Sunday 24th May 2009


Good to see the summer this morning!

 what - 2hrs/15 miles am / 4 miles pm
 why - picking the training up again


  • Scheduled rest day today. First time I've had sore legs since I started runnning 6 weeks ago. Did 33 miles this week, having brought it up gradually from 20 over the 6 weeks. Now that my legs are sore (only a little sore, but sore all the same) I'm glad I've been building up slowly.

    Perhaps someone could give me some advice on a kind of mini taper this week so that I can have a good crack at this 3.5 mile TT on Friday. I'm thinking 5 miles steady Monday, rest Tuesday, steady club run Wednesday, rest Thursday, eyeballs out on the day! Not really sure what to expect but I'm hoping I can do sub-22.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    AB - if this TT is going to be a regular thing, then why not do it as part of training (i.e. no mini taper) and then repeat the same approach each time?

    Nice one on the mileage RFJ.

    Gobi - bad luck mate. Still steps in the right direction though. On the bright side, at least all the extra time for swimming and cycling will help your tri performance.

    What: 18.3m easy d&d / possibly 6m recovery jog pm
    Why: taper - 1 week to go!
    Last hard: Wednesday.
    Last rest: Monday.
    Lyrics: No.

    Felt very very comfortable this morning. Pleased with that as that was my last easy run pre-Edinburgh. Everything next week is recovery jogging, bar 2km of 45m sprints/55m floats tomorrow and a 2km TT on Wednesday......

    Good luck to all racers today. It's warming up nicely out there. I'll be keeping fingers crossed for cooler temperatures and more cloud cover next Sunday!

    Have a good day all!

  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Morning all.

    Hi Hilly.

    Can't advise from any point of authority Andy, but if you've been building up steadily, probably what you've planned will give your legs all the rest they need to leave them sharp on the day.

    Me? I realise I haven't been around for over two weeks. Time is short and home internet at best intermittent. My mother was around for a while. This is a good thing; we get on well. She heartily approves and supports my running, and in her own way keeps equally active. For her it was a matter of walking miles every day - up to 5 miles, and at 85 and following a bad winter, this is a triumph. During that time I've not managed anything more than maintenance running, between 3 and 5 miles, more often struggling than not.

    I was therefore determined to do better today, and set off with a goal of 6 miles in mind. It felt absolutely awful setting off, very stiff, and I tripped over almost the first kerb I came to, cracked my elbow but good on the concrete and bounced against the wooden fencing with a resounding thud. That catalysed resolve. There was going to be no turning back at the meadow, No Matter What.

    I am not going to lose running. I stop to stretch at the meadow. Even after a mile of jogging it's like stretching cold plasticene, but legs feel marginally better for it. Trot on, across the river and through the meadows. A friend comes running past me the other way. For a moment, a wave of embarrassment at my graceless gait gets the better of me. Only for a moment. Not giving up. If this is the best I can do, this is what I am going to do. Head up. Square shoulders. Think of core. Keep going.

    At this speed at least there are no issues of getting out of breath, or even overly sweaty. Through Grantchester, not even pausing to admire Mr. Archer's horse. Through Trumpington, cut towards the hospital. Here neglected fields have celebrated with a magnificent display of meadow flowers. Diverted by the railway where workings on a guided busway block my path. That adds an extra half mile or so. But the diversion has a reward: students have trodden a path beside the fence, where the pines lend welcome shade and springy needles. Slog on by the road to regain the kingfisher stream. I haven't seen a kingfisher there for some time now - they were working on it all last winter - but at least at the far end there is glorious shade and excellent footing. By the allotments I abandon the pretence of running: my gait is now all but indistinguishable from a walk now anyway, and certainly no faster. But I do so with a sense of Job Done. I am nearly home. I did what I set out to do, if not exactly in the style I would have liked. Two clear fingers to my enemy.

    I will pay the price later as vengeful cramps take their toll, but it is a small price to pay for the sense of jubilation that such a run provides.

