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  • Know they are always out a bit, but mine is saying its going at one speed, but then distance run in that time say's it wasn't going at that speed.  Can't it just lie to me and display a message saying you are 8 1/2 stone and run like a goddess? image Its a bloody machine doesn't have to worry anyone will send it to the naughty step!
  • You are a fine physical specimen and run like a goddess image image
  • HI guys,

    Great idea Canniggia image

    I've done 4 Embra Mara's now,   2004.  2006.  2007.  2008.

    Tbh, my favourite was 2004 starting at Holyrood Park with the sound of cannon fire, and running through the city centre amongst the sound of bagpipers on street corners. Although the new route is faster, its much more boooring ! 

    Worst moment,  2007..... getting drenched before the race even started and then getting soaked some more and blown all over the place, also missing out on a sub3 by 36 secs image

    Bestest moment 2008...... meeting out with some of the gang on here for a pre-race eveing meal, excellently organised by Karen D  !   And finishing in 2:58 !

    Nice to see some of the 'old gang' on here too.

    I'd like to say i'd be at edinburgh in 2010, but as i'm now 'racing' ultra's will just have to wait and see.

  • Soph you are all or nothing you!!!! 72 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeez my lady you just don't do anything by halves do you image and there were 'H's involved (just keeping Can happy, he'll start twitching if I say the word in full!!!) Rest up 2mro, you exhaust me just thinking about it lol

    Hey there Flying Ant good to see you on here again image 

    Smiffie take heart I am just over 8 1/2 st and I can only dream of running at your speed!!! So being a sub 9 only guarantees smaller jeans not faster legs image Get Can to fix up a swanky ultra modern gym in the hoose here with surround sound tele and music videos to let the dread time fly by with the greatest of ease image Can how much is in the communal piggy bank, will it stretch to a garage revamp for a gym??

  • Hi Bungee   image
  • LOL Bungee image 

    So Caniggia33 can we get a ultra swanky dreadmill to go with the surround sound TV image

    Hi Flying Ant image

  • Hi Smiffie image

    Hi Triple S image

  • The treadmills are in place on the mezzanine level of our swanky pad.  I'm not sure I can run to the plasma system until I get paid.  Do not fear though as to help in the meantime have some Berocca for you all to help make treadmill sessions much more interesting.  I get a discount on them at Superdrug image 


    Nitey nite everybody I've got some hills to run up and wind to run into in the morning imageimage

  • LOL I'd fall flat on my face trying to re-enact that image

    got to get to page 10, chapter 4 before revision book can close image

  • Nope had enough, nite nite imageimage

  • Nite Smifffie image

    Man that bean bags tooo comfy - I;ve slept all day. Ready for my Gateaux now tho - any left? And a weee tiny sip of the cider....please image

    Cannae find the remote control for the telly.... I never watch the telly much but I still want to be able to change the channel while still on my lazy butt!

    Welcome everybody to the new hoos. Isn;t Can brilliant to us image
  • Well Smifffie - at least we were beyond Page 4 post 10 for you going to bed eh image

    nite all!
  • Morning,

    boy did I sleep well last night, bit punch drunk type state this morning though. image   Have a good day all, good luck to any racers.x

  • Morning all the sun is a shining image 

    In the last big brother I did like the task where they had to re-enact that treadmill video, just had a look on youtube god there are some scary videos of shall we say VERY big boned girls with a LOT of skin round their very big bones!!!!! On treadmills etc but they are more gross than funny !!! image These people should keep those views to themselves until they don't have as much skin!!!!

