Wednesday 27th May 2009

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That's always undercover

Morning folks.

What: 4m rec jog d&d / 2km TT pm.
Why: leg loosener / VO2 max top-up.
Last hard: ?
Last rest: 18/05

Since I started to take the Aloe Vera to help with the IBS things have dramatically improved. As my tummy 'stabilised' my weight started to creep back down (guess it's linked to actually getting the nutrition from what I'm eating) to the extent that this morning I hit my lowest weight of the year (I think) - 61.4kg. Nicely timed I guess image (though I should point out that this is ~1-1.5kg more than my weight at this stage before each of my last 2 maras, but still a step in the right direction image ).

Time for a read back.

Have a good day all!


  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    SD - well done again and congrats on your green number. Truly awesome stuff!

    Scobos - blimey. That's a very impressive stretch of training!

    Sounds like a tough race Wabo. Well done on overtaking in the uphill last 200m! image

    AF - keep the faith. I managed to dramatically turn things around in the 7 weeks pre-taper so you've got loads of time until Berlin. Plus every bad run out of the way increases your odds of a good one come race day image

    Gobi - hope you/the doc can get to the end of it soon.

    NZC - well done on the 5k. Very nice! That is indeed the plan with the race. Shame there are some quicker guys in the field as if I had the pace to run at the front the pace car would have made a nice windbreak.......

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Slow Duck - Well done on your 10th Comrades, happy for you looking forward to your report

    NZC - Another good race from you

    TT - Sounds like good news

    Speed night at the club last night fraid Garmin battery was low so don't know what times i did the efforts in or anything like that but lets say in the end my legs were like jelly

    Good group tonight some did do a normal run but there was probably about 40-60 of us doing the efforts

    We warmed up first round the playing fields, we had no idea what we were doing as all it said on the website was intervals.
    A few drills followed we did some heel flicks (butt kicks) whatever you like to call them. then some sideways striding can't think of the right name for these found them easier with the right leg leading guess this leg is stronger Then some strides to get us super warmed up.

    Then was a 4 minute effort round a coned off circuit (about 400m) then depending how far we ran we were split into 2 groups one group ran, and rested while the other group ran

    1st 1 lap of circuit as quick as poss. (rested while 2nd group ran 2 laps)
    2nd 2 laps of circuit (2nd group did 2 laps)

    then it got interesting group lined up in single file jogged round circuit runner at the back sprints to the front bearing in mind it was a big group it was a long way when it got to my turn guess it must have been 200m) we did 2 laps here
    rested while other group runs

    then we got in pairs with someone of near equal ability ran at 2-3 second intervals aim to catch the pair in front we managed to pass a couple (you had to stay as a pair)

    Then 5 minutes core work including crunches, what i call a cat stretch and The Plank

    Overall a fun if tough workout.

    What: 3-4 miles esy
    Why: recovery
    Lsast Hard: Last night
    Lyrics: not sure
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    Congrats on a great race & achieving your goal by some margin!  Great report as well.

    Not been running myself for the last two days, gardening & half term taxi duty seem to have taken priority.  I did build a new BBQ over the weekend, hence the rain.  Sorry.

    Club run this evening, will post later.

  • Morning All

    Thank you all for the congratulations, it was partly the weight of expectations from you lot that kept me pushing on, one can't let down the DTT!  I don't know what its is about Comrades but is has a pull on me that no other race has. I guess its the history, the location, the support, the challenge, the comerade between the runners and this from a man who doesn't like BIG races!

    Perhaps the proudest thing for me was seeing my club mates come home to finish, for a club with a hard core of 25 - 30 runners getting 7 over the line was a fantastic achievement. As we say Mirdif Milers, Hard Core running!

    TT: Go my man, I will be looking for a top performance from you

    AF: keep the faith its along time until Berlin

    Pammie: Sounds as if you pushed the reps hard

    40 Mins: Stop building Bar-b-que's and go running! What's rain?

    Gobi: I hope that the Doctor gives you answers

    What: absolutely bugger all.
    Why: Too busy eating and drinking, can hardly walk anyway! (My kids think this is very funny)
    Last Hard: Now that would be Sunday
    Last Rest: From Monday until sometime next week

    Waiting fro SD's report! 

  • A'noon peeps.

    What:4.5M Steady this morning as usual.