    Go well all, and above all enjoy it. Running is a gift.

  • Hi Stickless.  Sounds like an eventful outing this morning.  Good on your mum and her walks.

    15 miles d&d for me.  Warm, but pleasant out there.  My legs were tired, but a good feeling when I finished.

    Nice running, TT

  • Morning all,

    Nice to see you posting hilly

    Stickless - your Mum sounds cool, 5 mile walks at 85! Good going to you as well!

    My mate Tristan at the halfway point tells me that Dave and Hideo are on schedule and looking good for their goals at Comrades! An advanced big 'thank you' for making his day!

    What: 8-10 miles later on hills

    Why: slowly building the Sunday runs from this week on

    Last Hard: mmmmm

    Lyrics nope

    Have a great day and look forward to hearing the stories from Comrades!

  • DD looks like he's cruising for well under 9 hrs
  • mavamava ✭✭✭


    Quick greetings from Lanzarote.  Can't read back as the minutes are ticking away and I don't have another euro coin.

    Lovely here, warm but windy.  I've run every day so far and managed a 33 mile week Sunday to Saturday last week.  The heat is tough for me but I think I'm finally aclimatising. 

    We went to watch the Lanzarote Ironman yesterday.  First man in finished in 8:54:01, second man 8:57 something.  It's a tough course I think.  Reminded me again why I don't want to do one.  There were apparently 4 pirates there but only 2 in pirate kit. 

    Right, I'm off to watch the grand prix with a nice cold pint of cider!  See you all next week.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Nice work DD. Based on that % improvement it looks like you need to get your finger out for your next mara and knock a chunk off of that too! image

    "Running is a gift" - true words Stickless image Good to see you posting again.

    mava - sounds nice. I will confess to the Lanzarote Ironman whetting a desire in me to do one someday. I've always wanted to tbh, but as I've got a lot of stuff I want to do in the mara first it may take a long long while before I get to do one. On the plus side, that just gives me time to learn how to swim.......

    I'd meant to post the Comrades tracker up earlier but forgot until I saw Trini's posts:

    DD - 9445

    SD - 9436

  • Afternoon all,

    TT:  Good to see you're only logging 24.3 miles during the taper.   

    Stickless:  Good to have you back!  You run through Trumpington?  Camberwick Green and Chigley too?

    • What:  22m. 
    • Why:  Suddenly remembered why I'm not keen on autumn maras!  Still, only 25s slower than last week and a bit warmer.
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  15/5

    Right. off to check on Conrades Crew.

    Have a good one!

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    AB - Depends on what you want from it and how important it is in the big picture.
    Most on here know i do a regular 5km once a month and most of the time i do it TT's way ie. no taper. What i normally do after todays long run run normally Monday, Tuesday club session though admittedly a bit close to Friday, Wednesday no more than an hour but on thursday i usually choose to do 4 miles (40 minutes for me) But with some short fast strides at the time of the following days race/TT if possible. I do 6 x 50metre-ish strides with walk/jog back recoveries

    Will this be a regular occurance as they can be useful for a good speed session in company.

    Mava - Sounds like you are having a great time

    Thanks Trini for the updates, thank Tristan will you.

    What: 12.92 miles
    Why: long run
    Last Hard: Today it was warm
    Lyrics - No

    Hoped to wake early - i did but fell back asleep again managed to get out at 9:30 but had to be back for deliveryman with my shopping. But a good run done it was very warm but its probably going to be like this in 3 weeks time for the sarfend half. Normal route but decided to run some country lanes too which i don't normally do 2 hrs 13 but HR was a bit high lost a good 2½ lbs on route today

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Good afternoon!

    What: about 20 mins with a few strides thrown in
    Why: had planned to do more, but  shins not keen, although they cope better with the strides than the slow plodding.
    Last hard: May 19th
    Last rest: Dec 24th

    For the first time since I'm not sure when the sun is out! It rained everyday last week...usually all day it seemed.Good for the garden, though.

