Half marathon next sun 11th

havng completed FLM in 4:39 I have recovered well and decided to enter a local half mara just for the heck of it! However, having spent 3 months pre FLM committed to a schedule I now don't really know what to do in these 'taper" days before my half mara!

Any suggestions? I feel all at a loss and need some ideas!! I'm hoping for a time of around 1:55 - pb is 1:56 and if I finish below 1:55 I will crack open the fizz!!! 10k pb is 50:27, which I have managed in training since FLM


  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    There seems to be every variation on recovery from flm - just read the training threads over the past few weeks, not to mention the race reports.

    Pretty hard to give any suggestions given it seems impossible to assess even one's own state of recovery: One recovers as a pond freezes over - looks good on the surface, not easy to see what's thin ice though.

    I've not done the stats, but until recently more people seem to feel they could have done with more recovering than more training.

    Given that it's just for the heck of it, why not go easy and take it as it comes on the day? Some people seem to race best in those circs anyway.

  • yup, guess you're right, but I am feeling fine and if I were to do a teeny bit of speedwork this week, should it be 400s / 800s/ mile reps or what? and how late in the week should I write this off as a bad idea?! Was hoping to get out today but time is pressing!

    I've done a fair bit of mileage since FLM - averaging 25-28 miles apart from 1st week, and just a 7 mile club run - fairly steady pace this week on Sunday
  • Good question!

    I think it depends on whether you want your best possible time for this race, or just a good time, and a bit more improvement for future races. The training you do this week can only adversely affect your race performance, especially so the more intense and close to the race itself of course.

    Actually I would have thought that if you can do a 50 minute 10k in *training*, you should be aiming for more like 1:50 in a half marathon. You are probably a lot fitter than you give yourself credit for.

    For speedwork you don't want anything too strenuous, so how about half a dozen or so 400s with plenty of recovery tomorrow? That should do some good for your future races, with a pretty minimal effect on the half on Sunday.

    Good luck, please post after the race and let us know how you got on.

  • Thanks Juggler, will post and let you know. Am definitely aiming for a 1:50 half "sometime this year", but thought this may be too soon after FLM so thought I'd see how it went and aim to enter more halves as year progresses
  • HappyRunning

    I am no expert and not saying this will happen but I felt like a million dollars after the FLM. I ran a couple of times directly in the week after the marathon of about 4 miles each. Felt great. Decided to do a 10miler on the Saturday after the marathon (Maidenhead) as I wanted to keep the momentum going and as a result have had nothing but problems since.

    I overdid it too soon and now I have both knee and foot ligament problems which puts me out of action for at least 2 weeks (according to the physio today).

    All I would say is take care cause you could well still be recovering and by pushing yourself again may be as Stickless above describes the frozen pond scenario.

    I do hope this is not the case but worth bearing in mind.

    Good Luck in whatever you decide.

  • mmm, yup I realise there is some risk RRR, and for this reason I won't be pushing for my "dream" 1:50 half this weekend!

    I hope you recover soon, take heed of physios' advice and you'll be back fit and well soon. Thanks for the thoughts
  • happyrunning, you sound as if your post FLM recovery as gone well. I would just do the 1/2 and not worry about a speed session this week, but if you really want to do one Juggler's suggestion sounds good. You'll most probably be surprised how well you'll do.

    Have a good race and enjoy!
  • thanks hilly, lookinng forward to Sunday, looks like a hot one, hope FLM has prepared me more for that!! Will report back after the run
  • VERYhappyrunning!!!

    1:53:27 which was beyond my hope for 1:55!!!

    Can't wait for the next one.........can I break 1:50?!!
  • Well done happyrunning, way to go!!

    1.50-course you can. Aim, train and it's yours!

    Best of luck
  • Thanks hilly, Gloucester half is 20th July I think - but may be a bit hot?!

    Might "save myself" for Bristol or Stroud later in year!!!
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