Friday 22nd May 2009

TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

Reeling with the feeling; don't stop, continue

Morning folks.

Yesterday's lyrics were The Guitar Man by Bread.

What: 4m very gentle rec d&d
Why: that or nothing.
Last hard: Wednesday.
Last rest: Monday.

Have a great day all.


  • Morning peeps.

    What: 4M Steady and legs feeling back to normal this morning.

    Why: Just do it.

    Read back time.

    Lyrics: No, I'm on  'The crest of  a slump ! '

    Have a good day peeps.

  • What: eating a Crunchie
    Why: it is Friday
    Last hard: Fridge stored Crunchie
    Last rest: the silence as I sit and appreciate my Crunchie
    Lyrics: where is my Crunchie

    Oh I might do some swimming and cycling
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Joe - Hope it is just a niggle that goes away soon.

    Gobi - Crunchie?

    What:  5 miles or so easy at lunch time
    Why:  Base to build
    Last hard:  2 days
    Last rest:  1 day
    Last alcohol:  6 days

    My booze-free streak (a PB this year I think!) will end tomorrow with a club social outing, but I'm going to try continuing the restricted approach & see if it has benefits.  Any thoughts?

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    40mins - thank Crunchie it's Friday. I don't really drink anymore, but not for any reason other than I got out of the habit of it, possibly partially because a 3 year old, early morning training and having a few drinks don't mix too well. May well have a couple after Edinburgh and on holiday, but that will probably be pretty much it again for a few months. I do feel better for it though.

    I'd have thought you'd have gotten these lyrics Gobi. Would have thought they'd be on your playlist.

  • morning,

    40 mins - good booze free streak ! yes, i think there are definitely benefits and have always done 2 or 3 completely free weeks before a 'big' race on the basis of giving myself the best chance.
    my tolerance has gone right down which is quite good because 2 drinks and i feel i've had a lot, not sure it is the effect of abstinence or it just diminishes with age. also i think you feel generally 'fresher' and enjoy the odd one or 2 as a treat rather than the norm. downside is i talk rubbish and fall asleep after a couple !

    hope you enjoyed the crunchie gobi. thinking of you and how you must feel this weekend. good that you are getting on with the cross training 

    NZC - carpal tunnel had crossed my mind too. it isn't painful and i hope it might be just a reaction to some of the overenthusiastic gym stuff . time will tell

     is TT making a subtle point with today's lyrics which have the line about swimming image
    i love this band

    5k race tonight, see how it goes
    happy training and racing everyone

  • Today I Rest.

    Decided to hit the marathon trail this year - October, Dublin. 9 years since. Big shot at it, injury permitting.

    TT, I get your comments about the drink - hard to avoid sometimes but great to savour after a race!, You might be in trouble later in the year if you topple the cats though.

    Not giving too much away, but i'm feeling red hot today.image

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    AH ha, thats a good clue paddy but I still don't know, just know who its by!  Saucy lyrics tipptop!

    What: couple of miles later

    why: I want to

    last hard: currently trying to do a TMA I feel like throwing it up in the air

    last easy: ?monday maybe

    I am doing Canterbury half on sunday and no expectations at all, except after walking all night last week, I know I can!

    Good luck all others, Gobi thinking of you and your crunchie.

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning folks.

    Lyrics - yes! Absolutely love this song. Bob Marley...poet and a prophet...

    Alcohol - at the moment I wish I was on a non-drinking streak...a glass each before dinner last night turned into 3 bottles between me and Mightos-5, with the resultant drooth and fuzzy head this morning. Ho hum.

    For today...

    What: 5 or 6 easy miles at lunchtime
    Why: to sweat out the booze!

    Got a big running/cycling day planned for tomorrow, so will need to make sure I rehydrate and eat well today.

