you know those MP's......

................. well, ....................... back in the day, at school it was, in a games lesson in the gym. A boy was really pissiong me off so I chased him, kicked him in the thigh and punched him in the head.

For years I've felt bad about it. You know, the guilt thing ........................ well. The Daily Telegraph has vindicated me because the boy I kicked and punched became a Tory MP and has decided not to stand at the next election because of his "wive's ill-health" nothiong to do with the dubious expensis then Chris ?


  • It's always ok to kick a tory.
  • Is this the Butterfly Effect?

    Maybe because of your actions, he may have thought that the world will never to him any favours so he may as well take all he can get.  He may even have switched other MP's onto it too.  So you're right to feel guilty - the curent state of affairs is all your fault.

    Either that or he was always a snidy little toe rag.

  • I''ll go with the second option
  • You're probably right.

    Now then, when MPs stand down, do they still get the 6-12 months pay off that they would get if they lose their seat?

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