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  • Hi bumper !

    welcome home .....Hope you are resting  up and that the op went ok image

  • Hi Amber!

    Op went well and the consultants sound fairly positive thus far, but it'll be 6 weeks before I get the results.
  • Hi folks, had my doctors appointment last night, they did a blood test and should have the results Monday, make sure there's nothing wrong with me image If anything, last week was an easy training week - maybe a shock to the system?!

    Nice to see so many folks on this thread, hopefully stay as busy as the Edinburgh mara one was.

  • Hi everyone

    Glad the op went well Bumper.  Fingers crossed the results are good.

    Glad you went to docs as well Carrot.  Fingers crossed for you too.

     And more medical things - hope you are less sore tomorrow Smiffie.

    Too many doctory type things today.  Not good!  Hopefully everyone is on the mend though.

    Not run much this week and am really feeling it.  Too many life type things getting in the way like meetings at work.  Thank goodness there are only 3 weeks to go!  Daughter has a friend sleeping over for the first time tonight.  Doubt there is going to be much sleeping going on though!  We are all doing parkrun in the morning.  Really want to try for a pb, but will have to see how everyone is in the morning first.

    Anyone else got a post marathon slump feeling?  Thought I would manage to avoid it with having so many other races planned, but it's hit me hard this week.  Probably a lack of running isn't helping.  Need some endorphins!

  • Dippy I went into a pre marathon slump and a mid marathon slump on 2 occasions!!!!!!!!

    Smiffie I thought that was a beuaty spot image  Bet you are sorry you metioned your three wee stiches in the post before Bumper's reappearance lol image  Is using a bingo dotter classed as cross training and how many miles equates to an intense bingo session.  If you have more than one book is that a speed session image

    SCharm I dont know what to run yet next year although Beijing en route to big sis in Aus is looking a good option.  Haven't fancied the Big Sur one but really want to do the marine Corp one in Washington at some point.  There is also one feature of the city of san francisco that puts me off a wee bit.  Can anybody guess what feature that is it begins with an "h"!!!!!!!



    Did I ever mention to you lot I've run the Noo Yoik and Boston image  As for spring/summer I'll make up my mind what to run when I get my annual sod off letter from London.  Rome in March or Stockholm in May as an alternative to Edinburgh may be possibilities.  Rome has the appeal of still being on this years holidays.  where do you fancy going smiffie???? imageimage

  • Aw Smiffie, hope the moles have vacated the premises and left you alone now image

    Hey Bumper, just left you a message in the auld hoose but good to see you've made it here all by yourself image  Take good care, rest up and great to see you've moved in image

    Soph, hope you enjoy your weekend after a sh*&e week at work image

    How was the library Amber? Lots of 'exciting' reading to be had this week then??

    Hey Carrot, yeah we're sure to keep this going with lots of vital running tips image

    Sleepovers are a nightmare Dippycat!! Although when no.3 had one for his birthday it was a campover and hubby was supervising so I ended up with a peaceful nights sleep and a bed to myself ~image  Hope you all make the parkrun inthe morning.

    How was your run Bungee?

    Och you're a well travelled thing you Caniggia eh? Not fancying the look of San Fran tho !!!  How about Vegas?? You could dress as Elvis? image

     Nice late run Adie - I do like them too image

    SCharm, like the sound of fluffy work like sheep image  Good when work is chilled out. Horrid folks make for a horrid time as Soph can testify image

    Been out for a wee few miles on the bike with no.3  Boy he's such a whinge sometimes image  Still, got his school report home today image  His reward is he gets to continue having extorionately priced guitar lessons image  No.2 also got a good report - not decided on his reward yet.......  Bit miffed tho, just found out he and a couple of others from his class are moving to a composite class next term image  I've nothing against composite classes, but worry that he'll be with kids more "able" than him image  No.1 also found out who his teacher is today and they all seem to be happy enough.

    Oops, War & Peace image

  • Kiwi likes the sound of fluffy work like sheep too bedshaped!!!!!! image

    The vagas marathon is supposed to be a bit of a mixed bag.  The bit down the strip is supposed to be magic but the rest off Vagas looks like Craigmiller, Maryhill or Whitfield.  I'd also never get time off work in December.  The Goofy challenge still looks quite appealing  but not sure how you get fit enough to run a half marathon so early in january never mind how you get fit enough to follow that half marathon with a marathon the day after!!!!!! image

    By the way I think I made my opinions about running in fancy dress known a few weeks ago. image

  • Hello,

    Feeling ok this evening.  I went for a wee run this eve after I finally gave myself a stern talking to, just under 4miles.  Felt good.

    Have a good weekend all, till soon.

  • Glad you had a good run soph, the sooner you find a new job the better.