    Have a great day.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Thanks everyone for your banish cba wishes. Hopefully won't last fr long feel great today, hopefully a sign

    Gobi - that is absolutely hillarious

    Paddy - Welcome, not a Kilkenny lad perchance? Good luck with Dublin, i did it in 2006

    What: 5 miles in a bit/visit to bike shop
    Why: Getting back in the saddle so to speak
    Last Hard: Once upon a time in a land faraway
    Lyrics: Not today
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    lol clink. Unintentional.

    Paddy - surprisingly easy to 'avoid' once you get in a routine. I take great delight on the (becoming more and more rare) occasions we do beat Kilkenny as my hometown borders both Kilkenny and Waterford, so if it happens may well have a tipple to celebrate. Guess given the state of your hurling team and our football team we're unlikely to ever have to worry about a head to head image Will be at Dublin in October too.

    Wabo - nice and upbeat, seemed ideal for a lovely day. Any sauce is just an added bonus image

  • Jas*s Tipp Top you've some cheek...... havn't you heard about the new Hurling Force in the East - We're Bleedin Brill. 2 points loss only against yous & we pushed KK on last day (in the league). Didnt we finish third. Be afraid. We'll win a Hurling AI before we win a football - the footballers are only a  bunch of fairies.... great at making shapes in Leinster but give them a real challenge and they capitualte every time.... I'm afraid the faith is thin about the big ball at the moment. That said they better beat the Royals in a fortnight!!!

    That training schedule of yours terrifies me!!! What time are you going for in Edinburgh?.   

  • TT - I like the band but not enough to recognise the lyrics

    I can report that my Crunchie was EXCELLENT

    Alcohol - 22 years without in October this year. Maybe I should start and see if my running gets better or worse :¬)
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    lol Paddy. I can almost hear the accent coming through image Hands up, other than keeping an eye on Tipp (in particular in the provinicials and All-Irelands - not really much coverage of the league stuff over here) I don't really pay much attention to the hurling, so didn't realise ye'd improved that much. Plan for Edinburgh is to set off at ~5:40 pace and see how it goes. That equates to a 2:28. Ideally I'd manage to trim a few seconds to get a 2:27:xx clocking though.

    Gobi - leave a gap between the alcohol and the running though image Best of luck for the test run.

  • Hello

    Thank Friday it's crunchie :_)

    Increasingly rare visit from me - and I'm actually on a rest day - so no training to report.

    Good to see some old names still here.

    Blimey, that's quick TippTop - good luck!

    Have fun all!


  • TT. All the best for the Marathon effort. You'll be challenging for a National Medal in Dublin with that sort of a time.

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Hot out there!

    Just done my "5 miles easy" and for the first time since I started back they actually felt easy all the way.  Perhaps I'm starting to get somewhere?  Hills tomorrow.

    Thanks for the comments regarding alcohol, from which I deduce that 22 years of abstinence will enable me to run like Gobi - as I'd then be a Vet70 I could be in for a few records...

  • Afternoon,

    What: 6.6M d&d
    Why: working at home
    Last hard: Wed
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: no, but I can guess the band - not my favourites, but I know loads of people like them

    Alcohol - it's strange, but all my PBs have been set off two bottles of beer the night before and all my disaster races have been when I took abstinence seriously.  I know it's probably all mental by now and I've just convinced myself of it, but I would always have a beer or two the night before now!  I cut back dramatically for several weeks before Stratford and didn't notice any change in my running performances for better or worse.  I'm prepared to believe that 22 years dry would make a difference, but I'm not prepared to find out for myself.  I can manage 22 hours.

    Last sentence was a joke (in case my mum is reading).

  • SGC - in reality the difference is I am probably not as fat as I would be if I drunk beer
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Cheers Holly.

    Likewise Paddy. I'm hoping to improve by a good chunk between now and Dublin. Incidentally, what time are you aiming for at Dublin btw?

  • Afternoon all,

    My booze free streak is just over 8 years, but pre and post booze running is chalk and cheese so can't really say if it makes much difference.  I still talk rubbish and fall asleep though. 

