Your Top 5 Running Memories / Moments

What are your top five memories / moments from running?

1 Finishing Comrades in under 9 hours
2 Finishing my first marathon
3 The first marathon I ran in under 3 hours 30 minutes
4 Sitting in the middle of dartmoor watching the sun come up having run 10 miles in the dark to get there.
5. Running down a mountain trail in Spain with Sea 20 miles away sparkling in the distance and the smell of pine trees all around


  • goldbeetlegoldbeetle ✭✭✭
    1. Organising my first race (if no one died its a success image)
    2. Captaining the winning team in the Wessex Ridgeway Relay 
    3. Finishing the Stickler the first time Ive run 10 miles(what a way to start)
    4. Beating all my club mates at the Sturmey Half (2 on the lineimage sorry fellas)
    5. Going down to the track for the very first time and having to go off sick from work that night coz I was so knackered hahaha
  • 1. Winning my first race - running through the tape was a fantastic feeling

    2. Leading my club home to become NI ladies half marathon champions

    3. Finishing my first half marathon - it felt like such an achievement

    4. The feeling after racing up and down Slieve Donard - N. Ireland's highest mountain - when a tourist came up and asked me "did you really run up THAT?!" image

    5. Any of those lovely runs across mountains/beaches with the sun shining and a light breeze keeping me cool....

  • 1. Running my first ever half marathon in Amsterdam coming into the stadium on the track finish and for the first time ever feeling like a 'real' athelete when running past all the national flags.

    2. My first ever high from a race; the first time a 10k made me feel like I could conquer the world (in a wonder woman-stylee) - you know that feeling when you're a bit delerious and can't believe just how amazing your body is for getting you to the end

    3. When I actually realised I was other people were pacing themselves against ME!! - loved that a lot!

    4. That nervous excitement I get pre-race, when I've probably overdosed on caffiene and sugar a bit too much and your MP3 is belting out your favourite tunes and you just can't stand still!!!

    5. The beautiful scenery I have seen on my runs, even when it's in a city centre (great way to do a tour without an annoying guide or people slowing you down), but especially when you get that amazing afternoon sunshine over a gorgeous counrtyside view!

    ahhh... I fancy a run now!!!

  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    1) my first ever "run" at the age of 37, around a couple of units of a business park after work, lasting a grand total of 6 minutes, and taking 4 days for the muscle soreness to abate.

    2) the first time I ever ran 10k in training.

    3) overtaking several horses (horses I tellsya!) on a downhill section in the Man v Horse race.

    4) coming down my first ever really BIG descent in a fell race, half way down realising that my legs were too knackered to provide any braking force, and that I was unsure whether I would make it down to level ground before they gave out completely and I fell over and really injured myself - I started to laugh out loud at this point.

    5) sitting alone in my car in a layby near Pym Chair after Shining Tor fell race on a July evening, watching the sun set over the Cheshire plain with "Shadow Of The Day" by Linkin Park playing on the car stereo.
  • 1) My first outdoor run post knee surgery - half way round a thunderstorm started. NO knee pain - a very happy moment - one I recall now when runs are tough.

    2) Running 10k for me too.

    3) The first time I went sub 10 min mile.

    4) The first time I 'got' Pose technique during a run.

    5)  Running in the countryside seeing no-one but animals.

  • Great question!

    1) 17yrs old - Boxing Day, running on the beach in Liverpool when halfway through it started snowing heavily - sounds awful but it felt great!

    2) finally breaking 2 mins for 800m (even though I was second to last)

    3) going for a 4 mile run at 1.30am the day after my son was born - I had just got home from the hospital and was way too excited too sleep.....

    4) the first time running along the "boardwalk" on the New Jersey side of the Hudson river looking at the Manhattan skyline, and then reaching the end and seeing the Statue of Liberty.

    5) counting rabbits, horses and deer on runs through the countryside

  • What's this 'pose technique' Siance?!?!
  • 1) Eating cheese sandwiches and drinking Robinsons in my friend car's after running 10 miles, around a beautiful lake.

    2) Finishing my first triathlon and thinking I'll go faster next time!

    3) After running 13 miles popping in to the pub and having chip barms and a cheeky half in our running kit.

    4)When you come home after a hard training run/cycle and your covered in mud.

    5)Running my first half marathon and dragging the lady behide to finish. She was fading at the 12 mile mark and she was finshing even if I had to drag her! 

  • mmmm... double 0 - those chip barms were THE BEST! Even when my heel was bleeding from the amount of running we did!
  • Run Sazzle Run wrote (see)
    What's this 'pose technique' Siance?!?!
    Pose image
  • Oh I had forgot you were bleeding, it was quite gross! Didn't he make the chip fresh for us so they were all hot and lovely!
  • mmmm and salty! and it was sunny - what a lovely dayimage
  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)

    3) Having some old man that looked like Santa run past me and state that my stride was too wide

    LOVE this!! heh heh image
  • 1. Running a PB at the loch ness marathon and then marrying my wonderful husband at Inverness registry office the following morning. Some friends had run the marathon and 10k and they knew nothing about the wedding, got married in our tee shirts complete with medals !! cheesey but great.

    2.Running my first race the Llandudno 10. When I first started running 3 months before the race I couldn't even run a mile without stopping.

    3. Doing the Sunderland bupa 10k with my two sisters.

    4. Doing the snowdon marathon, couldn't stop grinning all the way round...loved it.

    5. Every time me and my dog are out running in the beautiful Derbyshire peak district on a sunny day... (so not very often !)

