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I hate to be a killjoy but am I the only one who prefers the weather slightly cooler when it comes to running? When I run in heat as we've got at the moment (ie up to mid 20's C) it just saps my energy and I feel incredibly lethargic. Hence the training suffers and whereas I love to be outdoors I end up running on the treadmill indoors (assuming the gym's air conditioning is working that is!) or just don't feel like it at all. My usual weekly mileage is about 20 miles so we're not talking great distances, but I am quite serious about it and wonder if it's just me?????????? I can't believe how when the weather warms up I see more runners about outdoors than ever!


  • I`m with you Carol.

    The only advantage of slogging through the warm summer weather is that when it cools down in the autumn, running becomes much easier - just in time for my autumn marathon.

    Summer running has one big plus - it`s light. None of those horrible cold, wet and  very dark mornings (or evenings).

  • Summer running happens so fast, summer running it never lasts. Running dreams ripped at the seams, but ah oh those summer runs ah well ah well ah huh. image

    Went for a 5am run this morning, nice and bright and mild. You could try running earlier in the morning or later in the evening when it's cooler.

  • I can't stand running in this sort of weather. I like it cold.
  • I don't find it comfortable but since often race when/where it's hot I'm glad of the chance to acclimatise!
  • Just been out here in Ipswich - about 21C and very little wind.

    I prefer it cooler - would be better to head out in the evening when the temp is dropping. However, work and home life make it much easier for me to train in my lunchtimes.

  • I'm not particularly fond of this sort of weather period, nevermind running in it.

    Everyone else seems to love days like this but I just feel lethargic (even moreso than usual), sticky and uncomfortable the whole time. Trying to get to sleep in this weather is bloody annoying too.

    I think I'm built for colder climites to tell the truth, I hardly feel the cold at all but I'm not good at all with heat. Anything over 20 degrees is pushing it as far as I'm concerned, I'd much rather a sunny winters day.

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to draw the curtians and sulk until about the middle of september image

  • I'm with u ghost rider. At 5.30 this morning it was lovely and sunny and not too warm. Can't handle it too hot!
  • sheddy - this is the UK.  I doubt you'll have to wait until September until you can safely open your curtains again.  I'd give it until Tuesday next week and the best (or worst depending on your view point) of summer will be over!
  • But didn't you hear the weather forecasters a couple of weeks ago? They confidently predicted that this summer was going to be an absolute scorcher...

     So yeah, you're probably right image

  • I love the sun, but MUCH prefer running when it's cool.  Running in the heat is a killer.
  • Hee hee sheddy.  You sound like me.  I rant at the TV when the forecasters come on.  Why do we devote so much time and energy to forecasting.  It's not reliable, and what's the point of a forecast if you can't rely on it.

    Right, I'll stop now before I get into full swing.  But weather forecasts grrrrrrr image!
  • awww, what party poopers!

    I love running in the sunshine with a hint of cut grass, bbqs and suncream in the air. And the prospect of an ice lolly for when i get home.

     Perfection image

  • Ghost Rider wrote (see)
    Summer running happens so fast, summer running it never lasts. Running dreams ripped at the seams, but ah oh those summer runs ah well ah well ah huh. image Went for a 5am run this morning, nice and bright and mild. You could try running earlier in the morning or later in the evening when it's cooler.

    I go to work at 5am some days, and it isn't cool then, it's f#cking freezing!

    I like to run around dinner time, when it's hottest, love the sun.

  • PaulMarshPaulMarsh ✭✭✭

    I like running in the heat, it helps with the training. True heat does sap my energy. Just came back from over an hour in the heat. Luckly I'm so thin that I hardly sweat, but feel better, especially working on the tan!

    I do an early run, which I do for speed, so I run a very fast pace then for around 45 mins. The later heat running is more longer, but slower, however I do increase to a sprint every now and then to keep my HR higher.

  • Just go early
  • Or later in the evenings image

    I find it saps my energy too running in the heat but try and find solace by running in shade where possible.

  • love running in this weather! you'll all be moaning soon that its wet, windy and too cold!

    enjoy the it while it lasts!

  • We all like a good moan. Gives us something to talk about.

  • I find it a struggle running when it's hot. But this summer is going to be all about getting over that - I entered the run to the beat half, and then afterwards remembered it's often pretty warm the end of september image 

    My problem is i hate runnign carrying water, but would often like a drink on a run when it's warm. What I need is a trainer to follow me on a bike or something!

  • Just run Edinburgh - taught me in no uncertain terms I don't do the heat! HOwveer its clear from listening to tothers that that is a personal thing and that others whilst not thriving in the heatdeal with it a lot better.

    Suffice it to say that 6 weeks previous I'd been training in the Lake District in wind and rain (the sun only came out for the last two miles). So . . . wearing a running Jacket, at a lower Heart rate average, in wind and heavy rain at times, carrying up to 2 litres of water, over both Newlands Hause and Honister Pass - I was 10 minutes faster to 20 miles - AND as my wife has observed, not exhausted for days afterwards.

     nuf sed image

    Roll on Autumn and SNOD!image

  • Good God listen to you all! I can assure you the UK is not hote. We run outdoors here even when its 40C. You will never like it but you do get used to it.
  • I'm with Raithdancer - ran Edinburgh on Sunday and found out that I don't do heat (or at least not dramatic changes in temp).

    Trained for a sub 3:15 marathon and all training went to plan so was looking good for it, felt good leading up to Sunday, and then BANG. Sunday came and temp hit between 24 and 27 and I trickled in at 3h 45m.

    Fuzzy head from 6 miles, racing pulse making my neck throb like no-ones business, retching - all from the 6 mile mark. Legs felt fine and I was good to go the next day, even thought about running the course by myself on the Tuesday when it was loads cooler. How does the heat do this to me?! I was prepared and hydrated fine. Or at least I thought I was...

     Funny thing was - started the marathon training 16 weeks ago in snow, ran it in heat Sunday.

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