Egdon Easy 10k

South West area racers, I need your advice!
I was just about to enter the Plymouth half marathon online, when I remembered the Egdon Easy 10k in Weymouth is held the previous day. I'm becoming a bit of a race-aholic, but doing a 1/2M half a day after a 10k would be a bit OTT.

I know the Plymouth 1/2 is a really good race, but it's 4 times as far for me to drive to. I was wondering if anybody who has done both, or even just the Egdon would like to comment on my dilemma? Is Egdon Easy a must-do race, or an also ran? What would you do?


  • Im biased, but I would do the Egdon, why follow the crowd?
    Best of luck either way Juggler!
    Good running.
  • I love the half! I've done a few half marathons now and plymouth is still my favourite. Great support and an even better goody bag
  • Egdon's fine, well organised and friendly. Usually there is a decent T-shirt too. Its two circuits around a wildlife area (but each circuit is different) on a mixture of gravel and tarmac.

    I usually apply the rule that I don't do a race that takes longer to get to than it takes to run around the course. Does that help?
  • Juggler, I too am biased being a member of Egdon running club. However, I've done both races and have to say that for atmosphere and goodie bag Plymouth wins hands down! Although, for the personal touch, great cakes, a good flat course and a chance to finish high in the results Egdon is the one!

  • Blimey, I thought Juggler was planning races without me.....then realised that I didn't really know him in May 2003 when he started this thread!! Bit of a delayed reaction mjc!!!
  • Lin - that was a bit of a shock wasn't it! Was looking for the latest on Taunton Marathon (it's tea-break time.) Can you or someone move me up from the thinking about it....... I'm definitely going to.........
    complete the application form tonight.
  • Oops, I didn't spot the date either and just assumed it was a different Juggler!:o)

    Hi Lin, how's things?
  • Two Jugglers? Now that would be a shock! Hi Hilly, long time no "speak"!! You'll be mighty surprised to hear that Juggler & I are actually following a marathon training schedule for FLM and have managed to tick off all sessions/mileage for the first 2 weeks! Only 14 to go........
    As a part of that we have ruthlessly cut out all races between now and then to devote to training, except for the Grizzly. Mind you don't know how long that'll last, we'll probably start getting withdrawal symptoms and sneaking a couple in. How's it going with you?
  • Sounds rather promishing then Lin! Things going ok for me too at this stage-following Mike Gratton's schedule on 'hard training' on the FLM forum. I don't do all the sessions, but try to fit in as much as possible!

    I am doing races in the build-up as I can't imagine not doing so. I did Milborne 10 yesterday, your team mate Julie M won!

    So it doesn't look like I'll be seeing you before London then if you're not racing! Not even planning on doing the Mad March Hare 20 at the beginning of March-a good pre London test?!!

    It seems so I heard today we get the chance of starting with Paula Radcliffe as she has decided to to London this year. I find that rather exciting, but bl**dy scary for me as I'm so much slower and I already feel a fake being on that start!

    Anyhow, keep us posted how you're getting on. Don't disappear just 'cause you don't plan to race!
  • How did you get on at Milborne Hilly? We may do the 10k at Longleat in early February. We would have done Broadclyst but it's the day after we get back from Portugal (late). And don't tell 90m, but we did talk about the possibility of doing Teignbridge 10 - it's not a favourite race, but it would fit in well with our training and I feel like we will need some sort of test of how our training is going. So we will probably see you at some point.
    I feel like a total fraud every time I think about starting with the "elite" runners. Can we lurk together at the back when everyone else takes off at 5.30 minute miling? I hope PR does do it, what a thrill that would be (even if we only get a blurred image of her back disappearing into the distance!)
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