    Hubby away to work again so once I have had tidied up and walked the boys I think I may go for a wee cycle before heading over to my sisters. NOT 72 miles though Soph!!!! image Meant to rain by lunchtime so I better get a move on lol

    Smout remember to puff up the beanbag again once you have separated yourself from it, so it still looks nice and inviting, I wonder how many of them you will go thru before may next year lol

  • Morning Soph no wonder you slept well my girl!!!!! image It was only a week ago you did your forbidden marathon aswell!
  • Oh me again!!!
    That's me back from my cycle, did 21 miles in 1.58, have never cycled that far before lol Stopped on route to get a cheesburger from a van at Markinch Highland Games lol image Wahey image

    Away to demank and then better tidy up a bit before I go to my sisters!  lol

  • Afternoon all

    Can33-I don't think I'll ever stop laughing at the 'bar codes'.I wore my Sunderland vest last Sunday and there were a few comments made to me about the geordies slipping into the championship-all nice may I add.image

    Bungee-Aye I was on for a 4hr marathon last sunday until 23 mile.Got over the line in 4hr23mns.Really suffered afterwards.

    KarenD-Going for a wee jog later then ive got a pile of ironing to do.image

    Running the Blaydon race this Tuesday.A nice run of 5.9mile.Very popular race in the northeast of England.A nice selection of Black pudding,Tripe,Ham and pease pudding sandwiches,bottles of beer at the finish.image

  • Good afternoon everybody,

    Not really sure how I ran there. image  The course would be described as slightly undulating by the good people of fife and it was a bit blowy.  I think the blowyness made it feel more uphill than it actually was on the way out as there seemed a lot more uphill bits on the way back than I thought there should have been.  I know I struggle on "h" words at the best of time but I need to find a bit more oooomph to get up and still leave myself enough oooooomph to get back down again. 6:47, 6:55, 7:07 going up 6:25, 6:18, 6:05 coming down and 1:21 for the last 1/4 mile.  Not brill but better than last week. image

    Hope you all slept well in your comfy new beds image

    Cheeseburger sounds good image

  • I did blaydon a few years ago and to this day I swear that my momento was an ashtray!!!!!!

    Remember to sing the relegation version of the Blaydon races at the start line Mick image

    Ohhhhhh me lads you should have seen em gangin,

    All along the gallowgate to see the public hangin

    Ashley and al hung by the balls with a pair of keegans laces,

    It wiped the smug look right off......... their ugly geordie faces!!!!!! imageimageimageimageimage

    If he sings that version I'd back him for a PB on fetch folks lol image

  • Well done on your race Can.

    Great bike ride bungee.

    I've been pretty knacked, so not done much as yet!!

    I have just lost my first toe nail to running. image  Ouch....

    Still a very respectable time Mick for last weekend. image

  • Hi flying ant and got my washing blowing in the breeze Mick, cheers image

    Well done Bungee and oh dear Soph, mines still all intact. Nice wee 21 miler on whw today, hamstrings tight with the climbs, the garmin data goes up n down constantly, think that was about 3000ft climbs today. I NEED a massage!! 

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Hi all- just found this new thread- great idea - actually it seemed to find ME!!- never been stalked by a thread before, but suddenly it decided to add itself to my bookmarks!

    On call this weekend, so did my pre- loch Ness training long run - real training starts in 2 weeks, but trying to build back up in preparation- can't go too far afield 'cos I need to be able to dash to the hopsital if necessary, so ran 10k in a wee loop round the gym, then inside to watch the F1 on TV, and do another 10k on tready- breaks up the monotony a bit.

    Oh- forgot to say- congrats on the news, Smout- and well done on last weeks race in that heat!

    I don't think I'll do Edinburgh again until there's some change in the organisation- anyway Lochaber is better timing- wise, as you can still do the Polaroid 10k series, and there's more recovery time before the run up to Loch Ness starts.

  • Well done on your 21 miler Karen image all those climbs!!!! image your legs will be like a bodybuilder now lol

    Hi Tricia yeh even Can doesn't know how this thread came to be on all our bookmarks lol maybe RW have got it that if you post another thread link it goes into a bookmark of everyone who has written on the original thread! Does that make sense lol
    You do great with your training considering you have to stay near or in the hosp a lot of the time image My LN training started yesterday a week in advance image Have done a spreadsheet to keep a more precise note of everything I do running and cycling between now and then, more to just try to keep me motivated in a couple of months time when I tend to struggle and get fed up!!

    Soph I have lost 2 big toe nails and it was so handy not having to worry about cutting them I didn't want them to grow back in lol It didn't hurt though.

