is running twice a day any good?

just wondering what people make of it really. i work nights and so in a way i wouldnt be running twice a day because i would sleep in between, but my thought was to run when i finish at 6 in morning make that my main run then st roughly 6 on the night do a really gentle run that at most might be only a couple of miles. i would do this twice a week plus a longer run at the weekend. what do you think of this, and running twice aday in general?


  • Fleet GirlFleet Girl ✭✭✭

    Hmmm.  I have absolutely no idea about this but would generally suggest running twice per day is probably not a good idea.

    However for you it is more like running in the evening and then again in the morning because you work nights.   I suppose it all depends on what level you are at, how fit you are, how used to running your body is etc etc. 

    I know plenty of good runners run practically every day but beginners like me really need a rest day in between runs.

  • Depends really, how much are you running? What are you training for? Are you limited on the amount of time you can spend on each session?

    I don’t at the moment because it isn’t worth my time but lots of people do it, and I think for high mileage runners it is a necessity.

  • If your second run is only going to be a couple of miles I think you would be much better off just adding a couple of easy miles to your first run of the day.
  • I used to do this when I first started running, and ran to and from work every day.  I didn't have any injury problems, and it fit perfectly into my routine, so I found it easier to keep up than running once per day.

    However, I don't think doing lots of short runs particularly helped me improve my running for racing, if that is your goal.  E.g. I was doing 30-35 miles per week over 10 runs and ran a 56:06 10k.  This year, doing the same weekly mileage over 3 runs, I ran a 53:31 10k. 

    So really, I think you need to consider what your goals are, and what you are going to get out of the runs that you are doing.  If you just want to run because you fancy doing it though, I'd say go for it, just make sure at least one of the runs is at an easy pace.

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