toe nails

What''s the best thing to do when a toe nail is looking like it is had it following a bad blister - let nature take it's course and let the thing fall off, or take it like a man and remove it?


  • Let it do it naturally. I had a particularly choice toe nail even after running 2 HMs in a week (she brags).

    Ended up with a blister at the base of the nail and 2 underneath. About 6 weeks later it fell off very neatly, sort of opened like a book cover and dropped off leaving a new little pinky underneath.

    Boots sell great toe protectors btw, highly recommend them.

  • Strap it back on and let it come off gradual. Pull it off and bury it in a trainer for 30 mins 3 times a week and you WILL get an infection that'll stop you running.
  • Good advice - thanks. The toe protectors things out of boots are they the gel type things? How do you keep them on - mine keep coming off...
  • Or you can get foam protectors, they absorb sweat so aren't as likely to slip off.

  • I only wear one- on the toe that lost it's nail as it's still a tad sensitive and it's fine, never falls off. Sort of gel on the inside and pink foam on the outside. I just trimmed it to fit and no probs.
  • Where did you get it? I find the Boots one comes off during my run for some reason. Assume it's due to foot movement.
  • My friend bought it for me in Boots- it's their own make. I only have little toes, maybe that helps.
  • Tape! Lots and lots of tape.
  • Am so glad I'm not the only one with this problem, my feet aren't great to look at at the best of times - but I've had a reccurring issue with my middle toes in particular - they just won't stay on!!! hehe! I think I need to get some tape for my tootsies as I think it's the only solution!

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