  • Well done on your race Can and Karen on your 21 miler image

    Good idea to keep a spreadsheet Bungee.  I keep my training data on Garmin software, sporttracks and Fetch.  They all do different things and it kept me motivated.  Not sure the training league on Fetch is good for me though - I've slipped to 400 and wondering how soon I can get it back up again!

    I think I might lose a toenail too Soph.  One is looking a funny colour and is quite sore to touch.  If I do, it will be my first too.

    I managed the heels last night.  Was a bit difficult dancing in them, but not as bad as I thought considering I very rarely wear anything other than flats.  The meal out was terrible though.  We went to what was supposed to be a fairly posh restaurant, but they didn't have the veggie special and the only other veggie thing they had turned up and was lukewarm to say the least.  They didn't charge us for that though so it made it quite a cheap meal out!

    I have just entered a great race if any of you fancy venturing south in November.  It's the Guy Fawkes 10 mile in Ripley, North Yorkshire.  Not sure Can will like it though because in RW's toughest hills in road racing article, the biggest hill was voted number 1 image.  I walked up it last year image It's a beautiful route though and they give you mountains of chocolate and a great technical t-shirt when you finish.  Only £11 to enter as well image.

  • Oh well done Caniggia, just seen you did a race. Sounds a nice race Dippy, nope caniggia hates hills with a passion.
  • Hey folks. Hiya Flying Ant. You still a kept full-time athlete then?? image  Ultras now you say? What kinda stuff are you doing then? Karen's right in there with ultras too these days! Nutters all of you!!! image

    Well done today Caniggia. Great race. Hope the leggies enjoyed it better than last week!! Much better weather today for running a marathon eh?? Typical!!

    Well done on your bike ride Bungee. Might have to do one of those myself as my quads, esp the right one, still mashed after the hills on Thursday and race on Friday!

    Rest up Soph -no wonder you feel whacked today!!! Wonderwoman - whooooooosh on yer fancy pants road bike image

    Good on you surviving the heels Dippycat image  Not something I often wear either - tend to live in trainers of one sort or another. Nice cheap night out but shame about the food image

    Hiya everyone else - Smiffie, Tricialitt, Smout, Jazz, Fox, others who I've inadvertently forgotten..  Been to Blair Drummnd Safari Park today with the kids, alone,  as hubby's been away sailing all weekend. Boy that was hard going!! Got caught trying to offload them on the chimpanzee island image Now catching up on the F1 that I recorded from earlier image

  • From the woman that does an ultra for her 40th birthday!! Ha bedshaped!! I do like blair drummond safari park, i like the big wooden play area there, it's good fun. Oops what age am i?
  • Ha ha big kids the lot of ya image I'll need to go to Blair Drummond one day!!

    Well done Can I forgot you were racing today image get in there, all good to focus on away from last Sunday.

    yeh mrs 40 miles bedshaped, you don't have an ultra leg to stand on there lol image

    That race sounds good Dippy image I am off to Lanzerote NEXT Nov lol Bro doing the marathon and me doing the half, a combined brothers, sisters + in laws holiday with us racing thrown in imageimage the non runners love supporting us so its a win win image I have a basic training sheet on the fridge aswell as my Fetch stuff. But thought a spreadsheet adapted from a FIRST training plan with my cycling and club runs (going on Wed!!) thrown in might help me with my probable lack of motivation come Aug!!!! I'll need you guys then btw!!!!!! I start off like a bat out of hell (Soph that's you every day!!!! image then get fed up week in week out going out for 'must do' runs!

  • Oh sorry Karen, I forgot to say well done you on your 21 miler on the WHW image  Yeah okay good point on the birthday run!!  image  Wooden play fort is ace isn't it? I was struggling today with the kids things as my leg as a bit sore!! Bit miffed at the guy who insisted his kid had priority over mine on one of the swing things despite the fact I'd been standing there for 20mins waiting to get on and he was nowhere to be seen image  He didn't seem impressed at being called a rude man either!! Hmph!!
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