    Off to check on DD

    Need to see you on here more often Hilly! 

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Afternoon everyone

      Well done DD, that's a great performance!  Hope SD has a good finish

    Trini - that race sounds intense... rather you than me!!!

    Stickless - well done on embracing the running and for having the strength of will to get through it!

    • What:  4 miles easy
    • Why:  Easy day
    • Last hard:  15/5/09
    • Last rest:  9/5/09 

    Typical that the nicest day of the week was the one where I had the least running planned image.  51.2 miles for the week which I am very happy with. 

    Some nice running going on here!  Hope it's a good day for all

  • Afternoon all:

    What: Wokingham HM - first 7 miles in 6:01mpm, last six miles in 6:15 - oh dear! - blame it on the heat + field well spaced out (both meanings). Came in 1:20:40ish - but second MV45-MV50 (who makes up these categories?)
    Why: Berks CC - won't know how I've done in that for a while yet I suspect
    Last hard: 4 hrs ago
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Well done DD. Nice 'are you sure its a taper' run TT

  • 7 miles easy today to clear head.

    Yesterdays Lyrics Changes By David Bowie

    No to Lyrics.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Well done SD!

    Far too hot for a recovery run to actually mean recovery (at any pace) and I've got a massage booked for this evening, so no second run today, so just the mere 18.3 AF image

    Well done MG. Good result, Berks CC target achieved I would think if you were second M45-M50?

  • Bow down to her on Sunday,' Hilly?
    Lyrics: Yes.

    What: 250 - 180- 250 -180 - 250
    Almost perfect at track today. I ran really well. Fast but relaxed. Near death experience beween reps but not during...

    Now how often do I say I ran well?
    Answer - 'never' to my knowledge.

    If only I could bottle it and reproduce that state in a race.Sigh.

    But big smile for today's running.
    Oh and it was.... warm. BLISS!

    PS Some nice running and racing going on....congrats to DD and SD, expect we'll hear more soon. And Michael G. Nice one! AND Good to see you Stickless and read your lovely post.

  • sharkie - i think if you are saying you ran really well we can interpret it as 'brilliant', nice to hear things going well for you. bit scary with the near death experience though

    hilly - does this mean we should be wishing you a happy birthday ?  if so, hope you're having a great day. glad to hear you're well over the marathon. i do know the lyrics today image

    AB - all the best for your TT. i'm inclined to agree with TT if you're doing it as a regular thing, just have an easy day on thursday

    TT - getting close but no trace of nerves coming through yet. really hope things come together this time and no bad luck !

    stickless - your mum sounds in finie fettle. enjoyed your tale of the run and particullarly the 'job done' though i must admit like AF i was going down the trumpton route with you

    thanks for the e-postcard mava - hope you enjoy the rest of the hols

    good week's training jason, not surprised your pleased with it

    michael - not sure what time you were aiming for but 1.20 in this heat sounds a fine performance to me. hope it's good news on the county age group

    sounds like SD and DD have had a good day, looking forward to the reports back when they've recovered

    after feeling a bit down in the mouth yesterday reflecting on the 5k it bucked me up no end reading all your encouraging comments, thanks for the feedback and support guys. lots more to go at so need to buckle down and get on with it and stop festering

    gave the foot 2 days off from running so yesterday was 70 mins aquajogging/cross training and today was 60 mins same.  pool nice and quiet both days, everyone must be on holiday or out in the sunshine

    enjoy the rest of the long weekend, hope this weather continues

  • Photos quickly on facebook from the half way at Comrades. Thanks to Dave and SD for their brief stops with Tristan! SD (Hideo) you are going to be in the local papers!

    Tristan with Dave and Slow Duck at halfway

  • Glad you had a good session at the track, Sharkie.  I take it you're a Dylan fan?

    Clink - not my birthday, but BR informed me it was Dylan's birthday so I chose lyrics of his with birthday in them.