  • I haven't got a Top 5 as yet as i've only started running this year, so only 1 for now

    1. Completing my first 5km run yesterday for Race for Life in 26 mins - which i think is a respectable time?

  • 1) Winning an olympic gold and everyone toasting my success.

    2) Coming back from injury after blowing a fuse.

    3) Not burning out - ever.

    4) Recovering from "Hitting the Wall" after being flung hard against it.

    5) Out running a professional 4 slot who burnt out within a few miles from the start.

  • 1. Finishing my first 10k race and realising I had gone under the hour against all my expectations.

    2. First 10k run in training when I felt like a "proper" runner for the first time.

    3. Amazing run first thing on a bright spring morning on country lanes on holiday in Tideswell Derbyshire - just me and the cows.

    4. Running by the sea in Mallorca and watching the sun come up.

    5. Running by the sea from my Gran's in Bangor N.Ireland and coming back to a huge Ulster fry.
  • 1.  Tumbling over and getting a black eye

    2.  Finishing my first 10km a lot of years ago

    3.  Finishing my first half a couple years ago

    4.  Winning 100m sprint in school - in running and swimming

    5.  Scaring people who don't move out of the way

  • 210bpm wrote (see)

    1) Winning an olympic gold and everyone toasting my success.

    2) Coming back from injury after blowing a fuse.

    3) Not burning out - ever.

    4) Recovering from "Hitting the Wall" after being flung hard against it.

    5) Out running a professional 4 slot who burnt out within a few miles from the start.

  • 1.  Dropping 3 dress sizes

    2.  Finishing my first 5k/10k/half marathon

    3.  Smashing marathon PB by over half an hour

    4.  Early morning runs when not another soul is about

    5.  Turning for home in my first marathon, the finish line coming into view, tears pouring down my face

  • I'm a beginner so they're pretty basic!

    1. The first time I ran for 25 minutes without stopping

    2. My first 7 mile training run (don't know what the relevance of 7 miles is!!!)

    3. the start line of my first 10k... and the finish line!  Got a right lump in my throat at Mr Em and Little Em cheering me so enthusiastically (and at the clock showing sub 1 hour)

    4. Every time I get past the first 2.5 miles of any run, and the pain goes like someone flicked a switch.  I grin like a mad woman every single time

    5. The first time I went running with my new running buddy off road across beautiful Kent countryside

  • 1. Finishing my first marathon, and clocking a decent sub 4 hour time in the process

    2. Finishing this years London in memory of my mum who passed away in January

    3. Coming back from 2 years out with ITB syndrome, and not having any pain

    4. Running in the Leamington C&AC 10 miler in just over 62 minutes years and years ago - I'll never get as close to the hour again!

    5. My first run, on the day that Linford Christie won gold in Barcelona - his run and Sally Gunnell's gold (got to meet her last week and hold her gold medal!) were the inspirations for me to start running, get fit and lose weight, and I've never looked back since.

  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    ooh this thread has made it into the "What's Hot On The Forum" section - fame at last!

  • 1 - Coming into the last bend of a track race and hearing someone say "Go on team GB, push it" and realising he was saying it to me.

    2 -.Putting on  a Welsh vest for the first time

    3 - the long training runs in the rain with nothing but nature for company.

    4- being led out onto the track for the first time.

    5  - The eyes out training sessions with peers

  • 1. Going out for my first run ever ever and not walking. I was dragged round and it hurt.

    2. Getting my first pair of proper running shoes a month later from a "proper" runners shop.

    3. Being told by a lady "Ohh you run faster  then I can cycle"   6  months later.

    4. The cats, deer, parakeets, crows and ducks I see behaving strangely  on my early morning runs. 

    5.  Doing my first race ever on my own, and then bumping into a friend who entered on her own along the route.  

    1. Deciding to run a marathon (when I'd never run since school) after recovering from a post viral thingy which meant that I couldn't even walk round the block without feeling sick and flu'y
    2. Finishing the Dublin marathon - sobbing with happiness
    3. Finishing the London marathon - every year I watched on the telly and cried thinking I'd love to do that!! I grinned my way round it...I enjoyed it so much it felt like I was running downhill the whole way!!
    4.  Running down a really big hill in beautiful Donegal with the rain bouncing off me so hard that it was nearly stopping me in my tracks....laughing my head off because for the first time I was enjoying myself running!! (had I known that the rain was going to kill my ipod I wouldn't have laughed quite so much!!)
    5. Stopping running at the end of the Belfast marathon in May this was bloody hard and my hip knackered at 8 mile and I was so glad to finish!! (I literally couldn't walk for a week after that!)
  • 1. That first ever run (18 months ago when I was 62). Just ran for 2 minutes or so. Didn't have a heart attack! Felt so proud. Didnt realise that I was hooked.

    2. One evening, running down the front in a sleepy French coastal village and seeing the estuary awash with winter sunlight.

    3. Another time in France when I saw a duck in my path and said out loud 'Bonjour mon veaux canard' (I'm from Nottinghamshire). I didnt realise there were a party of French cyclists behind me waiting to pass.

    4. My first 10k. All on my own, no race. I actually ran on further - because I could.

    5. A week last Tuesday. Baking hot (again not in the UK) had run straight out and was just turning to run back facing 40 minutes of running. The sky opened and fell on me! Siling down and boucing off the path. It felt wonderful. Two film scenes came to mind: the moment in Shawshank when he emerges out of the escape tunnel and the storm in the Truman Show where he shouts "Is that all you can do?"

  • LOL, John image

    I've written a little note in my running diary, so I know how to correctly greet French ducks.

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