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  • candy ollier wrote (see)
    What's the issue with chips being removed? You can still finish, although you won't get an official time. In Germany they tried to physically box cougie in, but he jumped over the fence and ran the marathon anyway. If you're going to technically dnf due to cut off, you can still run it. It's your choice whether you want to "rio" (hurrah!) or "JD" (boo!). If you choose to quit, no point asking for sympathy. Innit.

    point well made Candy.

    esp like the whether you want to "rio"!image

  • Im. Rio! wrote (see)

    And as I said before I was fully expecting to be pulled off.

    Sounds like me, every Friday night.  Rarely turns out that way though.
  • pah, can't believe i'm being grouped with buckers! image


    <books flight to canada>

  • it's far, far worse than that - you're only three steps removed from bear!
  • ahhh JD come back!

    come run the Beacon Ultra in Dec!!!

  • I'm not sure even that would be wise though - when you got home after three hours, the child would be able to bench press half a metric tonne, break the hour record in track cycling, and pilot space shuttles. After so much excitement it would be very hard to get them to settle down and go to sleep.
  • candy ollier wrote (see)
    it's far, far worse than that - you're only three steps removed from bear!

    that could cause a problem with canadian immigration then i guess.

    weren't you doing imch?  thought i saw your name on the start list.

  • Bringing back some lovely memories. Buckers is/was a nice chap though on meeting him. I wish he was still on here.

    Regarding the finish or not to finish debate if you ignore IM rules about cut offs the pirate points system clearly states (somehwere) that a finish is a finish- so get your pendant, ignore the doubters and kick ass next year Rio.

  • it was the week before Vermont, so I buckered.  i neither JD'd nor, heaven forbid, beared though.
  • But you could have Rio'ed
  • i pretty much did, if you go by target time vs actual!
  • I have never been a fan of tattoo's but each one to their own and it's a free country and all that.....

    However, I can someone explain to me why, however proud one is to have run an IM, anyone would want to have a company's registered trademark and/or logo tattooed to them for the rest of their life?

    It is surely a marketing dream and I bet there is a marketing manager somewhere in middle America working for WTC, picking up a fat bonus each year, who can't believe his luck that folk are actually asking for his trademark as a tattoo.

    As I say I am not a great fan anyway of tatt's but all the same, I am interested in understanding it a bit more as I can't think of another example anywhere where this happens.

  • "want to have a company's registered trademark and/or logo tattooed to them for the rest of their life"

    It was discussed a bit earlier, Bedders.

    My own thoughts are that people (including myself, from the outside) see the MDot tattoo as a badge of achievement rather than as a logo. Of course it IS a logo, but it's more than that - it's a brand, in the true sense.

    And in marketing terms, yes, a spectacularly successful bit of branding if people do see it as a badge of honour/achievement. image

    erm...I wouldn't mind a closer look at the Olympic Rings (another brand) that Chris Hoy has on his upper arm... ;o)
  • Because to most people it represents a big challenge, rather than a small company. Also there is an element of "me too".
  • I like the coined phrase 'to Rio' image image
  • When I do an IM, I will probably want the tattoo!
  • Aitch - so do I (like the phrase not the idea of a tatt) - but surely it's now a verb - to "Rio"......
  • Jj - apologies I didn't go back further on the thread and I do understand the sense of achievement. And no one is being held down to have it done. I doubt actually I would have an Oly logo either had I done that although I would argue that the Olympic circles are more than a logo and are universally known to many billions of people. It's a question of choice at the end of the day and I am not being judgemental.

    However, my final point then I will drop it.........I love wearing my finisher's t shirt, my running hat and all the Ironman bling that we got, but I am about as likely to have a Ralph Lauren logo tattooed to my chest and go topless as I am to get an IM tatt.   

  • Yes yes, it's a verb! Can be used in any tense too! image
  • "the Olympic circles are more than a logo"


    They've been around a bit longer and 'affect' more people so it's a bigger brand, but the principle is the same.

    ...and I'm not likely to have Maserati stamped across me boobs, either, so I guess we're in agreement generally. ;o)
  • Only cos 'Maserati' would look a bit silly underneath 'Ford Cortina'

  • It says Concertina when I take a deep breath...
  • Thought I'd raise the topic again after seeing Mr Wild Will's on Facebook. Quite a few people (including me) competing in their first Ironman distance events in 2010.

    Anyone having thoughts of getting Tatt'd?

    I have a number anyway and the Mrs always said i wasn't allowed anymore, however wshe got very drunk last Saturday and finally caved in and said I could get one more to represent this.

    What to get........
  • Iron Rose's is pretty cool. Candy's looks like an iron smurf and Oxy's is gaylord pink.

    There are loads of good and very bad on a google images search. I originally wanted one but soon settled on multiple t-shirts and a watch. You could just walk around in the new K-Swiss shoes

  • wills tatt is tops - continue the trend!!

    a brand of achievement in my eyes , though im a blank canvas at present
  • Silly (but true story)

    There are 3 or 4 of us at our gym who all have Mdots, I was standing at the mirror shaving a few weeks back and Gary one of my training buddies said "Sorry Dave your Mdot is upstaged !" Turned to the guy next to me and he has the Olympic rings on his shoulder....At least Mr Boardman had the grace to laugh and say he would never be stupid enough to race IM

  • if you want one get one - what's the issue??

    I had mine done after IMCH in 2005 - no regrets

    mine is a little atypical as it represents the Swiss flag inside the M-dot. take a look at it at Outlaw
  • All mine so far are black so will most likely go down the 'no colour' route.

    Personalising it your way is a great idea FB. I don't think I'll be getting this though, not quite as an iconic symbol..... yet:

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