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  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/events/viewevent.asp?sp=&v=2&EN=49152

    I've never run this one before. It starts at the high school NOT THE ACCADEMY!!!!!  The high school is right in the east end of the town just before you head out into the countryside. If you drive up the high street and keep following the bendy road round past the pedestrian precint and drive for anothe couple of miles you will find it no probs.  The school is on the left when you see the thanks for driving safely signs.  Entries are allowed on the day.

    I've been doing some carb loading.  I've had some Touretti Spaghetti for my tea.  Its a bit like alphabetti spaghetti but you can only make rude words with it image


  • Ohhh this hammock is ace, pint of cider in hand.  Think I'll support next year, and not run image
  • Afternoon all

    Canny idea Can33.Hope I can pop in every now and again?

    Managed 3 Edinburgh marathons so far....06,08 and 09....looking forward to 2010.

  • Wow, a first for me, managed to read throuhg all the posts, lovely initial post caniggiaimage. You're a big softie.

    Hiya Mick, hope you had a good race this year.

    I did the 06 and the 08 and aint got no plans to run it again!!  

    Yeah yeah Smiffie, i can see you not running it - NOT!!

  • Hello Karen-aye had a canny race this year.From 23 mile I suffered due to the heat. 
  • I suffered from the heat too at the race and didn't even run it!!
  • Oh what nice housemates we have image better than Big Brother!!! Am NOT watchhing that this year, as soon as I do I get hooked on the crap that it is!!!

    Luvverly plant bedshaped, you are so thoughtful image pity Can is going to smoke it though image

    Karen our ultra queen, how many miles you doing 2mro then 500 or 501 image

    I did a great 7 mile run today, felt good and at 9.42 pace image good for me lol So this is it now for the next 16 weeks then its a week of doing nothing before the big day lol Oh I do hope I can keep the training going and not get fed up as usual!!!! I NEED that sub 4.30!!!!

    Hiya Mick how did you get on last Sunday?

    Smiffie I concur (thought I'd bring a bit of sophistication to the hoose) with Karen there is no way you are spectating next year image you wouldn't cope lol Whereas I can cope quite nicely image as long as my brother doesn't do another disappearing act to the first aid tent!!!! image I am going to get settled in at the finish with my picnic hamper of goodies and my pom poms image 

    KP glad you seem to be back on track after your time off, enjoy Arbroath, it does say entry on the day image

    Seeing Borat I am looking forward to seeing his new film Bruno, it looks absolutely shocking!!! image He has got guts that guy with some of the stuff he does, the naked wrestling in the hotels in Borat was MAD!!!!!!

    Tea on, corn fed chicken done in slo cooker with roast tatties and brocolli, hubby away out on another call in Edinburgh Pizza Hut lol so will eat when he gets home.

    Got my great nieces 1 yr old birthday party at my sis's tomorrow afternoon so will take pics of her and my month old great nephew image My sister will be in seventh heaven lol

  • Mile 23 is not bad going Mick!!! image Have you got in built air conditioning? lol Or maybe you have Kenyan heritage without knowing it image

  • He is used to handling extreme heat as a result of all that ironing he does!!!!!!

    Mick Have you stopped laughing at the barcodes yet???? image

  • Oh yeah Mick with his ironing, forgot about that. Bums i've done all mines. 

    Have a fab time at party Bungeeimage. Just a plod for me tomorrow, no idea mileage yet and just see how i go.

    I'll be at the Milnathort dash guys, might not run it but i'll be there for the cakes. 

  • Doh everybody love cake image see ya there, I've a feeling our wee bedshaped will have a better race there than last year!! image if she is running it that is! Are you? I'll need to see if I can beat last years time, got 2 and a bit weeks to get my speed up!

  • When's the dash?

    image Woo hoo to the new hoos image
  • It's the Thursday after whw race Bungee, not sure if my feet will be ok.

    It's the last thursday in the month Smout. 

  • Kirrie I've just been speaking to somebody who told me the school putting on the race is arbroath academy.  It is the school I gave directions to but I thought the academy was the one in the centre of town near where the smokies starts although the race's name was probably a giveaway.  Hope I haven't confused you too much image
  • Thank you for the lovely welcome image

    Caniggia - I got lost on the way......

  • Karen I'll let you off for not running the Dash then!! image your legs wouldn't thank you for that bloody hill at the start lol WHW is getting very near now!!!! it doesn't seem that long since last years!!! You'll do fab, the amount of training you have put in has been brilliant image 

    We'll need to watch folks, our wee Smout will be raiding the fridge now she is eating for two!! The good news is she'll leave the alcohol for usimage 

  • Hello,  I hurt.  I've ridden 72miles today up to and around Loch Katrine in 5.5hours.  It was hard work.... Hope all of you are well.  Will catch up tomorrow when I'm vegitating on the sofa!! image
  • Hope smout likes gateaux then there is only beer, cake and some cider which I got in especially for the wee lass in the hammock  image

  • Definitely hoping for a better time this year at the Dash after the total crash and burn disaster that was last year! Should be on for a PB then eh?? Man that was my first race back after that horrible illness I had too and what a balls up I made of it! Luckily there was cake at the end to make it a bit better image

    Well done on your run Bungee and good pace too!! image

    Am I allowed to use WHW as an excuse too Karen image  Just kidding. Tell you what tho, I'll spectate at WHW and you can reciprocate at the Dash image

    Enjoy Arbroath and it's lovely hills Caniggia and KirrieP.  Shame it's just a 10k, there are so many hill to take advantage of there image

    Now for the Bash. Not sure if I can make that one as it's a Wednesday and hubby sails then. Hoping tho that as he's doing the JogScotland 5k on the Tuesday and I have to miss training that I get to have the Wednesday instead. We'll see........

    Just watching T2 with my eldest who is 11 and his pal from across the road who is 9. OMG some of the language is sooooo not suitable for them!! I'm thinking this is not a PG rated film?? image

    Nice to see everyone on here - not seen Soph yet tho....  Hiya Mick, well done last weekend. Scorchio eh??

  • No don't let Smout eat all the gateau. I love a bit of black forest gateau - yuuuuuum!!! Save some for me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease....................
  • Oh look there you are Soph - well done you!! You must be whacked image
  • You are in luck soph we have got really comfy new sofas in the new hoose too. Its one of those big L-shaped ones you can stretch out fully on (I'd love one of them in my own house) There are ice cubes in the freezer as we know you like a whiskey or two.  image  I've not made too many though I dont want you to drink too much and aggravate that gout image
  • Lucky that naughty step is comfy Caniggia - Soph's gonna get you for that one image
  • What gout, pass me the bottle I'm drinking from that tonight! image image
  • Your bum sore Soph? Bloomin heck!!
  • LoL @ T2 being PG Beshaped, oops.  When the friend's Mum asks you were he learnt that sort of language!! image

    Helloooooooooo everyone btw, I forgot seeing as brain no worky...

  • Right, I'll edit that out as it was a bit crude and you all ran away and left!! image
  • Hiya Vixx76 image

    just ran 6.55K on dreadmill in garage......... calibration is out on that ran 12kph, but it takes about 5:20 for each K thats not right is it?

    Lucky escape rat got out its ball while I was on dreadmill, found him.  Phew had back door and garage door open, not to mention all the places he could have hidden in house image  broke out of his ball in utilitly area by garage door, but went back into the house, ahhhh he went home image

  • Och, that was close with your rat Smiffie.  image  I thought treadmills are always out on their calibration....
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