Plod No 1


  • Hi Sue

    what a great day eh? far too nice to be at work stuck in an office.  Would much rather be out running eh?


  • Because they've just said on the radio that Spandau Ballet are playing the O2 later this year. And yes, back in the early 80's this Sad 80's Chick was a fan. Lost interest when they stopped wearing kilts though.
  • Too right, Steve. Mind you, I think that most days, whatever the weather...
  • I thought they pretty awful in the kilts...mind you not as bad as the boxers boots.  Still preferred them to Duran Duran though.  "She Loved Like Diamond" was a classic!
  • I agree, running at any time in any weather is preferable to work!  I save my runs for the end of the day so I have something to look forward to and it helps me get through the working day.
  • "She Loved Like Diamond" was one of my favourites. Bear in mind at the time of the kilts I was an impressionable young teenager!

    I run in the evening too but sometimes, if you've had a good run in the morning it can set you up for the day. If I do a good hill session up one of my local hills, I think I can tackle anything the day throws at me.

  • Hill session......yuk....... i remember those!  I've only just come back after 2 years out so I'm very much a beginner again.  Because of that I'll be spending most of this year learning mileage again before I beginning hills, reps, etc etc...

    Have to say though that once I  started doing speed work my times began to vastly improve...

  • I used to hate hills but have done a lot of them recently, so have learned to love them!

    Welcome back to the Dark Side. You'll be back doing fartlek before you know it! Have you got a specific goal in mind for your return?

  • My aim for the next 8 months is to build weekly mileage with half an eye to perhaps look at a marathon sometime next year.  I'm going to follow a Hal Higdon 30 week marathon schedule that builds really slowly but effectively.  There is a 10m race local to me in December so I might make that my first race back as a guide to my progression.  My last 10 miler was a 65 but I dont think I'll be doing that for a while. 

    Step 1) Learn the long distances again and build weekly mileage.

  • That sounds very sensible (here speaks a woman who has come back from injury too quickly only to be laid off for even longer). Mind you, I've never been near 65 for 10 miles in my running life!

    Hal Higdon's schedules have a good reputation. Good luck with it.

  • Thank you and yeah I trust Hal.  He got me round my first marathon in 3:57.  Mind you after this I went to Pfitzinger and Douglas, increased to training 5 times a week and did my next 26.2 in 3:04...

    Hal is king though......

  • And you knew what you were letting yourself in for the second time round...!

    So where are all the other plodders today?

  • I've been w**king

    don't know about anyone else's excuse

  • WHAT exactically is all this r*nn*ng talk on the plod thread? Words like "fartlek" being bandied around! image
  • There's a time and a place for that sort of language, and it's over on "training" !

  • surely you say it context

    such as "fartlek a reindeer"?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Uhm nasty smell round here suddenly. Nice day in Paris too, and most places are on holiday image
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