Borehamwood Half-Marathon

Has any one got a route of the course?


  • anyone know if entries on the day certain, or if will accept standard entry form? thanks.

  • I entered the race but didn't get sent a  route map, luckily I found one on the internet at:

  • Can anyone tell me where I can enter online. I can't find any details for it.


  • Ignore me... I've just found it!
  • where?

  •  I couldn't find anything about the Borehamwood 1/2, It wasn't coming up went I was doing an event search.  I have now found it but it seems you can't enter online. I was just puzzled because I just counldn't find any deatails. If you need the link here it is

  • Has anyone done this one before...?  I've just about recovered from the St Albans 1/2 and was going to give it a go.  I was just wondering how undulating it is?!

  • Someone that is local to the area had a look at the course route and them seem to think that it is not to hilly!

     St Albans was quite a challenge (not one of my best times but it did get quite warm)!

    Cu on Sunday mayb?

  • Thanks hare I think I will give it a bash!  St Albans was quite tough (seeing the ice-lolly people at the end made me feel similar to how I'd imagine someone lost in the Sahara for weeks on end feels like when they find an oasis!!) but I enjoyed it. 

     See you there (hopefully it won't fill up too quickly so I can enter on the day!)

  • Hope that it is not going to be 2 hot!  Am doing Leicester Marathon in October so this will be another little training run.
  • Ravers

     Did you make it 2day?

  • Hiya Hare,

     I am ashamed to say that I didn't because I went to a leaving do last night and drank one too many pints of Erdinger and just couldn't manage it!  I'm a bit disappointed in myself as I fancied trying it.  Mind you, I haven't been out for a good while, so I will forgive myself just this once!  Did you do it? If so, how was it? 

  • Well have to say will not be doing this next year not my first choice of events and it was to hot!

  • Anyone know where to find results of the Borehamwood ½ marathon?
  • I agree with 'Not quiet a hare!'

    this wasn't the best organisation or a very well attended and marshalled race.

    I don't hold out much hope of finding the results either. Was there any 1st, 2nd, 3rd category prize as i didnt wait around to find out?

    i dont think this race justifies the entry fee either

  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭

    I agree with comments made. Lack of easily available publicity meant this was a shot in the dark for most runners. Long walk (especially after the race) to and from the carpark. There were a couple of hairy road crossings and some forks in the road where the route was not obvious and there wasn't a marshall in sight. Marshalls who were there, were on the whole friendly and encouraging. Too long a gap between 1st and 2nd water stations, especially on an extremely hot day. Glad I  noted my time as I haven't a clue if the results will be published anywhere. No refreshments other than those from the vending machines at the sports centre. Did I read somewhere something about a horse brass?

    On a sour note, I heard that one of the women runners picked up THREE trophies - one for a senior place, one for 1st over 35 AND one for 1st over 45. Surely the rule is only one trophy per runner? I am surprised that she accepted them!!

  • Oh dear, sounds like I made the right choice sticking to my beer! 
  • I parked in Brook Road? car park and then proceeded to wander around looking for any signs of where the race start or school was.  Thanks to the marshall who were on had but I was neary taken out by severals cars on that bit without the path.

    Sorry to say but I will not be particpating in next years event.

  • The organisers got all the results wrong so one poor women was given first senior, 1st vet over 35 and 1st vet over 45 - this was corrected!  I was actually the first woman to finish - although i don't think the organisers wanted to believe me!  I did get my trophy in the end!

     I was really disappointed with this race - the lack of publicity, lack of marshalls (my poor dad stepped in and was stopping cars on the roundabout at Shenley Hill in Radlett as there wasn't a marshall in sight - at what was probably the most dangerous junction in the whole race).  At times i had no idea where i was meant to be going!  There needed to be far more water stations in that heat too....

    A shame as it could be a well attended and well organised local event. 

  • where r the results to this race !!!!!!!!!!
  • I visited the organiser of this race yesterday. Pauline is a very pleasant lady, and clearly disappointed that she has failed to meet the expectations of a number of participants.

    As regards marshals there were apparently 25 of them on the route, together with a dozen Raynet personnel, plus police, so Pauline is pretty disappointed that things did not work out well for all participants. I have to say I had no difficulty following the route, nor did I find the road crossings a problem - but I may just have been lucky with the drivers. I believe Thea has also spoken to the organiser by telephone on this subject.

    As regards pre-event publicity and results afterwards, I suggested to Pauline that she needs a website, perhaps hosted by their sponsors Cardif Pinnacle. Pauline told me that they do have a website but for various reasons it could not be used this year. She will get it sorted out for next year. Pauline gave me a set of results, which I have scanned. So if anyone wants a copy of the results (not great quality but quite readable), just email me at and I will email it back to you.

    Personally I thought this was a nice event, small and very friendly, with good facilities at the event centre. If they can sort out a website for next year with event details and results, and make sure all marshals are at their posts, it is an event I will definitely return to next year.

  • I agree - the route was good and this could be a really well attended event if people knew about it.  I contacted the organiser as i wanted to pass on feedback from myself and from a number of people i'd had spoken to after the race -  in order for this event to get better in the future.

  • I would consider doing it next year but would just like a few more marshalls present as the roads are busy round there!
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