Friday 29 May 2009



  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    JH - say hi if you see me (#15, though it's got my name where the number should be - Russell - number in small on the side). Green vest with 2 diagonal blue stripes.

    AF - tomorrow morning @ ~11. Just started bagging up and checking now (this is organised for me, I'd normally remember about breakfast time tomorrow!).

    Cheers NZC.

    Pammie - overtaking, but not overtaken sounds like you ran stronger than most around you to me.

    I've got 1 x 4m jog to do tomorrow am, and will be heading for the airport shortly afterwards, so may not get a chance to check in. Then by the time I get home Sunday night I'll be straight off to bed before leaving the house for 7 nights in Cuba image at about 4:30am Monday morning, so best of luck to all other racers, etc for the next while (I will make sure I post up at least my time and a happy/unhappy comment at some stage before heading to Cuba though).

    Good runnings all image

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Oh, and a general thank you for all the best wishes over the last few days y'all image
  • Go for it TT

    Congrats SD

    What: 6.5M - half a track session + recovery jog - feeling tired after a hard week
    Why: Good question
    Last Hard: Wednsdays track session
    Last Rest: Monday

    Belated good news in that I did get first Berks CC MV40 at Wokingham - so the run in the sun last w/e was particularly worthwhile - -would celebrate but I'm in a losing weight phase and I haven't run far enough

    Looking forward to hearing the reports from Edinburgh mara 

  • Quick late check in from almost internet free Tobago to say

    SD - sugoi, my friend, sugoi. No pretense here or grit in the eyes - I cried! See you next year. You and DD made Tristans day, I'll be back for the '10 down special together with a predicted 20000 people!
    Any one else going to join us?
  • Back from the time trial. Haven't got the official time yet but I was just about 23:00 dead, maybe a second or so under. Not too bad for 3.5 miles. I'm not where I thought I was (was wondering if I could do 22 minutes), but nothing to be ashamed of to do 23:00 as a first go after only 6 weeks of training. The race was off-road too and was quite twisty.

    I had no idea what to expect at all, and probably started too quickly as I was really hanging on for the second half of the race. I felt like I was slowing down massively but I only lost 2 positions in the second half so it probably wasn't that bad. Perhaps better pacing might have seen me go a bit quicker.

    However, I know where I'm starting from now and hopefully there's lots of improvement to come from here. I think I finished 46th out of 192, so fairly respectable. Standard seemed quite high, I think the nice weather tempted everyone to run!

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Cheers MG. Will do image Massive congrats on the county title image

    AB - well done also. Nothing wrong with that time at all, especially in this heat.

  • It was indeed hot! I've got the bug now though, looking forward to another race. Hopefully an 8k race in 3 weeks time (Summer Solstice race). TT, just to put your mind at rest I was in plenty of pain! Interestingly my legs felt absolute fine (and still do) but my lungs couldn't go any faster.

    I tend to feel that I'm putting in the right amount of effort if I know that I can keep going, but I feel as though I really don't want to!

  • Good luck TippTop. Hope I haven't missed you. Run a stormer sunshine!

    Other racers can wait til tomorrow for their speed-ons. I guess.

  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    SD great report, fantastic achievement, on list of things to do but question will and stamina so may have to find the answer on this item on bucket list. Sugoi! Realise you guys all know each other so pardon intrusion, but big respect to all.
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