I have been running for a few good years now and never had any major problems but this week i have noticed after my run that i have blood coming from my willie and a sharp pain at the end... i have try to read up on this and all i can find is it might be kidneys etc.... i live in Spain so quite hard to go and see my own doc although coming back to UK in 3 Weeks time so could go then.....the blood stays for a couple of hours then my urine is very dark... i am drinking lots of water and have a good diet... any help please.............



  • I think you should see a doctor soon - don't wait until you come back to the UK.

  • Is Hipps about? image
  • Who's Hipps ??
  • She's a doc and a marathon runner. I'm guessing that she will echo Wilkie though - and tell you to hotfoot it to see a doctor immediately.

    I wouldn't mess about Beachie, honestly..

  • I think bleeding from the willie is a bad thing and you should get to the docs. I had it once and I had an infection, drugs quickly cleared it up, but it was very worrying.

  • Cheers Liverbird... yep it is worrying especially and living in Spain at mo.....hope Hipps is about strange as i did hard spinning class last night and no problem yet go for a run and ten mins into run get pain in willie and have to stop for wee then when i get home blood for about 1 hour then very dark urine.....
  • Sweet baby jesus - its your willie man !

    Go get it sorted. Or they may lop it off or something.

    If you live in Spain - shouldnt you have a doctor out there too.

    Anyone know the spanish for willie ?
  • I find just walking in to the docs and whacking it on the table gets the immediate point across.

    Beachie, you do need to get it looked at.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    hematuria - blood in urine - is not uncommon in runners if that helps your peace of mind. it can happen quite often and it's because some red cells escape through the kidneys during vigorous exercise but it's always best to get it checked asap as there are also other causes
  • Cheers fat buddha... dont wont to lose my willy image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    more likely you'll lose your kidneys before your knob.......

    go get yourself checked though - don't wait - as blood in urine does have other causes not connected with exercise, some of which like infections, need quick treatment to prevent other complications
  • Sounds like quite a lot of blood tho for just exercise-induced, n-est-ce-pas? And fresh blood makes it sound like it's coming from the lower urinary tract rather than the kidneys.

    Dark pee, though, sounds more kidney-related.

    Go see doc. Now, please, rather than waiting till you get back to the UK.

    Hope it all turns out ok.

  • Cheers all, just looking at some flights for the weekend to get me back to UK doc ..............

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    why not get yourself to a local hospital?? your EHIC (or E111 as was) should get you treatment

    you might have a transient hematuria that will have cleared up by the time you get home (which would indicate exercise induction possibly) so go now while you are still showing symptoms

    please don't wait to come back to the UK
  • (plus it saves us paying for ya !) ha ha ha !
  • Ha ha.... i could claim like the MP,s are doing.............image
  • Have you not BEEN yet Beachie?

    *adopts stern look*image

  • Not yet... had think about it and not good idea to see Spainish doc as my Spainish is crap....
  • But it's your cock FFS!!!!

    How can it be so difficult, just whip it out and point to it and tell the doc!!  El Bleedo!


  • Beachie, although, as you've read above, there can be simple explanations, there can also be MUCH more serious ones.  Please go and check this out.

    Sass xx 

  • El bleedo! image LOL!

    I've been in hospital in Spain and I managed to get a diagnosis without speaking any Spanish because the doctors spoke enough English to get by. If you live there, I'd be worried about not being able to communicate with medics. What if you were having a heart attack?

    Do you not have any health cover? I know Spain is an expensive place to be ill, but if you have something horrendous, you may be risking more than a few quid.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    This happened to me many moons ago. Peeing red blood straight after a run. Alarming.

    The diagnosis was what FB said, so harmless, but not before I'd had kidney X-rays.

    As others say - it's your John Thomas, get it checked!

  • Cheers i said before i fly back in 2 weeks time so unless it gets worse i will wait and then i can see my own doc.....
  • I've got an uncle AND a cousin called John Thomas......image
  • Sorry beachie

    but I'm studying for an exam and this thread has actually given me great amusement... and a bit of horror, I know I shouldn't laugh but the resposes have been pretty good.

    2 weeks is a long time... I'd be getting sleepless nights, waking up in a cold sweat that my little fella had dropped off  image Im impressed you can be so casual about it.

     Anyone know where the phrase John Thomas came from?

  • Erm.......image

    Can I phone a friend?image

  • Liverbird... any sign of Hipps yet......................
  • Oops .. no blood todayimage

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    el doctor, mi chorizo tiene sangre...
  • Beachie *looks stern* Go to el hospitalo or el doctoro, please, if you are not coming back to the UK.

    I'm no super-consultant like Hipps but I am a GP. If you have an infection, it needs treating or it could cause damage later on. If you don't have an infection and it's not running-related, there could be an 'orrible nasty lurking somewhere and the sooner you get that sorted the better.

    Please don't procrastinate with your health.

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