    Thanks Trini.  I don't post much anywhere these days.  I do try to lurk a few times a week though.

    Nice long run, AF.

    No second run as planned.  Got a bit of a blister (first one in years) which made it difficult to walk so decided not to attempt the second run.  Hope it'll be ok by tomorrow.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,


    Well done to SD and DD looking forwards to the reports
    Well done too Michael G at Wokingham

    Take care

  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Yahoo Comrades! Enjoyed the pics, looking forward to reports.

    Think there are probably more than one Trumpington..

  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭

    Hilly - nice to see you.

    Gobi - take care.

    Tipp Top - looking good.

    Stickless - well done to your Mum - hope you didn't hurt yourself too much - great post.

    Mava - sounds like you are having a wonderful running holiday.

    Michael G - congrats on 2nd V45 & 1.20 - great run.

    Sharkie - fab - love it - can feel how happy you were.

    Dubai Dave and Slow Duck - great stuff boys, look forward to your reports.

    Clink - pretty good 5k considering all your injuries - think I might have to have a go at this water running.

    Trini - great pics.

    RFJ - another good 5k.

    What: Saturday - Pakuranga xcountry - 6497m - now that's pretty precise isn't it! You'd think they'd just call it 6.5 ks.  Haven't been able to do much training as my heel has been so sore, but thought because it was on the grass, thought I'd give it a go.

    Three laps - fine for the first one - really hanging on for the last one. First W55+ not in sight!! I finish second W55+ and win another sports shop voucher - I've now got $45 worth.

    Now with our club it is all about the home-made baking and bringing a thermos along for the tea or coffee. Got up early, made some scones - didn't turn out very well. Went to see gdaughter play netball, back to put some jam and cream on scones - arrive at the venue, enter, help put up the tent, do a little warm up, think why am I doing this?

    Sunday - very easy run/walk 6 miles flat with husband - heel still sore.

  • By the way, could those of you who race regularly give me some idea of how much it is actually supposed to hurt? I am thinking back to my only previous adult race (some years ago), and on cold nights I can still feel the pain!

    On the one hand, I wonder if I overdid it because I felt tired for a couple of days afterwards and my legs were sore for a good couple of days (not used to racing probably).  On the other hand, it was a 5k road race that finished with a lap of the track , and even though I felt like I was pretty much going to die for most of the 2nd half of the race, I actually managed to sprint most the track lap and pass a couple of people.

    My other memory is that it hurt so much that for the most of the race I was fairly confident I was going come in at world record pace. Imagine my suprise when I was clocked at a very average 18:46. image Perhaps the fact that there were so many people in front of me should have given me some clue that I wasn't going to break 13 minutes!! Ha ha.image

    Still, I hear stories about Paula Radcliffe deliberately rolling her eyeballs back into her head to try and block out the pain, so perhaps it really is supposed to hurt that much! Otherwise I guess it means you could have gone faster.!

  • Salute me! It's my birthday! image
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    AB: in terms of racing, I don't think you can overdo it. Some might say that if you can walk at the end you haven't run hard enough! Or is it, if you haven't thrown up...
    The important thing is that when you get up for the next couple of days you know you have raced, and you also know that you couldn't have raced any harder.

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    AB - Yes agree with alehouse also something i discovered recently you are racing along and you think you are going at full throttle, it is hurting you wish it was over you are feeing sick.

    BUT you can push it further and step up another gear.
  • So If I feel like I'm going to die any minute and that I couldn't possibly take another step, it's not because I'm out of my depth, it's because I'm doing it right? Good to know.......
  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭
    Your time looks pretty healthy to me Andy but not sure it is supposed to hurt that muchimage
  • AB- generally when I've been with people watching races they note that the elite runners are barely ticking over and quite comfortable whilst the slower runners are often really working hard and struggling. Personally I know that racing-wise it never really seems to hit me till well after halfway and quite a few of my best races I've felt like I was jogging till halfway. Difference is in then being able to really lower the hammer on the second half.
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