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  • Smout, hows was the hill in the race? wanted to run it but had to get Lad back to huddersfield for 1.

    Racing in Darrington next Saturday, a small fun 5miler if anyones about...

  • Ooo good going with the PB Hellen image

    Thanks folks image We're kind of happy here considering when it will next be time to eat image

    adle - the hill at 9 wasn't as bad as I expected and not quite the full mile long I expected either. the one after you come off the bridge 1st time felt worse (probably as I didn't know about that!) . My report (which probably isn't that detailed LOL) is here - the split times show where the hills were!

    Have to copy paste though as link thing disnae work for me image
  • Hi all,

    Race went ok today, majorly struggled with my asthma though and the high pollen count.... image  I had to go to the first aid van afterwards and ask for oxygen.  They thought I was joking and then I said 'no I really need oxygen, I'm struggling with my asthma'.  They were fab though.  Been in bed for quite a while this afternoon with olbus vaporiser on to try and ease things, not in a good state.  Beat my time from last year, but I think that was mainly because I was thinking 'shoot i've got to get to the first aid van'... HR through the roof, av 165bpm.  image

    Och family troubles are not good.  Hope things get better bungee and hellen.

    Great mileage bedshaped.

    Fab PB hellen, well done again.

    Smout, you are amazing with your running. image

    Dippy, you got your mojo back? image

  • Jeez Hellen, its not easy eh, your Dad has been thru the mill bless him! Saw a similar story on tele something like when relatives turn bad!! This families dad had been widowed and he was now involved with a thai bride and the money he had spent on her was !!!!! You saw him getting interviewed and he didn't even want to talk to his family because he wouldn't hear a word against this girl. His son and daughter were in despair for him.
    What happened with your dads brother and his police dog would send anyone over the edge. Tragic x

    Well doen on PBs and great races girls image

    Soph you are some chick glad you got str8 to first aid tent, take care now. Big hugs x

  • bedshaped well done on a fab week hon image great running image

  • image Thanks Bungee image
  • Hiya folks, 

    Bloody hell Hellen thats a story and a half having your dad up the duff now seems the lesser of 2 evils. image

    Well done racers and bedshaped.  I cobbled together nearly 22 miles this week which wasn't bad with a migraine, crap week at work and neck injury.  I'll hopefully have a chance to get home earlier from work this week and get some proper running in before sunday where I fear another dismal performance may be waiting.  On the upside my personal worst for a half is 1:58 so I have a bit more time to play with than has been the case on the marathons. If I cant beat that time I'm giving up. image

    Where is Kiwi this weekend?????  His cricket team are out the 20:20 world cup and his rugby team lost to the frogs.  Dont think he will be doing much morris dancing this week image

    Soph those vapouriser things are crap.  Boil the kettle a couple of times and it will do in 10 minutes what those crap bits of plastic do in about 2 hours.  Hope you are feeling better tonight/tomorrow.

  • Hi all,

    Well done everyone with their races this weekend.  It was hot here and I stuggled with my 6 mile run never mind anything further! 

    Can - I have run in San Fran before when over there, but have managed to avoid the hills by running around the waterside!!!  Big Sur would be ok, undulating rather than hilly although might get a little "travel" sick as its very twisty!!  Have also thought of doing Boston - I believe you have done that one!!!!!

    Dippycat, I had the post marathon blues really badly the first week after the marathon (my OH was really worried about me as I was quite tearful a lot of the time), am much better now it really was the not running together with the nothing to look forward to.  Which was a little silly as I have two races planned both of which I really enjoy.   Am back to normal now or what passes for normal for me.

    Right, must deal with more fluffy sheep now!!!

  • Good morning all, I disappear offline for two weeks and you move house. The new place is perfect though, fresh milk, milkshakes and cream eggs!

    So much reading, but I think I’ve got through it all now. Seems as if we have had a bit of everything. Hope all family and health issues are ok; it does help put a sense of perspective on any problems I may have when you hear what other people are going through. 

    Bumper, glad you’re out of hospital and hope results are good when you get them.

    Bungee and Helen, hope your family issues don’t cause too much stress and have a good outcome in the end. 

    Soph, hope you find somewhere else to work soon as it’s seems to be getting worse and worse in your place.

     Can Athens is an amazing place, I loved it when I was there, just when you are doing the marathon make sure you don’t take a wrong turn and end up at the ground of Panathinaikos, it’s a dump, however they do have the coolest, happiest song of any football club I know! 


    Well done on some good running folks. I took the whole week after the marathon off running and have only been out a handful of times since. My longest post marathon run was a hot and sunny 6.5 miles yesterday. Felt hard but glad I did it, will aim to get back in to more regular running this week.

    I’ve got the men’s 10k in Glasgow next Sunday and on the 26th a trail 10k in East Kilbride so got some races coming up to keep me occupied. I’ll need to work out when to start my Loch Ness training programme and start getting longer runs back on the agenda.  

