Ankle/Foot problem

Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to what I can be suffering from!  Pulled my left calf muscle during the Reading Half in March - got that sorted and after a lay off since then, am starting to do a little. I ran home from work on Wednesday, downhill most of the way (with backpack) and had a rotten pain across the top of my right foot - burning sensation. Since then my right leg aches and although I did 3 miles this morning, once I got going it was ok but when I returned, the ache started again. The achillles seems rather thick (a bit like me running with an injury!) and I'm fed up of going to various practitioners and I seem to get nowhere. Not running has helped put half a stone on and the fitness I had built up has all but disappeared!  Who says running is a stress releaser!!!!!  Aagh!
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