    I have a 5 mile race tommorrow.  Will be trying for a PB but not sure if it will happen due to having done marathons the last 2 weekends.  In theory I should because my PB was this time last year and I have been getting faster but my leggies might not oblige tommorrow, they have felt quite heavy this week.

  • Afternoon all !

    I'm in a good mood because I have just received my marathon T-Shirt in the post (to replace the relay one in my goody bag). I know the organisers have taken a bit of stick but they have been quick to sort this out for me  image.

    Only ran once last week but made it a 7 mile hill race. Not run anything so hilly for nearly a year and was worried about the marathon legas but I feel OK now if a little achy.

    Hope everyone gets their medical matters resolved soon and all the best to weekend racers.

    Soph - Don't let them get to you. Have a bit of fun at their expense !

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Hi- just dropping in to do a saturday afternoon clinic!!!- All those with medical complaints take a seat in the waiting room please!!

    Am getting confused- who's got Piriformis syndrome?- Jac?- I'm sure I've seen quite a bit of stuff about that on here- stretches, and foam roller stuff- hope you find something to help!

    Racing tomorrow at Balloch- 10k- I usually do badly at this one- we'll see how it goes this year! Anyone else , or you all still in recovery mode?

    Can we have a chocolate milk cow please (not keen on strawberry)

  • You lot are never satisfied are you.  If you care to go upstaird to the roof terrace you will find a chicken that lays cream eggs to keep the chocolate milkshake cow company image  


    I've also got a massive cock!!!!!!! image



    I've just had another dreadful run.  Just under 16 hot and hilly miles in 1:58.  I'm getting worse and running out of excuses image  Its only a week to the Dundee half marathon which is a glorified trail race.  Already not looking forward to it image

  • Hi everyone!

    Hellen - you're mad to do three races in three weekends!  Good luck tomorrow!

    Good luck to Tricia too.

    Well done to Fox on your race (shh about the h words though...) Glad you got your t-shirt through quickly as well.

    Survived the sleepover last night.  The girls were really good which amazed me.  We all managed to get up and do parkrun this morning too.  Loads of people from my run club were there which was great.  Didn't get a pb and was actually 1 minute slower than my pb, which I was a little disappointed about, but hey it's only 2 weeks post marathon and I have done hardly any speedy speed work since December so I can't really complain.  It was good fun though and my daughter and her friend did well too.  Daughter got her junior 10 t-shirt this morning.  She managed to spill hot chocolate on it at the cafe afterwards and it is now hanging on the line drying so that she can wear it for the rest of the weekend.  It's brill that they do those for kids.

    Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine today.

  • "It's brill that they do those for kids."

    subtext alert!!!!!!

    "I want a t-shirt" image

    Just got in in time there is lot of lightning up them there hills!!!!!!! image

  • Having said that a couple of wee bolts of lightning might have made me run a bit faster!!!!!!

  • I am quite happy to wait for my 50 image.  Only 30 to go! 

    (PS I could 'borrow' my daughters if I really wanted to because it's my size...!)

  • If its a fruit of the loom t-shirt it might have been your size when it was hung out but prob wont be by the time you get it back in off the washing line.  After one wash those t-shirts tend to be too nippet even for action man image
  • Hi all

    Bumper welcome back and great to hear you are on the road to recovery, positive vibes sent your way for docs results x good to see ya on here image 

    Only sped read back folks, sorry!

    Been an all consuming week having daughter back for all different reasons, but she is away again for our sanity and the fact she listens more to her new turkish 'family' than us! What can you do, she is def pregnant but won't listen to our advice so its better for the 3 of us if she doesn't stay here. She is adamant she is happy and wants to live her own life so I need to let her go so we can get on with our lives. Its not going to be easy for the next 6-7 months and then beyond so I may need some counselling on here !!! image Not run or anything since last weekend so I may go out for a run in a bit to clear the cobwebs, I'll see how the weather holds up. If not tonight then I am looking forward to a good run tomorrow am image

    Will catch up when I am more sociable lol x

  • Here's a wee clip for Mick the mackem if he is about.  I think he will like this one. image

  • Hiya Bungee,

    Sorry things didn't work out better with your kiddiwinkle but some folk just dont listen.  She will agree you are right some time.  She might not admit it but she will know you were right!!!!!!! You had better get out for that run soon though.  Those kebebs pile the pounds on image

  • bungee, sorry to here about your daughter.  I have similar (ish) problems with my dad!! yes, it is the wrong way round I know!!!
  • Your dad is pregnant?????? image

  • erm..... image

    ((((bungee)))) I forget how old she is but I know when I was 16 I was right an that was that. I think she's just managed to find herself on a stranger path than most teenager manage. I'm sure she;ll come round - just be there when she's ready to admit the need - the best thing parents can be x

    I'm tucked up in bed thinking about Humber Bridge tomorrow image Looks like a warm one an sounds like a toughie course but hey - so was Alloa!