    SD: Well done.

    Scobos: I can second your description of the area being hilly, when you run/walk the West Highland Way at Balmaha.

    I'm sure you enjoyed the footie on Sunday a'noon. We went to the celebrations at Ibrox afterwards and it was bouncing !

    Gobi : Hope you get some good news at the docs.


  • DD - Excellent achievement!

    TT - look forward to seeing how you go on Sunday.

    Gobi - hope there's some improvement for you soon.

    Pammie - sounds enjoyableimage

    Good work, Scobos.  Which 30 miler is Mightos and friend doing?

    what - am 15 miles on treadmill d&d / pm 3-4 at gym plus some core
    why - training rather than recovering now

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    DD: don't know what to say! Well done mate, have a rest, a few beers...and lay a few plans for your next targets.

    What: 30 mins plus quite a lot of walking (on the uphills)
    Why:  going over old ground...ran  from near my mother's house in Leicestershire in countryside that I found difficult as a decent standard runner 30 plus years ago: it was even tougher today,  and not helped by the 9 degrees and strong winds...what happened to the sunshine? Wished I'd worn gloves as well as the thermals that I had on! 

    Last hard: that was.
    Last rest: Dec 24th

    Lyrics: of course not. 

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    hi all

    what: couple of miles maybe or 20 mile bike ride

    why: depends on weather

    last hard: sunday

    last easy: monday

    re races, I always do lots but not always long ones.  When you belong to 2 clubs races crop up all the time, do I target any?  If I want.  I am not really a very fast or good runner so I suppose I just do them because I can and they are fun. I certainly wasn't aiming for a pb on SUnday.  I would like to get my 10k time down this year if I can!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    good luck gobi

    Hi br and Hilly!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Afternoon,

    Just popping in.

    What: 5M at lunch
    Why: want to watch the footie tonight so need to get run in early
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Thursday

    Lyrics: think so

  • Afternoon folks.

    Hilly - they're doing an event called 'The Dirty 30'...Mightos has done it the last couple of years too. It's advertised as a challenge walk but gets a few runners along each year. Basically, it's a long mixed-terrain circuit of the peninsula directly across the loch from our Highland house.

    Had a pig of a day at work yesterday, so never had an opportunity to get out for a run at lunchtime, and by the time I left the office in the evening any motivation to run had disappeared, so it became an unplanned rest day.

    For today...

    What: just a short (~5 mile) run at the club tonight, with a few strides along the way
    Why: a wee sharpener before a 10k race tomorrow night

    Not really feeling in prime 10k shape at the moment (carrying a few excess lbs!), but I'll see how I go. Maybe they're all muscle...

    Have a great day.
  • Afternoon all,

    BR:  Berlin.

    Gobi/Sporta:  Hang in there

    NZC:  Well done at O'Hagan's. 

    TT:  Are you still having accupuncture following your bizzare injury?

    Thanks for the "keep the faiths".  I think I had a good week last week as I'd had 3 days off the week before, and this week being a mileage monster has caught up with me.  I'm also comparing training with my london 2007 schedule when I'd had 8 months of un-interrupted training rather than two big injuries. 

    • What:  18m mid-week, medium-long run.
    • Why:  It's mid-week.
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  15/5

    Have a good one!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    What - 8m with some miles at HM pace + 30 secs)
    Why - Just felt good today and love running in the drizzle...
    Last Hard - Sat
    Last Rest - Yesterday

    Take care

  • Evening all

    what: 10 Miles reps+recoveries on the track
    why: its club night -did much better than expected given race last Sunday
    last hard: 30 mins ago
    last rest: Monday

    Like the race strategy Wabo - I used to do something similar, but eventually found I needed specific targets, and longer recoveries, to keep motivated and the niggles under control - so know have about 4 'A' races a year and try not to compromise them too much. Good luck with the 10k target btw

    TT - just letting a bit of taper frustration out on the track then?

  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys for the 5k well-donesimage

    Pammie - that sounded like fun.

    Dubai Dave - not nice - would be awful if you just couldn't make the cut-off.

    What: 6 miles flat - easy run with mates.

    Good running everyone.

  • Good evening, well not so good an evening after that football match...

    Amazing report DD... well done again to you and SD.  Really did pity those 12:01 guys in the video, has to be one of the harshest things I've seen!

