So what do people think of taking this before a race. I seem to always need at the 14-15 mile mark, and i am hoping to avoid this when i do Edinbugrh on sunday coming.




  • I only take it for marathon distance - seems a sensible option.
  • Sorry, should have qualified that it would be for marathon distance only.
  • works for me.
  • I get nervous before every race, regardless of the distance, and this has an obvious effect on my stomach so I take Imodium.

    Just knowing I've had  them helps to ease the collywobbles apart from their actual effects.

  • It's never done me any harm either.
  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭
    I take it for all long or fast runs.I'll be taking 2 on Sunday in Edinburgh!
  • Looks like imodioum super it is then.

    Thanks for the replies

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