cardiff 10k next Sunday as well.

    Just gotta think-everyone else is suffering too around the 9-10 mark!

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    So, what are the identifying signs for the pacers?

    Are there energy drinks en route?  Site only mentions water stops.

    Is the start segmented by time?  Properly?  And policed?

    Is the bag label going to stay stuck to the bag?

    Are 11,000 cars going to be able to park near the start, when there're about 2500 spaces?

    Why haven't they changed the name to half-snickers yet?

  • Going on last year:

    They were holding sticks with small cards with the time.

    No just water I think.

     Yes, sort of, no.

     Wrap it round a strap and stick sticky bit to sticky bit?

    No but lots of locals will get trains/buses/lifts in.

    Can't help you with that one!

  • Rio - carry on learning then!

    Some right cheerful chappies on here image

    Still no pack for me.

  • Cardiff isn't improving. It's getting worse. removing the marathon option and the stadium finish contributed to this. The organisation has been poor in places (Castle finish anyone). And it's way overpriced.

     Oddly enough the Men's Health Challenge used the stadium yesterday. Meaning it must be possible to pay the price to use it.


  • Chris I think there are only a number of events that are allowed to use the stadium and if the organisers don't ask quickly enough or what ever other charitable events will take priority.  

    Having said that when I ran it and it finished in the stadium it was still a shambles

  • Im. Rio! wrote (see
    Maybe, but they have plenty of time to ask. I suspect they are thinking of economics. But if MH can afford it (and it was really well done) with 1200, I am sure Cardiff can figure it out with more.

    It is a crying shame that the Welsh capital cannot do a proper 1 lap 26.2 miler.

    Chris I think there are only a number of events that are allowed to use the stadium and if the organisers don't ask quickly enough or what ever other charitable events will take priority.  

    Having said that when I ran it and it finished in the stadium it was still a shambles

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    I went down to watch in Cardiff one year when I couldn't run through injury.  It had a stadium finish and a marathon back then.  Two runners I was supporting claimed the Stadium finish was restrictive - they both got held up because you couldn't overtake.  As for the marathon, that was a shambles at the 1 lap point as everyone was trying to cheer the half-marathoners into the finish and getting in the way of the marathoners.  Then the quick marathoners were lapping slow halfers, slowing them up more.  You're right Chris, it would need a 1 lap marathon to work properly - who wants to do two laps in a long race anyway?  Then you've got to worry about the economics - closing down over 26 miles of roads including a city centre on a shopping day.  That's if you want to take in the sights.  So it would have to attract a big field.

    From what I've seen Cardiff's tried lots of ideas out in the last few years.  Some good, some disastrous.  They're still experimenting.  Bristol got everything right this year, except they're still putting in too many tight corners.  But the organisation was fantastic and something Cardiff probably still needs to learn from by the sounds of it.  I'm fed up of running through crowds at the start because people start ahead of their allocated time at big events.  Bristol got that sussed.  Sounds like Cardiff still hasn't.

  • bu&&er...sounds like I should have come back earlier.......I thought the organisation had been sorted on this one??

    Got back to find my credit card charged twice and had to practically beg Race Admin to sort out a refund.....I did contemplate running twice so maybe they thought I'd just do it! 

    So the sharp end has still got to swerve the bubbly characters linking arms at the front...mad! wtf.  Bristol def next year regardless.  Ratzer - what time you get at Bristol?

  • You could do it twice and still get round before me DB9.  Be good to see you if only in the distance - might get a glimpse at the barrage!?
  • Whatever the event there will always be room for improvement.
    London and The Great North Run are the two biggest races/events in the year and despite having no complaints about the 6 London or the 19 GNrs that I have done it still surprises me that some runners have things to complain about.
    I did have a couple of issues with Cardiff  last year, but they were of the kind that the organisers can do nothing about and that is idiots starting in the wrong place and impeding those after a "Good time" as opposed to "having a good time". The other is some of the abuse we got from those cretinous drivers who got impatient because they were held up for a few minutes to allow runners across the road. Don't they realise Ikea is open 7 days a week?  

    I last ran Bristol in 2000 and thought then that there were too many running on a tight course.Nine years down the line,more entrants and virtually the same course. This, I'm led to believe, has caused some  "lively " debate!

    I just hope Cardiff doesn't go that way! 

  • You'll be in my sights on lap 2...

    Is there a good place to eat / runners meeting up?  I'm staying central night before and will need to fuel up pre race.

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    What Bristol did this year was colour your race number, then only allow you into the section with your colour, or any section behind.  They also split the start, twice.  Once by location, and second by time.  So two start lines, both operating at two start times, half an hour apart.  The congestion was much reduced!

    DB9, I did 1:33:39.  Trying for 1:30 at Cardiff, but not expecting miracles yet!  A thin crowd for the first few miles would help.  But I'm always a later starter - something to do with last second portaloo visits.

    Bristol, I think, suffers from trying to keep the race compact, to avoid traffic issues, and to show people the sights.  This does mean a tight course, especially right at the start up the flyover, and the last few miles through the twisty streets and squares.  Knackered legs trying to finish fast on tight corners is not pleasant.

  • Ratzer - I'll def be doing Brizzle next year.  Did it in 06 and then it was getting a bit congested.  Hope for not too many issues at Cardiff which I did too in 06.  Looking for a good time c1.27 before Gosport in November.

    Got my VLM tooand loads of race entries...

  • Can anyone explain why C4 are putting the Cardiff Half Marathon on at 8am-9am when the race doesn't start until 9am? 
  • They know who is going to win image
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Good luck with the good time, DB9.  I won't see you for dust!  Something tells me you didn't get the VLM entry through the ballot?

    C4 are televising it?  Why?  Is Katherine J being carried around it?  Or are we all in a future episode of Dr Who?  If they bring back those mannequins and they're behind me I'm hitting a PB for sure...

  • I have to say I ran Cardiff the last time it was a Full Marathon, and was not overly impressed with the Stadium finish. Yes the finish around the pitch was restrictive, trying to overtake slower Half’ers.

    The race number colour system is hardly rocket science, they did it at Edinburgh Mara too, it was very effective.

    Even with some improvements, I’m sure Cardiff will leave you all plenty to moan about lol.image

  • Agree with the comments about the Stadium finish being restrictive.  I found myself held up behind a couple of runners on the lap around.  Mind, at least it was possible to leave afterwards, the castle finish was a serious nightmare.  Didn't do it last year but heard it was much better.  Did anyone else have to pee in the bushes because of the lack of loos in 2007?
  • They've got to replace Brookside with something-and this is marginally more exciting-well 11,000 people standing still is interesting to some folk.
  • I pee in the bushes every year, it's the law and compulsory image
  • ditto - obligatoire to leave a sample...

    Ratzer - yep, lucky enough to bag a 3.08 at London so GFA placing for me.  Are we going to be on Dr Who?  Wow...

    I'd best sort my accom later but I'll be staying somewhere close to the start.  Any of you locals know where not to leave a DB9?

  • Daz
    If I recall,two years ago it wasn't just a pee! image
    And you still ran well!

  • I wouldn't leave a DB9 anywhere in Cardiff!  Bring your oldest banger!
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