    Well done also NZC for the 5k!  Also well done Wabo on managing the sprint finish in the half, that one place gained at the end always seems to make a race that bit more sweet!

    TT, hope the time trial went well and the taper isn't too maddening!

    Yesterday went for an hours run along the coast and back, covered about 7.7 miles, great evening!  Today weather wasn't quite as good

    • What:  5.8 miles (43:45) am, 4.3 miles pm
    • Why:  Probably what my neighbours are thinking
    • Last Hard:  15/5/09
    • Last Rest:  9/5/09

    I've been away from the forums during the day as I tend to get easily distracted from the studying, but I'm sure procrastination will set in some time tomorrow!  Hope tomorrow's a good day for you all!

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    DD - you and me both image

    AF - no. That was the last one. Current IBS improvement is down to the Aloe Vera, plus a couple of other changes suggested by TmR (where are you btw?) and the acupuncturist - such as more hot meals (easier to digest), etc.

    Pammie - sounds like you got a very nice workout out of it.

    MG - 2km TT. Good fun image Pleased with the time too given it was very windy (6:13, but even better, perfect pacing, 3:06, flicking into 3:07 for the first km, then same again, with no sprint finish - 74s last lap). Basically 5m/m on the nose. Throw in some overtaking and it was sub-5 pace. Very surprised how it felt, and even better, looking at McMillan, with that as a rep time (which the idea was that I should be able to repeat if necessary as it was supposed to be VO2max pace - I reckon I could have done another rep or two like that if required with suitable recovery of course) that predicts a 2:26-2:28 image All I've got to do now is go run it.....

    Thought more people would have gotten the lyrics. Walk this Way - Run DMC (with Aerosmith).

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    x-post Jason. Cheers. I'm actually enjoying (ish) the taper for once.
  • Horrible wet cold and windy night here on the south coast. It was the home match for our seaside Vets team. Unfortunately there were only two contestants in my FV50s race and although I was a lot quicker than my rival it really doesn't help with one's time. 

    I ran quite well considering and got a small PB of .1. My new 200 time is now 34.9. (AG 77.8, so 100 metres still rules by a long shot...) Nice to be under 35 of course but I was disappointed not to be the other side of34 as I know I can run a lot faster. The girl (woman) behind did 41 seconds dead so as you can see I was a long way out in front. I found it hard running into the gusty head wind on the straight. Perhaps harder to ignore as I was then out on my own and with no-one to race off or latch onto. 

    Coach and rest of sprint group gave me a hard time for not being more pleased - but how can I be that pleased when I know I should have, could have, run better. YES I am thankful for small mercies - but no way am I satisfied.

    Keeno (Mr. S) had a good evening. He was just pipped on his 200 but ran PB, knocking another 10th off his very recent sub 27. Now stands at 26.8. He stumbled slightly 5-10 metres from the line - so there's still more to come this season we reckon. Like me his 100 is way stronger than his 2, although unlike me he gets over 80% for both, and is nudging 85% for his 100 metres (Git) 

    He was almost more pleased with his second leg of the 4 x 4. He ran 59.3 for his lap - first time he has gone under 60 seconds for the 400 and he looked really good. Our team was then lying second out of four and we all thought he might have overcooked it on the back straight where he caught up and overtook the lead runner, but he held it together nicely to give the least strong member of our team a substantial 20 metre lead for his lap. Our number 3 then did really well to only lose 25 metres by his baton change to Stevie B. who ran a complete stormer (53.something) to give us a resounding win. Yippee!

    For the second time in a month I avoided running a 400m myself. Hey - I've done one this season - that's quite enough. I did also long jump. 2 brilliant no jumps and one rather average legal one. Oh well at least it was 50 centimetres further than the rubbish legal one at Uxbidge a week or two ago. I WILL get that run up sorted sometime. I just tip toe the edge of the plasticine, even when I think I have slowed down and checked. Hmm must be more to it! 

    I think I will wear a mask and pretend to be one of the Under 13s so someone will teach me these things.

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Evening all

    Thanks fot the link.  That cut-off looks like a fairly brutal experience!

    What:  8.7 brisk miles with a great hill towards the end
    Why:  Wednesday club run
    Last hard:  3 days
    Last rest:  1 day

    Easy run tomorrow.

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