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  • I wonder what my parents would think but then they think I am completely mad for doing it anyway so wont change much.

    Nam, Hope and I are all going to go and get one together!!!  (Aren't we girls?)image

  • If I get one, KK will you come with me? Seeing as we be the only 2 pirates in south devon!!!
  • I think I will too!
  • Mine is very discreet image but I am missing 4 flags so it might get bigger

    The dilemma is,

    when ? if you don't have it done within a month of the IM, you want to start training again and it becomes an issue for pool swimming as you are not supposed to go in chlorine while it is scabbed over.

    where ? my suggestion is not where you can see it all day everyday or it will pee you off,

    what to have, well there is many designs, I have a few on my website of ones done already for others as my bro is a graphic designer.

    do I have the M logo or not - personal choice, as smithy says, its transcended the corporate issue now more as a badge of honour so to speak - but I do like his version of the Norseman tattoo image

    Mine is my avatar, the only reason I haven't put the other 4 races on is that 2 of them are germany so am working on logo for Roth and one is Wisconsin, so do I do US flag or state mmmm,

    And at the end of the day its personal but I would say go to a reputable place and of they don't ask you why you want it or question your logic and reasoning I would walk, most places have a duty to make sure that you are aware that this is for life ( unless you can afford 5 times the price to remove it lol)

  • Flamin' nora, if I managed to get round an IM, I'd have it tattoo'd on my flippin face!

  • arctic lady wrote (see)
    Dad Of Two wrote (see)

    Damn you AL!image

    I had this dilema after Lanza a few years back - and never got around to it.

    Then the same question raised its head after Nice last year, and I convin ced myself that if I was going to get one I'd have done it after the first.

    I'm not even doing an IM this year and yet you've got me thinking about whether I should get it done anyway!!

    Do2image hello! Right you have to get one now!

    So as well as IM virgins, we have tattoo virgins as well.

    I do have a tattoo already. It had (and still has) huge significance to me about the way I like to lead my life.

    I'm very proud of my IM achievements, but then I'm also very proud of other things, ranging from my children to climbing Kilimanjaro to representing my country, yet I don't feel the need to have any of those things inked. I suppose some people would (and do) though.

    I think the M. can be very cool, and seems different in some way from the other things I've mentioned, but I can't logically describe why.

    Still unsure about getting it done though, because the flip side is that sometimes I think there are other more subtle ways of sharing the achievement.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Gertie - be wary of having white on a tattoo - it's one of the few tat colours that really doesn't take well and can break down....

    my IMCH tat is on my right shoulder - it's a stylised M-dot with the Swiss flag "reversed" out so the white cross is red on a plain background with a black border (not a white cross on a red background) and the dot is solid red. I think it works well

    P has a black outline M-dot on her right ankle

    it's personal choice really
  • AL - I won't be getting a tattoo. Although this is my biggest challenge for a couple of years, I've done plenty of other things that mean more and which aren't tattood on my body. I'd like some discrete M. earrings if I can find them (and a t-shirt and a hat and bag and bumper stickers and towel and mug....) but no tattoo for me. image
  • I'm so undecided..... I keep thinking about my dads "teddy-boy" tattoo on his forearm he had done when he was young, skull & crossbones with "Death Before Dishonour" underneath... this may have looked ok when he was a rough teenager, when he was in middle-age it looked a bit stupid, but now he's knocking on 70 its starting to look cool again !

    Now, if I was to have a M. tattoo it would have to be somewhere visible(ish)... maybe on the calf, not sure what the kids would think.

    Its a bit "cliquey" though.....

    Now if they had a tattoo parlour just after the finish line I'd probably do it, if I think too much I probably won't. 

  • Ah... dad's tattoos...

    My dad has a tattoo on his forearm of a heart with an achor through it and underneath it says "Hans und Elfie"...

    my mother's name is Heidi...image

    Gertie wrote (see)


    Isn't it past your curfew?

    LOL it was... Sssshhhhht!!!!! image

    DTB, Ultra Cake Pimp wrote (see)

    * applies for job of Ironman cowboy and runs around the forum waving red hot branding poker *



    LOL Ditchy!!!  image

  • Rio, Hope, yes we'll all go together... 
  • In marketing terms, a logo and a brand mean different things. Yes, the M Dot is a logo, but the brand it represents is more than the Ironman company - it's a brand of achievement.

