If you take a 'holiday' from running?

Ok this is kinda embarassing but here goes. Last year I trained for and ran the Walt Disney World full in Jan 2009. It was great and shortly after I got home I signed up to do the Goofy Race and  a Half Chanllenge next Jan. I read some where that you were supposed to take a day off for each mile of the mara - I SWEAR that's what I read!

Anyway here we are in June and I've maybe been running 4 or 5 times since then. I blame the weather (deep snow), taking on a new contract at a demanding school (too tired to run when I get home and have to get to schol at the crack of dawn to avoid the traffic) too stressed to run ( we just had an Ofsted inspection) illness - (had a virus for 5 weeks)

I've basically had the "I go running tomorrow" disease -  then the next day there's another excuse!

I packed in the gym as I wasn't going there either so all I've done  in the last 4 months is walk the dog!

Told you it was embarassing.

 So am I a beginner again?

Have I got to start right where I did last year and build up or should I just get straight back in there with 3 to 4 miles 4X per week?

Your thoughts would be great,




  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭

    I suppose it depends where you were last year! I've been in similar situations (more than once!) This time it was hard to get going again, and I was determined to do it properly so I went almost back to the beginning - in my case, run/walking 5/2 - but that was far more than I could do at the very beginning a few years ago.

    Try it and see. go out for 20 minutes gently. If you feel you need to walk, then walk. If it feels great (and you still feel great tomorrow) then go for it. I don't know if this is the answer, but I do suspect it's personal to you, your general fitness, etc. 

  • Thanks Pippi - I guess I would describe my running style as 'steady' no one would ever call me fast but I can keep going for ages LOL. I'll do that tomorrow before work - have to get up at 5 but what the heck!

    Good suggestion. Thanks.

    Was nice to hear that the same thing has happened to someone else too.

  • WDW - what time did you do at Disney, I did 4:28 then did 3:46 at Blackpool and 3:47 at FLM, I have signed up for Goofy challenge for 2010, I have howver been doing some training as I am doing Ironman UK!!.

    DONT try and start where you were or you will get injured, start off my running every other day with a long run of 5 miles max and build from there or your likely to get shin splints after six months off, plenty of time to get back up to speed for january.

  • Providing you were running quite consistently before I think it can take a long time to go back to being a "beginner".

    I was out for 9 months solid with PF and when I resumed it took no time at all to get back into the swing. I think it only took me 3 runs before I could do 5k continuously. When I was a total beginner this probably took about 6 weeks.

    I should add that I'm a plodder anyway - had I been super-speedy I'm sure it will have been a bigger struggle.

    Anyway, just take it easy. Start with a mile or two then build up from there. And take walk breaks too, it will help ease you back into it. 

    Good luck! 

  • I can  say from experience that virtually 2 years of inactivity gets you back to almost beginner status!  But even then you know what your body was capable of so it's not quite the voyage into the unknown that it was at the very beginning. Just take things slowly and take advantage of the good weather as a motivational tool.

     I'm off out shortly for my 5th run in 5 days and should clock up 30 miles this week.  I doubt I've been able to say that for nearly 2.5 years

  • Hello JP image  I did Disney in 6:45 which I'm not too embarassed about as it WAS a PB lol. I did stop about 12 times for 'bush visits' and walked the out and back because it was hot and I was cheesed off at having to 'run the same ground over again' and it was nearly 90 degrees!!!  Congrats on your times they are really good. if I can get my a*se into gear I will do the Lincoln to Sleaford in October. My neighbour on the plane who also travelled with Sports Tours designed the course and it would be nice to see him and his missus again as well as trying to beat 6:45!!!

     I'm Going Goofy too in 2010 which was what prompted this thread. I keep getting nagged by the family - "Thought you were a runner!"

     Thanks to you too Shiny and Screamapillar! They are both really reassuring stories.

    Regards WDW

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