Middle toe blistering

When I run over ten miles I get blistering around the top of my left middle toe which get very bad the longer the distance covered i.e .marathon. Part of the problem may be that the toe doesnt bend very well having been broken a couple of times. I think the top of the toe  in front and around the nail rubs on the underneath of the show mesh causing friction between the sock and the toe. 

I have tried compeed, pvc tape, those gel toe cover things which come off when you run - nothing seems to work. Double skin socks, thick padded socks dont help either.

 Anyone any ideas???


  • try bigger shoes.

    I used to have no problem with blisters on my toes until I started running longer distances. On adive from a running shop I bought larger shoes which did the trick.


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    take the toe off??

  • Running in 1/2 size up already. If I go a full size up my smaller right foot will drown.
  • I have trainers that are 1 and half sizes larger than my normal shoes because i had the same problem with blisters over 10 miles.  My feet just seem to swell tremendously after being out for over an hour and a half.  you could wear a thicker sock on your other foot to take up some of the room? but I have found that my trainer fits so well that my feet don't move in them but I have the extra room in the toe area.

    Try some different makes, some come up wider in the toe area and some are not quite so pointy (if that makes sense)

  • Or try running in toe socks ... toe socks

  • Toe  socks what a top idea? A pair of strippy one please!!!

    I am running in Kayano's and have started to think about changing brands. Will try the socks first.

  • I had a blister on my middle toe earlier this year it just never seemed to heal, got a pair of the toe socks - they were a godsend!!  They feel a bit weird to start with.

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