Headband / head sweatbands

Who else admits to being a `sweaty betty` who needs an unattractive sweatband atop for those LSDs? OK, we don`t look too cool but it`s functional. Without mine, the combination of decending sweat and contact lenses would bring tears to my eyes!

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  • I'm considering wrist sweatbands, not quite desperate enough for a John McEnroe style sweat band
  • I always wear a sweatband on my wrist for the gym and races, so useful. I'll wear a headband for spinning classes sometimes as I sweat of buckets. (Always Nike sweatbands, really high quality I find)
  • I sweat loads, but rarely seem to have a problem with it getting in my eyes.

    I don't use sweat bands of any kind.

  • Just started using a rather attractive Bula sweatband - doesn't look too much like an ordinary towelling thing - looks more like a cool thing like a buff image

  • bit too 70's for me!! I sweat a lot and if its a really hot day a dab of vaseline across each eyebrow directs the sweat away from the eyes.

  • So far I seem to be on my own! image
  • except for those of us who have told you we use them?
  • Well Steve C and me, if you want to be pedantic. And sprint for the line occasionally for spinning! I think I must sweat more than most tbh.
  • I've started wearing one. Couldn't be without it now.
  • are head/hair bands that uncool?

    Well i wear one for the gym, running and squash because i have a bit of a floppy fringe going on. I don't mind looking daft if that's what people think.

    Here's another question for fellow hair band fans. Do you wear yours under or over your hair at the back...just curious.

  • Over, but, then again, my haircut of choice is always a `number 1` all over!!!
  • Nike for summer, North Face for winter. I may look like a Mark Knopfler groupie but I don't care lol!
  • Wear a Buff -

    It can be a headband, wristband, beanie etc it is enough to absorb sweat but thin enough to prevent you getting too hot...

  • Not really sure what  a buff is?!??!
  • watch their promo video... I have a winter (fleece lined) and summer version.


  • LOl at this thread!  I have been thinking of getting a head band too....as I do rather sweat a lot.  However, I always where head phones (not the bud type, but the type where the band goes round the back of your head)...does the head band get in the way of the headphones do you know?  I have not seen many people wearing them, so was not sure if they were meant to cover the ears.....if so, I am stuffed!


  • I wear a buff to keep my hair out of my eyes and mouth.

    RP, when I'm wearing headphones, I pull a single layer of buff down over my ears and this helps keep the earphones in, just turn the sound down a couple of points to compensate. Over ear rather than round back of head ones though.

  • Hmm..ok thanks...If it had to go over my ears I suppos I could switch to my bud head phones...I have an insulated head band for Winter and it keeps my ear phones in (the bud ones)...otherwise they fall out! I must have funny ears or something cos bud ones won't ever stop inimage!
  • I wear a cap rather than a headband (as modelled in my picture) to keep the sweat out of my eyes.
  • Don't you find you get too hot in a cap slo sho?  If its wet I wear a cap, but if it's hot and I wear one I really over heat.  I had considered one of those viser cap things...but not sure about those!
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Another vote for the Buff ... it really is the dog's dangly bits.
  • I really needed my headband today. Could`ve done with a spare half way around tbh!!
  • I'm another one for the Buff, rarely wear it on my head (maybe if it's really cold), but have one on my wrist to wipe away the sweat.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    On days like this I wear mine as a bandanna, soaked in either sweat or water, with the tail tucked up against the back of my neck. The visor buffs are good but the peak tends to get sweatlogged and drip ... right into my mouth. Ick.
  • I got myself a visor buff, but cannot run with it on.  The visor is too heavy and bounces up and down annoyingly.  I do where it as a cap when not running though.
  • As you can see from my profile pic I like my headband... not worn one for a while but it went with the whole retro look I had going!

  • I didn't know they were called buffs.  Been trying to get hold of one for months.  I wanted it to keep my ears warm in the winter as i can't run in hats, they make my head sweat.    I'm quite chuffed now.  image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    A cheaper alternative is the Oxford Comfy, LWJ. Loads on eBay at about a tenner for a pack of three (as against a tenner each for Buffs). Fabric not quite as hi-tech as the Buff but quite good enough.
  • And then there`s the problem of the right thickness / absorbancy of the headband. I`ve got an adidas one that absorbs the sweat really well but it`s so thick that me head gets really hot. Not pretty image

     And I mentioned running in the buff to my wife but she just made the obvious jokes. image

  • I've a technical cap from Goretex that I throw water in on hot runs and it keeps my head cool - the drips from the peak tell me if my running form is poor as my head goes to one side!
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