Foam roller exercises


  • Hee hee, if I did figure 13 I'd collapse on the floor and need physio intervention!!!!

    They look good, thanks Siance!  They look good, will try some of them.
  • Found the link ages ago but lost it - someone was asking last week about what to do with a roller, so ta-dah!
  • Ooh I found these a couple of weeks ago.  They are really good. image
  • Thanks for posting, Siance.

    I have been meaning to get round to foaming but I havent done anyting about it, no excuses now.

  • damn that reminds me I still haven't got round to getting mine .
  • That's fantastic thank you.

    Can I just point out that most of the exercises on page 2 look like a crime scene in which the body was discovered splayed across a pugil stick.

    Figure 13 is just silly - for those people with many different foam roller varieties at their disposal - and figure 18 looks like a poor substitute for downhill ski-ing image

    But seriously, thanks. And to think I only use mine so far for ITB massage and Pilates curl ups/pelvic stability....
  • Yeah, mine is strictly for my ITBs

    and pretend gladiator stuff

  • I use mine for itb, hams, quads, calves and peroneals (owww). 

    After 4 hours digging in the garden the spinal roll (first pic) was lovely... and Fig 7 to stretch out my back if I've been driving for long periods.

    I own 2 short ones, a long one and a half moon one - all freebies - so plenty of gladiator options! image

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Mikefrog wrote (see)

    Yeah, mine is strictly for my ITBs

    and pretend gladiator stuff

    and making screaming noises

    and collecting dust  image

  • Hell PT got me to try one of those things down the gym on my calves - screaming and swearing was the result, but alas found out how tight they are.
  • What size / thickness of roller do people recommend, as I've seen 4" and 6" versions?  After a very painful physio session yesterday I'm planning to get one for my ITB, and I'll probably use it on my glutes, hamstrings, quads and hips as well - anything to avoid the physio's elbows in future!!!
  • Actually where do you buy them from???  Physio has had enough of my money this year. image and I've still got the bruises.
  • I'd seen them on - they're about £15 - £20 including P&P.  No idea if that's a good price or a total rip-off though!
  • Cheers - that's better than the amount of dosh I've handed over though image
  • i have no idea which size to get???

    Siance!!!! help!!!!

    (I have a hurty Tensor Fascia lata, skinny late mocha chocca)

  • Are we talking length or girth? image

    For rolling, a short one approx 18" long 6" diameter is all you need.

    The long ones just take up room if you're not going to use them length-ways, unless of course you've plenty of floor space in your studio gym room for purr-lah-tes type activities.

  • Foam roller arrived this morning

    Bring on the  pain.....

  • ow ow owwwww

    make the pain stop 


    I want to send it back

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