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  • Podro wrote (see)
    I'm still trying to work out which part of JPenno's body his tattoo is on.......
    Calf If I remember right looks well cool. Althrough might be mixing up pirates. image
  • been thinking about a tat for ages

    Can see both sides of the argument for Mdot for an Ironman distance race thats not offical Ironman.

    Don't think the Outlaw logo is the way to go, personal choice.

    Strange but I can't see the reason of changing your forum name to include the M. (Yes I know I have the pirate symbol next to my name)

    If I decide to get one, thinking about the skull & crossbones, speaking to a tat artist they have said the teeth would be difficult to get right.

    I have a few of the temporary tats that Doozer did and I must admit they look quite good.

  • Podro wrote (see)
    I'm still trying to work out which part of JPenno's body his tattoo is on.......
    Its the image Wilkie found when she googled "penis tattoo".image
  • *says very quitely*

    Havn't asked for a pirate symbol purely because some folks ask for one who don't earn it. Will probably sort it after sunday. You never wear anything you havn't earn't. Know the effose is that it's a statement off intent but personal rules and all that.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Getting a pirate logo after your name when you've completed an IM event isn't obligatory either.

    *looks around for FB*

  • image True but it's a gang. There are some out there who just want to look good and a lot of others who simple can't afford to do a IM at the moment. Something some poster's fail to realize and does cause friction in some quarters.
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    That reads like you're saying one thing on one post, and another in the latter.  I am confused.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Cona - my tattoo is something like that - the skull and cross bones within the dot of the M

  • "Getting a pirate logo after your name when you've completed an IM event isn't obligatory either"

    *waves at M.ouse*

    don't get me started.... image
  • I'm confuzing. image I've not got a pirate symbol because wouldn't want to get one and then fail to do it. Very personal choose and not in the sprirt of the pirate ship which is to help and motivate all from zero to hero. Main sport I do isn't running and if you turned up wearing something you havn't grafted for you would be in big touble.

    Some folks in internet land sometimes ask for one just so they get some status and never actually plan or intend to plan on doing a ironman and then just draft away from internet land.Which irritates me.

    Also some people who join up for the ship can't afford to do a IM I would be in the same situation but not no kids and been in beans on toast for the last 10 months. Some of the knocking they get along the lines of well just get a credit card irrates me as well and is a bit carp. Hope that clears that up.

  • <<starts up FB>>


    I have a pirate logo, an Mdot tattoo and dots in my name

    I will surely go to hell and by the time I get there I have no doubt they will have an Ironman event there as well and FB will have come out of retirment for the umpteenth time !
  • image You live down south you are in hell already. imageimageimageimage
  • I'm really glad I got my tattoo. It's opened up conversations with some very interesting people and I like seeing it on other people too.image
  • Got my M. to remind me what I used to be able to do when I am a dribbling wreck in an old folks home (not too far away)

    its  personal to me and if people have a problem with it well its their problemimage

  • If you want a tattoo, or pirate sticker or . In your name then get them. It won't change you.

    I saw an american discussion where they were choosing which IM to do based on who gave out the best finishers tee shirt for the bragging rights. Very odd. It just means you can swim, bike and run a bit. It doesn't mean you are a hero.
  • dam.n      image
  • Just need to get the small matter of Sunday out of the way then it's another trip to the tattoo palour for me, just need to seriously think about the 'what'.

  • I must say i am vey happy with my new tat image
  • Looks sweeeeeeeeeet.
  • Having cancelled my RW sub on the weekend I guess I best get rid of the RW Subscriber logo off here then. Will keep the Piratey logo though, and keep thinking about a tat.image
  • Cake wrote (see)
    Podro wrote (see)
    I'm still trying to work out which part of JPenno's body his tattoo is on.......
    Calf If I remember right looks well cool. Althrough might be mixing up pirates. image
    Correct - left calf
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Cougie - don't you ever play swim hat poker?

    I want an M dot tattoo, that was one of the sillier reasons for wanting to do it wayyy back in 2008.  I'm livid I missed that effing cut off, and can't have one.  Next year's dilemma for me is whether to have an M dot tattoo for a non-branded M dot event.  However, these are my issues and I accept that everyone has different issues and has to think of their own way of how to resolve them.

    For my tuppance worth Cona, I think that the Outlaw logo would make a good tattoo, and would look good as just blackwork.

  • I really really really thought I wanted the tattoo right up until I crossed the finish line, and then I realised that it didn't matter to me after all.

    So I had a little tiny subtle mdot cut in sterling silver as a pendant - goes with most things, and most occasions, and can be taken off and put in a drawer when it doesn't!  image

    I think the Challenge logo would make nice earrings, but I've not got the pennies....

  • I just cant make my mind up........

    ........ I know I did it and the people I care about know I did it. Most others who saw a tatoo would probably think it was for eating as whole Big Mac.

    May tattoo the bike instead a la WWII fighter plane

  • M.ouse - I think your avatar would make an ace tattoo! image
  • Plummy - mail me your address please !

    Mousey - your finish will be all the sweeter next year. Swim hat poker ? I just use my pirate hat - otherwise people may think I'm a proper swimbler you see !

    Oh and never get the IM belt - I bought one the other year cos I just HAD to buy something - and its awful. Way too blingy and me me - its buried at the back of my shameful clothes cupboard. I should sell it to a yank.
  • I'm pleased I got mine! image

    And it's on my calf so on the rare occasions I do wear a frock it can be seen but I'm fine with that.

  • All my tattoo's have meaning, acheivments or children. And will alos be adding to the cllection if I finish on Sunday. As to what, I have thought about:

    A chinese symbol but already have two of those for previous acheivments so ruled that out

    M. sysmbol but not sure about that so if not 100% its a non starter

    Outlaw logo, agree it would look good in black, but no for same reasons

    So have settled for....... CXL

    Its Roman Numers for 140 and will have it in 2 in high letters on the back of my left shoulder.

    If I finish of course......

  • shouldn't that say CXL.VI as it's strictly 140.6 miles (did the Romans do decimal btw?? can't remember)

    or have CCXXIV - metric equiv and no decimals needed
  • Like Ditchy I was determined I was going to get a tattoo right up until I crossed the finish line.  I ummed and ahhed about it for several weeks afterwards then ended up not bothering.  I'm not anti-tattoo in any way and I've seen some lovely IM tats but it seemed less important after finishing the race.


    I'm sure someone mentioned branding a coupld of weeks ago.  Maybe that's the way forward image

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