Running Club in Barnes?

I started running about 9 months ago to loose weight. I managed to shed the pounds very successfully - but somehow in the process managed to get hooked on this running madness.

I see plenty of other people out running along the river - but wondered whether there was a local running club in the Barnes area of southwest London?

It would be good to have some company to run with once a week to keep me motivated and to help me improve on race times.


  • If you don't know already there is a running club in this area the Barnes Runners. We meet Tuesday at 7pm and Sunday morning at 945am, at the Barnes rugby club right next to the Wetland centre.

    It's a great friendly club who run various distances website is
  • Definitely avoid Barnes Runners if you are a woman!
    I went one evening after lockdown and the club captain was unbelievably condescending. It's basically a boys club with a lot of pissing competitions.
    I run with West4Harriers which is much more welcoming. And women are not seen as unwelcome add-ons!
  • Couldn't agree more! I run with Putney Running Club. Barnes are elite and standoffish. They basically left me in the park, on my own in the dark. I had no idea where I was going. And the guy in charge just laughed when I finally made it back to the clubhouse. Bunch of privileged wankers.
  • Looking for something similar. Glad this post was made. Bravo.
  • The previous chairman was a lefty who tried to turn the club into a charity for the world's great unwashed and needy. At least it is back to being what it was intended to be in the first place – a running club. Not bloody Save the Children! :)
  • Boy, this got dark really quickly.
    At W4H, we often help out charities. It's fun!
  • I can say joining a running club can be a great way to stay motivated and improve your running performance. Fortunately, there are several running clubs in the Barnes area of southwest London that you can join. The "Barnes Runners" is a popular club that offers weekly group runs, as well as social events and races. Finally, the "Mortlake & Barnes Runners" is a club that is open to all abilities and offers weekly group runs, social events, and races. They also have a range of training programs to help you to improve your performance.
  • Whether or not running clubs should get involved in fundraising is ultimately a view. Personally, I think that the whole charity dimension is great as far as it goes, but a lot of people train hard for the London Marathon every year, and then don’t get in on the ballot because so many charity places have been snaffled. That’s rather unfair for the people who put in the hours to get a good for age place. We are finally getting Barnes Runners back on track after several years of misdirection. It’s a great club and more importantly, it’s a great running club. Josh Ord Hume was a bit unclear about what running clubs were actually about. We’re not a charity!
  • What Josh Ord-Hume does not realise is that by being too inclusive, you actually become exclusive. Getting behind causes that people don’t care about or understand really is not what running is about. And pandering to the wokerati by trying to cater to people of all paces and beliefs will ultimately erode the values of excellence on which Barnes Runners was founded. He wouldn’t even use the word Christmas on the website, ffs. We are a Christian country last time I looked!
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