FRA forum emergency thread

thought I would start the emergency thread so we dont all get withdrawal symptoms


  • I noticed it's down again.
  • glad someone else noticed
  • BritNickBritNick ✭✭✭

    It's clapped-out. Probably creaking under the weight of all those postings.

    Anyone doing the Wharfedale Off Road Marathon tomorrow, take your beathing apparatus. Winter's returned. image

  • hmmm FRA site seems to be down atm image

    just bumping this in case we fellrunners get desperate...

  • FRA site down for maintenance atm

    anybody else getting desperate to talk about Anni Waltz or 3 Peaks...?

  • BritNickBritNick ✭✭✭
    Yes Daz, already have. 3PFR is already mentioned on the 'VLM pah!' and SNOD threads. image
  • Damn... beaten to it!  But the One True Forum seems to be back again, if in a slightly different format..

    All Hail Brett !!

  • Hi Boy Wonder!

    FRA Forum still showing "Site Maintenance" for me image

  • It's up & working at the momentimage
  • But oooohhhhh does it look different!
  • FRA site currently AWOL

    anybody know what's going on?

  • I've been trying to get on it for a few days now and haven't been able to, the main site is down as well image
  • hello guys, I entered my first fell race on saturday, It was great fun.  Can't wait to enter one this weekend.  Do you have to be a member of a fell running club to join the FRA? It's just I want to join to receive the benefits of the magazine and calendar, but I wouldn't be able to join a club as I work nights, and clubs usually train at nights.  Also I am starting my training in the army in 3-4 months anyway so I wouldn't be a member for very long in any case.  But I would still like to oin the FRA as I'd like to carry on this sport.  Is it a good Idea to run with weight on your back in a fell race (not a very big fell race or lots of weight, I don't want to break my back) and if so what backpacks would you recomend?  I bought some fell specific fell trainers as my road/trail running trainers probably weren't up to it.  And finally, is there fell racing in the rest of europe? I go to France sometimes to gigs, I'd love to go France to do a fell race.  Do you have any information on fell racing in the rest of europe?

    thank you

  • And I thought it was just my PC

    Still..... my next planned races (ie; ones I know I can get to!) aren't whilst October & November, so I don't have to see who's competing yet

    The 'Woodentops' 'Withins Skyline' (I really enjoyed their 'Stanbury Splash' back in January)

     Bingley Harriers 'H v C'

    A hugely enjoyable event (I've ridden it twice; 07/08,  & ran it in 09)

  • hi lincoln - Welcome to the wonderful world of fell running! image
    no you don't have to be in a club to join the FRA (I'm not) and the calendar/magazines alone make it worth it
    re backpacks - Raidlight, Inov8 and OMM are probably the most popular with fell runners
    re Europe - they don't have fell races as we know them, but you can find "mountain races" which quite often tend to be uphill only, and there are quite a lot of more what we'd call trail races
  • I emailed Brett, and I quote his reply:

    "Should be back mid-day"

    so it's already late image

  • It'd been on a go-slow for weeks and it finally broke. I'm missing it too much. image
  • Hi Nick - looks like I may have to do some actual work this afternoon image

    day off tomorrow to go up to the Lakes and recce some of Leg3 though image

  • Hi Daz, leg 3 of what? I'm up there tomorrow to support on leg 3 of a BGR from early Saturday! We may have to wrap up warm although it should be dry.
  • I wondered what happened. So it's gone bang before eh?
  • Nick - yep BG Leg3 - Good Luck with supporting, we might pass each other going in opposite directions on the M6!
    I'll be BG'ing myself next June - shall I pencil you in for support? image

    Hi BB - looks like Brett is having real probs - let's hope it gets sorted soon - it's lonely on here image

  • yeah....was looking forward to read my nosey thread post
  • *Bump*

    It's down again image
  • ...and back up again
  • And down again image

    Just when I wanted to harp on about today's racing as well, double image
  • Still down. Does anyone know if the FRA race calendar is available as a Google Calendar feed?

    Would be jolly handy...
  • Brett seems to be 'testing functionality'..... whatever that means!
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    gaah! and I wanted to discuss shoe choice on the Snowdon thread!

    are you doing Snowdon, Boy Wonder? what shoes would you recommend? image

  • Not doing Snowdon.... two weeks walking the GR20 in corsica sounded a better option!

    I've usually worn lightweight road shoes in the past... it's all easy going on trails - have fun! 

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