    I've discovered a slightly bruised big toe under my nail polish tonight.... no sure when I last took it off an paid attention LOL - maybe it is a marathon wound I'd missed. feels fine though - just a wee bit in the middle image


  • ooo ooo Can - I eally like the new chicken's eggs image image image
  • I'm getting very worried about next weeks race.  If you look at the google satelite map you will see the course goes through the Tay, across a beach, through gorse bushes, across a reservoir, across a 4 lane dual carriagway missing the flyover, through the front windows of Sainsbury's, over metal fences, off a railway viaduct with an 80 foot drop, through the back gardens of houses and along the production line at the Michelin Tyre factory.  I think you could call that multi-terrain lol image


  • Hi folks,

    Not had chance to catch up yet.  Been up to the Highlands today house plot hunting!!  I saw my first ever osprey and how amazing was that!!!  Fab.

    Anyway, time for bed folks.  Mabie forest trail race tomorrow.  Should be interesting. image

  • Morning all

    Ta for support, daughter is 23 in Oct Smout but vulnerable and easily lead unfortunately. Its just so into the unknown for us, never mind her. Don't think she has even contemplated the ramifications of having a child to a muslim and all that goes with it! image
    Good luck at Humber Bridge Smout image it was warm outside this morning, my t shirt came off and for the first time this year I ran in my vest image

    But on a more positive note I am just back from my 5M run, after not much food yesterday, hardly any water and too much wine last night my legs complained a bit lol but its done and I'll be back on my bike to work tomorrow after taking the car all last week! Onwards and upwards, going out with hubby lamposting in bout 10 mins as his exercise plan has slipped big time with everything that has been going on so we both need to concentrate on getting fit now.

    Soph Higlands sounds fab, we are so looking forward to getting away with the boys camping in Aug and it will be somewhere with loads of mountains and wildlife image Good luck with your race today, ENJOY x

    Can I think I have lost weight this week lol am going to check on Boots scales to see if they are the same as mine! You are officially nuts btw image 
    As for running get Dundee out of the way and then take the pressure off yourself for a week or two, just do shorter more relaxed runs when you really feel like it, not when you think you should.

    Hellen, our daughter and her dad have had a up and down relationship since she left home at 17 with a guy off internet she had only met a week before!! She was a lovely uncomplicated girl until she got her hair burnt at a hairdressers at 16 and it all went downhill from there! Its not easy as you seem to know aswell! I guess we just have to wait it out eh! Good luck at your race today aswell.

    Dippy well done to your daughter, that's fab them getting a t shirt aswell image its great when kids love running aswell. And well done to you too PB or no PB image 

    Will catch up more later once all the housework, dog walking etc is done.

    Tricia, another racer! Loads this weekend. Good luck image 

  • Glad you got your 5 miler in Bungee image I enjoyed Humber Bridge image

    Ran to halfway in 57 flat and finished in 1:53:09 so V Happy with nice comfy negative split. Tis warm an sunshiney here although like Edinburgh I didn't seem to feel it as bad as other folks - I was being good again though! Really don;t like plastic cups of water mind - can't make a spout to drink from them so they just cause choking - only good for chucking on yourself!

    I'm off for a wee did in the bath then on with the shorts and a stint in the sunshine methinks!


  • well done smout!!

    did a 5 mile race today, was not expecting much cos it was hot but I surprised myself with a 50s PB, did 38.36 so very pleased!

    My dad is not pregnant, what I meant is that he is in a situation and wont listen.   All the circumstances are different but he had a trigger time when his twin committed suicide and then his police dog died suddenly.  He went down from then (drink and affairs).  ....but that is just the start of it, very long complicated story to do with an illegal Kenyan immigrant who has been manipulating him for years.  He finally got her out of his life a few months ago but she is now creeping back in again.  She is telling him all sorts of things which he is believing but I know are lies, he doenst want to believe that she would lie though.  He has given her loads of money when he used to be really tight with me and my sis but he thinks if he gives her money she will pay off the debt then he will stop getting the phonecalls from debt collectors but she doesnt.  That is only the start of it though!

  • Crumbs families eh? You canny choose them image  I'm not even going there with mine!

    One day Bungee hopefully she'll come through the other side of all this.

    Busy week for me. Did 31 miles this week - the most for a loooooooong time. Only really because I hadn't got out last weekend and did 9 on Monday then 5 Tues & Thurs and 12 yesterday. image

    Well done Hellen on 5m PB image

    Well done also Smout for half today image

    Off to make No.3 some snack before he loses the plot image

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