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  • Infected blisters are nasty. Doctors think they're very nasty. Doctors scare you into thinking you will lose your foot if you don't go to A&E and get antibiotics an' stuff.
  • the med tent people cut them off with a scalpel when i finished.  i made a fuss.  i had to have another doctor sat next to my head saying "breathe... breathe".  her obstetrics training obviously came in useful.
  • if her obstetrics training came in handy I do wonder where the blisters were..........
  • Cybor - have you got a blades tattoo as well? but at least you have been in the prem recently. its all new to us. Wembley was tops.

    JP - good lad - looking forward to seeing it - have you decided on the design - numbers and stuff?

    Rio - tough luck - better luck next time i guess - at IMUK the refs were VERY strict and stopped any bikes at dismount and took off their chip off. my missus saw a few people being carted off DNFIC - got to be soul destroying.

    Rio - have you got the tattoo yet ?

    DTB - i was adding up the number and got it wrong - thought rio had missed by <1 min on first calc.

    regarding tattoos surely there has to be some temporary IM, Mdot tattoos out there on the market? to try before you 'dye'

    i'll research the web tonight see what i can come up with.

     (hears chicken sound in the background)

  • "there has to be some temporary IM, Mdot tattoos out there on the market?"

    All you need's a red felt tip!
  • SS - as JJ says felt pen round a cut out of the medal then get Mrs SS to colour it in. You could always use permanent marker, give you a while to get used to it.

    I am having the back of the Medal, with the distances on, swim in blue, bike in black and run in red. Not sure yet on whether to have the M in Black or Red, will be colouring some in myself this week to decide. It will obviously clash with the Disney Marathon one on the other leg tho image

  • JP - are you having the dot as a union jack , like roseys?

    *looks in kids pencil case for a permanent marker, reaching for his medal as a template*

  • My tatt is healing just perfectly!image
  • gonna post it Arctic? or will it make me blush
  • yip I'll post it soon enoughimage
  • Sore Shins wrote (see)

    at IMUK the refs were VERY strict and stopped any bikes at dismount and took off their chip off. my missus saw a few people being carted off DNFIC - got to be soul destroying.

    Quite a few people DNFd near my marshalling point because they knew that because of their pace there was no point starting the third lap.  Most were ok-ish, hacked off but ok... but one girl cried in my arms for a good minute sobbing "I trained all year for this..."...  that brought back memories... image
  • (Nam) remember that hug in Switzerland
  • She should have trained a bit harder then! Gaylordette
  • What's the issue with chips being removed? You can still finish, although you won't get an official time. In Germany they tried to physically box cougie in, but he jumped over the fence and ran the marathon anyway.

    If you're going to technically dnf due to cut off, you can still run it. It's your choice whether you want to "rio" (hurrah!) or "JD" (boo!). If you choose to quit, no point asking for sympathy.

  • box cougie in - and he jumped over a fence - got an image in mind - good effort vougie - bulldog spirit hey - but i also hear you went back the year after and sorted them germans out!!

     bombed our chippy you know!!!

  • "In Germany they tried to physically box cougie in"

    lol - that's such a lovely mental image. You'd need a pretty heavy duty lid and catch...
  • candy ollier wrote (see)
    What a fab word!!
  • Sore shins I am not allowed the tattoo so hubby is having a pendant made for me instead image
    And as I said before I was fully expecting to be pulled off.

    You can finish with your chip and still not get an official time in Switzerland (but I guess that is becuase I must have hid from the marshals cos they didn't know I was on the course still)

  • Stealth racing.... interesting!
  • Lol

    "To JD" - a soft form of buckering, where you get to the run course first

    "To Bear" - a persistent form of buckering, where every year you join a list saying you're going to do an ironman, but quietly bottle it. You also join the sex offenders list.
  • "Have you Beared?" - "Have you taken out the cancellation insurance?"
  • Remind me - what's the definition of 'buckering'?
  • an excellent comedy start to the morning!

    SVT- Buckers joined the forum, signed up for ironman, started cycling, then started claiming that he was Contadoor, only faster and that he would tear up the road when he did ironman, then when it came to the race he decided not to bother as it would be too easy. None of his claims about his incredible bike skill were ever verrified by anyone other than him. So 'to Bucker' has come to mean that you wimp out of a race at the last minute.

  • oxy - fair enough, but were he and Contador ever seen in the same room at the same time?

    Here's hoping I never get anything named after me, but life isn't like that...

  • well, no, its a fair point, although Buckers was about 15 stone!
  • So like Contador, but faster downhill...
  • He emigrated to Canada, and then reappeared after a year saying that Peter Reid had moved in next door to him, and that Reid was being trained to ride a bike better, and fly jet fighter planes, by buckers.

    However to his credit, buckers never beared, as far as I know
  • true, and i would have considered letting him baby sit.
  • I'm not sure even that would be wise though - when you got home after three hours, the child would be able to bench press half a metric tonne, break the hour record in track cycling, and pilot space shuttles. After so much excitement it would be very hard to get them to settle down and go to sleep.
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