    I’m living out at my GF place again looking after Comet the cat as my GF is away on holiday again, she has more holidays than the Queen it seems! Comet and I are getting on fine though, that’s us survived a week so only one more week together to go. And I’ve not had to bribe her with any tuna yet. 

    I went out this weekend and spent far too much on camping equipment and clothing for this trip to Sweden in August, it will all keep me warm and dry though.

    I’ve started look at marathons for next year so I’ll definitely be doing a few more. I think Berlin is high on the agenda, just need to sort something out for spring time. 

    Hi to everyone.

  • Oh TD, you doing the Calderglen race?  I did that last year, really really hard and loads of midges!!  The overtaking opportunities are limited too, so don't get stuck behind someone a lot slower....  image
    Glad you and comet are surviving.

    Don't think I'll be running or anything today, asthma terrible with the heavy rain!!  Eek...

    Can the olbus oil one actually works quite well for me.  I've tried the steam trick before, in fact I think I've tried everything.... image

  • Yeah, Soph it's the calderglen one. I'll get the skin so soft out then for the midges! What sort of shoes do i need? Can i use my normal road shoes or shal li get trail shoes for it? Also is there any changing/shower facilites? I'll need to go there straight from work.

  • Welcome to the new abode TD - the fresh laid cream eggs certainly are an especially good touch image

    I'd say look after yourself, rest up, take a few rest days Soph but well..... what would the pint in that be image Just be careful whatever you're up to!

    Smoutickle and me on the train back up the hill. Think we've past Darlington now maybe image Not too bad today - just wee bits stiff but nothing like racing a half would normally be so I'm happy image

  • You offering a pint Smout?! image  Mines a cider please... image
  • TD, I think there are showers.  I used trail shoes last year and remember being pleased I had, it was very boggy in places and you would not get much grip in road shoes.  Get yourself some innov8's. image
  • Waves to everyone, what have i missed? PB's and family strife again?
  • You missed all the delicious puddings Karen. image
  • Bet they weren't carb free though Soph? I'm being good this week, pack of smiley face bikkies beside me and i aint eating them even though they are winking and smiling and waving and shouting.

  • Pass them here then image

    Ooo offering pints - I suppose as i can't have them NO!!!!

    That was most certainly a typo earlier image
  • Hmmmmm 2 packets of fudge "that must not be eaten" by me imageimage
  • Smout you'll be the first edinburgh marathon female thread posting ickle baby producer we've had won't you? Just occured to me todayimage
  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/edinburgh_and_east/8100488.stm 

    Try not to laugh beacuse if we are stupid enough to do Edinburgh next year we will be paying for the extra "security" in the admission fee... What next? Bouncers at the bannana tables? One bottle only rule enforced by paid thugs?

  • Now that I've completed the Edinburgh Marathon, do I get admission to this fine bunch of "athletes" posting here? image

    Maybe if I run it again in the future I'll get to meet with some of your forum users.

  • LOL yes you can join the fine athletes here, oh and some of us others image
  • Martin i didn't even do it this year and i'm still posting on the forum!!
  • Me neither but I have honororary membership image
  • That's cause you're special bedshapedimage
  • Hiya folks 

    Did you finish in under 2 weeks Martin????? image

    Is it this week you are having a cheeky wee run on the west highland way Karen? Lizzy did that 54 mile walking challenge thing on saturday she was buggered when I spoke to her from the pub at about kicking out time just as she was nearing the finish.  Not my cup of cha as they say in my local kerryoot!!!!!  Hopefully she now realises how far the comrades actually is and stops trying to convince me to "run" it with her image

    Do you reckon the knuckledraggers from Rock Steady will be shouting at all the runners and spectators to sit doon like they do at the football.  Jobsworths image

  • Evening all you fine athletes image

    Hi Martin, I didn't run it either this year or plan to next year, 07 & 08 were enough for me till the route gets changed lol I'm more than happy to be part of the cheerleading squad image hopefully I'll get more of a chance to cheer at next years!!!!!! image

    Oh Karen this is the big taper week for you image am i right in thinking you are getting a wee bit excited? lol You'll do bloody fantastic image

    Soph you look after yourself and 'try' not to do anything mad!!!! image

    Smout good to to hear you're fine and fighting fit image

    Can you chill out and just run Dundee on Sunday as a relaxed training run lol Yeh I know you wont but never mind there is no way you will get 1.58!!!!  Unlike me who would love a 1.58 in Sept at GSR image

    Hi TD you and Comet will be seasoned roomies by now lol Good to see you in our new pad image

  • Yup this Saturday and went to see the caledonian challenge caniggia. It was like a zombie movie with some of the walkers.

    Yes Bungee wee bit excited, wee bit terrified, wee bit grumpy, wee bit scrape me of the ceiling kind of weekimageimageimageimage

  • Uhoh hormonal smilie growl  DUCK! image
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