    • What:  10m
    • Why:   General aerobic.  First time out of the comfort zone this year and it felt... uncomfortable.
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  15/5

    Have a good one!

  • Gobi - this is an interesting one.  In the run up to Stratford, I was surprised that the increased running didn't result in decreased weight.  Then I cut right down on alcohol (I drink a reasonable amount, but comfortably less than the guideline maximum amounts) and quite a bit of weight dropped off quickly.  Interestingly, post-Stratford I started drinking again but the weight hasn't started going back on again yet (4 weeks later).

  • TT. I'm an aulfella at 44 but still hoping for 2.50. I did 2.47 the last time (2000). Gave up running after that and started back again seriously at beginning of last year. Times are progressing well. Ran a hilly half in Wexford in 1.21 and another hilly 10m in waterford in 60mins. 2.50 should be on with some focus and a gradual mileage increase.

    Its all relative though as when i started off runing originally i was tipping the scales just under 18 stone!!!.  

  • What: 6 and a bit

    Why: Miles

    Another 30+ mile week from me - it would have been nearer 40 but had to sacrifice yesterdays run to take daughter to the dentist image

    Have a good weekend all

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Age is only a number Paddy. You must have lost some serious weight then? Was the hilly 10m in Waterford just last weekend by any chance (John Treacy classic?)?

    Got home to find my Edinburgh package waiting for me this evening. Took it all out to check it to realise the number is not a number as such. It's actually got my name right across the middle of it (with the number in much smaller writing below). That is actually pretty cool! image

  • Evening all:

    What: 5M fartlecking round the track
    Why: taper
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Saturday

    Good luck with the weekend races everyone - hope to see one or two of you at Wokingham

  • Evening all,

    Quick post; did a hot 5ml run yesterday along the new boardwalk in Barbados and some beach stuff. Today is enforced rest due to long work day with clients, but back home tonight.

    Have a great weekend

  • TT - Yeah, made a bet at a party that i could loose 2 stone, took up running, eventually lost 6. I told my story on a thread on "what running did for you" a month or so ago. Its great to be a fit 44 yr old rather than the fat 32 year old I once was.  

    The weight crept up a bit again after the marathon (from 2000 until 2007). It didn't get up to anything like it was but its great to be back running & racing again.

    I know age is only a number. In my mind I'm only 24 & sometimes I act 14.

  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭

    Clink - hope the 5k went well.

    Hi Paddy - good luck for Dublin.

    What: 3 miles easy in light shoes - trying to look after my heel.

    Good running everyone.

  • Evening all,

    Scobos, cracking reps yesterday, your experience with the guest hill runner is very similar to my weekly track sessions!

    TT: nice 10k TT t'other day

    Paddy: Hi, and all the best for Dubbers

    What: 10.5m steady
    Why: catching up with a friend.

  • Well done on the alcohol free streak 40 minutes.   On a relatively good low alcohol streak too... Only 1 night beyond  moderation in the last month, though that will probably change when my exams are overimage.  I do feel much better when not drinking, but it doesn't really affect my training (although my first two 20 milers were done after nights of a reasonable amount of booze, and first > 50 mile week was done on a rather heavy drinking week).  I think it affects my recovery more than the actual running, which I guess directly affects future running.  Same weight now as when I was a 1st year non-exercising uni student, probably averaging 3 heavy nights a week during term.  I've always been pretty thin though, and I think alcohol just irritates my guts so less calories actually get absorbed...  Planning to avoid it more, bit difficult as a student though!!!

    Hi Paddy, good luck with the training for Dublin

    What:  6.3 miles (48 mins 30 - took a wrong turn on way back...)/ 3.8 miles (30 mins 30)

    Why:   Taking a rest day from studying

    Last Hard:  15/5/09

    Last Rest:  9/5/09

     Have a good weekend and good luck to all those racing!  Really in the mood for a crunchie now...

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