Great Yarmouth Road Runners Half-Marathon

Hi, could someone give me some information about the course.

Whats the profile and how many laps is it?


Rich O


  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Hi Rich,

    I did this a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Assuming they haven't changed the course then it is one lap, and pretty flat  - you get the odd undulation but nothing to really slow you down. I got my PB there so it must be OK!

    Definitely worth doing I'd say if you want a summer HM.


  • Alright Freemers. Thanks for your reply. Im in Yarmouth on holiday that week so its worked out quite well for me. Using it as a build up race for the Abingdon marathon in October this year. Just hope its not to hot or to windy!


    Rich O

  • I thought that they changed it recently to be 2 laps?
  • richard if you go onto the roadrunner's website there is a route map
  • looks like a nice course, with good weather will be a super run for PB......he says with some trepidation image
  • Hi,

    Is the event near a train station? 

  • It is about 5 miles away.

    There should be buses that go about 1/2 mile (ish) from the start to the local hospital but not sure of timings on Sunday morning.

  • Thanks Iron T!
  • dan let me know if you need a lift from train station
  • Just enterd on the line. See ya all there! image

    Rich O

  • Thanks a lot for the offer Garmin. I'll let you know if I enter. 
  • Sorry I wont be there after all, looks like perfect weather for a run, but I now have to work this weekend, very frustrating.
    Good luck to everyone and hope it all goes well.
  • BKL - The race is NEXT weekend! image

    Rich O

  • I know by THIS weekend I meant the weekend of the race, i am with a client.....


  • Had entered and was raring to give it a go.  Sadly don;t think I will be there due to this poxy train strike.  I will be working in london all week and cant get back friday night.  bummer  (excuse language).  good luck to everyone who competes.  see you next year. imageimage
  •  Alison hopefully the strike will be called off before then
  • Lets hope so Quaker1961.  Don;t even get me started on the state of public transport in this country ha ha .  good luck if you are running.
  • Good luck everyone tomorrow.

    Rich O

  • Yes,  good luck to all who compete.  Hope the weather is kind to you. I am stuck in London.  See you next year. image
  • Great race today. Not to hot but more undulating than I thought it would be. Photos are up on Hope everyone enjoyed it.

    Rich O

  •  must agree with you Rich O didn't mind the undulation's too much it was much better than my last half .
  • Results up on gyrr website

    Rich O

  • Congratulations everyone xx

  • My photos are online...

    Great Yarmouth Half Marathon Photos

    If you pop your race number in the search box it will show up all of your pictures image

    Well done everyone, fantastic weather for it!
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