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  • Lol Spike.

    You can park a DB9 on my drive, it will be safe, I promise image

  • She's already in Cardiff...

    mmmm - will be paying a little extra for garage.  Anyway - need somewhere decent to eat - any suggestions?

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Depends where you are in Cardiff, and what you want to eat, DB9.  There's plenty of choice!
  • will be joining you guys on sunday week.  anyone know of anywhere easy to find to park?  i will be driving in from newport (so down newport road).  don't really know cardiff at all and don't want to get stuck around closed roads etc.  where can i find easily that i can park without having to pay £6 per hour!!

    have to say, can't believe there are no trains running on sunday morning.  rubbish!

  • Parking costs in Cardiff are ridiculous these days.  Can't help with where to park, everytime I go to Cardiff these days there's a new office building where a road used to be.  I had a call from someone on Sat night for directions.  They were at the train station and only needed to get to the CIA.  What with all the road closures for the drunks and the new road layouts I didn't have a clue!
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Without paying £6 per hour?  Problematic if you don't know Cardiff.  You could try turning right at the RNIB building on Newport Road (down West Grove) and seeing if there's anything in the residential areas around there.  Any further back will depend on how far you want to walk.  Park Place and the areas around Woodville Road next to the Uni buildings are possible other options from that side, but you'll need a map to the start if you don't know the area.
  • ratzer - thanks.  i'll need a map anyway!  how long do you reckon it would take me to walk from the mothercare / dunelm mill car parks on newport road into town?

    someone suggested the museum car park to me, but i don't know where that is.

    you wouldn't think i lived in newport (although am not FROM newport, in case you were worrying!).  i have no idea about cardiff at all...

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Walk from Mothercare?  Dunno, 40mins?  I'd have thought that's a couple of miles, and then some.  The museum car park would be perfect, but I'd expect all the roads to there to be shut or incredibly busy - it's one street over from the start area.  Plus it holds about 30 cars max.

    As you can tell, I haven't quite figured my parking arrangements yet, hence the indeterminate answers...

  • Trying to sort out the transport problem is one of the things that the organisers really could be doing.Surely someone on the council has some sway on things?
    Can you imagine the London Marathon or the GNR being able to cope without the assistance of the train and bus companies?
    Better transport in the future could lead to an increase in entrants thus ensuring a larger income for the main and other charities as well as profit for the buses and trains.

    Just a thought..........  

  • Ratzer - staying just off the avenue from where the start is....if I remember correctly it isn't too far to a few eateries/cafe etc.

    Do the locals know what the road closures will be like post race?

  • bugger.  there goes my plan to walk from mothercare.  hmmmm.... why is it such an early start?!?!  if it were an hour later, i could persuade hubby to drop me in, but with a 3yr old and 7month old baby to organise, i don't think we would all get out the door in time for him to drop me off!
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Just had a chat with the central info office for the race.  No clarity on which roads are open/closed apart from those right on the route itself "and some others around", therefore no telling if you can get to the museum car park or be able to park in all that space in the Civic Centre.  Apparently concessions have been arranged at car parks in previous years, but no news on that either, so watch the website.

    I just happened to ask about energy drinks.  At the moment just water, may be something else available at some stations on the day, but don't hold your breath.

    Even the *ffing Park'n'Ride doesn't open till 10am, which would have been perfect for thousands!

  • ratzer - thanks for doing that.  it's officially rubbish, i have to say.  i have had a look at the map and i think i have parked on the parade before (off west row) for an osteopath appointment in the middle of the week, so if i managed it then, i should be able to manage something on a sunday morning, assuming i get up in plenty of time to get in there.

    i was really in 2 minds about doing the race in the first place because of the logistics of getting there.  it's crap because it *is* my local half marathon and i can't figure out a way of getting there easily.  to be honest, one of the reasons i'm not keen on an NCP car park is that i suspect i won't actually be able to find one that's not surrounded by shut roads.  hence my desire to park up somewhere and walk in.  if i leave plenty of time, i won't get in a flap about running out of time or end up driving around and around and around in circles!

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    DB9, head up the avenue towards the town centre.  Across the green, under the road.  Stop in the Hilton and get a burger in the bar.  Fabulous.
  • I think most of the Civic Area parking will be unavailable.

    I would suggest Mothercare is a bit far to walk.

    The Parade would be a good option, plus you can park all day there for £3.  Don't want to say too much, or I'll end up with nowhere to park myself lol image

  • Still no race pack for me, it'd better turn up soon. image
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Wow, I heard tell from someone who only booked in a few weeks ago that they got theirs already!  Time to put in a call, daz?
  • Maybe they are trying to tell you something Daz!  Are you sure you entered?  image
  • race pack has finally turned up!
  • Well they have cashed my cheque lol.  If it's not arrived by the time I'm home on Friday, I will call them then.
  • If it makes you feel any better, my race pack for the half I'm running this sunday only arrived Monday.
  • mine still hasn't turned up.  but then i entered on the closing date and put a really slow time down so perhaps they are in no rush to send it to me!
  • Did we have to put donw predicted times?  Can't remember that.  Wonder if they'll be time pens this year .... were there last year?
  • Yes I think we did put predicted times.

    There weren't strict pens, just some more informal speed guide markers.

  • For sale:

    One race pack, bank trf or cheq - £20.

    Will be close to the front based on predicted time.

    Mobi: 07899 084 397

  • You pulling out then DB? What a shame.

    My pack's finally turned up image

  • Hello I am in a real panic about parking...travelling from Swansea and don't know Cardiff roads at all. Usually travel to Cardiff by train!
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    MWW, is the panic about parking or about driving in?  You've got this weekend, you're not too far away, new John Lewis opened recently, why not pop in for a look around and get a little more familiar?  If you know the route you're likely to come in by, there might be some suggestions for parking.

    DB9, everything ok?

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