    It's the only tattoo worth having, I reckon. You won't see this ol' wrinkly with a tramp stamp.

  • LOL Farnie  image I already have a few tattoos and absolutely adore them, so have no issue with the permanence thing - it's more the aesthetic side for me. As much as completing an IM would mean everything to me, I don't know if I'd have the logo somewhere visible. Maybe a tiny one on the inner arch of my foot or something, with the date...

    That said some people have done interesting things with it. I like this one:

  • Jeeez - thats more like a painting ! Bet that took a while ?
  • I've got quite a clear idea what I'd have.  Just a simple small M. on the outside of my lower left leg.  I like Meldy's it's nice and subtle.  love Rosey's it's a great tattoo, but more for a man's size calf me thinks...
  • I have a red M. with a white cross in the centre, at the top of my left arm (IMCH 05)

    the white doesnt really work well but it is obviously a cross, I wish I had it outlined in black.

    most of the time I like it where it is and feel proud when people ask me about it. I dont like it when people just stare at it, then I feel a bit self concious, somethimes I wish it was on my shoulder so covered most of the time. I like to wear short sleeved tops in the summer so it is mostly on show.

    I dont regret having it done, it represents a momentous part of my life and when people ask me about the ironman, I have a huge smile on my face when I talk about it.

    I also thought might impress the nurses when I am old and wrinkly but my dad says the whole ironman thing is so mad and crazy they would probably just think I was senile and talking rubbish anyway!

  • Have it on your forehead like Rimmer off Red Dwarf
  • I don’t have a tattoo, having a tattoo of any kind doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t see the point of the M-dot other than visually bragging to one and all that you’ve done an Ironman, id rather pick and choose who I tell. The pleasure of completing an Ironman doesn’t need a tattoo or medal to reinforce it.

    Ultimately it’s a personal choice.
  • Anyone got the dot on top as a skull in yellow?
  • The "corporate" thing is a red herring, it isn't a massive business at all, it's a small franchise operation. Until recently it was owned by a dentist, who bought it for $50k. KFC it isn't. Then recently a mate of mine bought it (not with his own money!), but he wouldn't tell me how much for, the spoilsport.

    However the real downside to a tattoo is that the majority of people that do ironman races are knobheads. More than 50% of them, anyway. Look round any ironman expo and you'll see that I'm right! Of course this could be skewed by the fact that the knobheads can't resist spending 10 hours a day strutting round ironman expos comparing bikini lines, so the non-knobheads are less apparent.

    Of course people who haven't done an ironman don't realise this, so the tattoo still works.

    But beware; I was "hill training" on a treadmill the other week and my tattoo attracted a knobhead who also had one. He was the third biggest knobhead I've ever had to escape from. The biggest knobhead was some knobhead from Bath who was staying at the same hotel as me in Arizona in 2006, who actually got jealous and ran over when the second biggest knobhead (a British "pro") asked me how to work the waffle machine at breakfast.

    So, in summary: knobheads
  • Wifey has a skull as the dot I believe

    but she isnt a knobhead
  • Brilliantly put, nob was in my first drafted reply along, also defined by those that strut around the gym glad head to toe in Ironman gear.
  • Do you need to be a knobhead to do an IM or does that evolve with the training? image
  • The other word that sprang to mind was Tacky
  • Of course some part of the original motivation behind the pirates was to annoy the knobheads. And it pretty much worked. Thank you all!
  • Cougie, I have no idea - I just found the pic on the net, but yeah I'd imagine it took a fair bit longer than the usual block colour image

    Jellybabe - I know what you mean about the staring thing. My arm is pierced as well as tattooed so it attracts a lot of attention. I don't mind because I wouldn't have body art if I didn't want people to look, but I wish they'd ask if they were curious rather than just gawp!

    No-one told me about all the knobheads...

  • It's alright madam o - the knobheads don't like the pirates very much, so you won't have to talk to them!
  • Candy... thanks.... I'm a definite NO now image

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