Edinburgh marathoners past and present



  • Eastham75-And a cracking picture it is.image
  • Markk, LOL I don't think anyone is brave enough to click 'send' right now image

    Solicitors appt on Monday morning, then we'll see if working together works any more image

  • I turn my back to spend a couple of days with my kids and you all move out and board up the doors and windows image  but I found you, you can't escape that easily image.  Was not automatically bookmarked though so I guess I did not get an invitation to teh house warming.

    Great idea Caniggia I thought we would all have to gate crash the Loch Ness thread or just move across the road from number 2009 to 2010.

    Still not run since 31st.  Achillies still stiff - not sure whether running will help or hinder healing.  Wanted to run a 10k in 10 days time.  Had planned to do loads of speed work last week and this and try for another PB but that will not now happen.

    If this new place needs a coat of paint Smiffie is the woman - at least for the lower half of the walls.  Caniggia you'll have to do the high bits for her image  Just don't let her choose the wall paper image

    I really want to train, but what to do, huge dillema image

  • Oi Cavehill I was up til midnight the other night painting I'll have you know!!

    Oh wait, that was my other house image

    Morning all image Had a lovely run this morning - 9 miles and decent pace too so quite happy.

    Off to read back now.......

  • Only just got the paint out of my hair from doing ceilings image then in popps Cavehill75 saying it needs a lick of paint humph image

    Off to get kids from school......... image

    Not good with hints then DCB image

  • Know how you feel DCB - really wanted to train this weekend but resisted it and did some work in the garden... as a result of which I now have a wrist strapped up image Hint - crow bars and treet roots are a bad combo and best left to a man with a chainsaw and biceps like Arnie.
  • I'll be back! image image
  • never doubted you soph image
  • Hi again FLYING ANT.Yes,the runningis going pretty well really,however had a total disaster yesterday in the Run in the wild 10k.Somehow managed to run anextra mile and instead of finishing 4th came in 32nd.Normally you could pas it off as just one of those things,but this was a rcae which is part of the Somerset series.image .Still never mind.How is it with you.

    Cavehill.I said it before I think,but really well done on your marathon time.That must be pretty pleasing.Great effort

    Hi everyone else.Bring on 2010.

    P.S. if KAREN is lurking out there somewhere.Do you take a map and compass with you on your off roaders.I have gone wrong 3 times now recently.The annoying thing is no one else has.Just me!!!!! Maybe I'll stick to the roads.In saying that though I did the same thing in the Gloucester marathon a couple of years back,and that was pretty scary.However that was down to bad marshalling and became a bit dangerous.

    CANIGGIA,going back to your first post.WHO? has been naked rambling.??????? 

  • Yes i do take a map and compass Kiwi, fat lot of good it does me as i've no idea how to use the compass.  
  • Can I join you. I just did the Edinburgh marathon last week - aka as the "Marathon des Shambles" on Fetch. Personally I had a great race and didn't experience too much of the bad admin - with the exception of taking an age to find the reunion area as none of the officials I asked seemed to know where it was!

    Would like to do Edinburgh again as I really enjoyed it - hopefully wont be as hot next time. My next marathon is Newcastle in November and then London 2010 as much to my amazement I managed to get a GFA time at Edinburgh.

    not run since Edinbro - legs feel great and am desperate to get out but have a very nasty cut/blister on my right foot which has meant I have been unable to bear putting on shoes - flip flops are my friend at the mo!
  • Knock Knock, can I come in ??

    Hi Everyone, Edinburgh last week was my first marathon, totally enjoyed it despite all the problems with the heat/water and poor organisation with regards to the reunion area, I was stood underneath the A-D sign for over an hour waiting for my parents before  going to look for them and only find them by accident, like Jovi, my parents were told the totally wrong place. Ah well, let's hope these mistakes can be sorted next year.

  • Got absolutely nothing done this weekend, well apart from a little 3.5 miler. I am never doing 2 nightshifts back to back again. Still really tired today. I'll run after work tomorrow. image
  • Evening all - how was everyone's weekend? image
  • Hi all

    Great see loads of new names aswell image welcome to the new hoose image 

    Carrot glad you are okay after your fall, jeez that could have been so much nastier!!! See what the doc says and at least you can get hopefully get peace of mind then.

    Hellen you will be earning the name of Soph No 2 cos you are another bionic woman!!!! 2 weekends 2 marathons!!! AND you enjoyed the one yesterday imageimage Well blooming done Jaime Summers image

    Devjon a 3.52 at 60 bloody fantastic imageimage glad you and all the other first time Edinbros enjoyed the experience. I like Edinburgh, I just don't like the existing marathon route!!!

    Took the longer way home tonight on the bike so did 5 miles in all. Will go out for a run tomorrow cos can't make the club on Wed as picking up daughter from airport!!! Long story for anyone who doesn't know of my daughter concerns over the last 6 weeks!!! Daughters = stress!!!

    Karen LMAO at you with your compass but you don't know how to use it!!! image

  • Lessons please from you KAREN,Obviously my compass in my head is a bit awry.My garmin said 7 miles and I still ignored it.It must be the drugs again,viagra may play a part,who knows.Being  in my prime at 24 years of age I can not understand why  my brain won't work.Alzheimers at 26,no hope for me!!!!!!

    CANIGGIA,you have not answered my question about the perverted rambler.I am all ears!!image!!

    BUNGEE,what is a hoose????? A loose moose in me hoose.English lessons girl!!! or maybe geography or history.Mooses come from Canada.Back to school for you!!!

    Hi VIX76 it was crap!

    Hi BEDSHAPED.From what caniggia was saying you seem to be a bit of a shirker.ARE YOU GOING TO DO THE MARATHON NEXT YEAR?????????????????? 

  • Cavehill the bit that needs a "lick of paint" is a feature wall. image Do you want us to paint you and jacasaurus a sectarian mural to make you feel more at home lol image

    Smiffie has done a fab job with the wallpaper.  I think it adds a touch of individuality having the stripes all at 45 degree angels!!!!!!  On the subject was anybody watching the tennis on eurosport in the last fortnight.  What was the producer doing in the game, set and mats programme all the pictures were at jaunty angles.  I was getting sea sick watching it some nights.  If it was the studio that kept moving and not the camera it was a good job they never gave Annabelle Croft a seat with wheels on it or she would have whooshed one night past mats willander and out the window.  It was just weird. 

    Staying on the subject of seasickness Jovi have tou bought the pills yet for the "Newcastle" marathon. You might get a bit dizzy doing that one.  For anybody who hasn't heard of this race it consists of 100 folk all running five YES FIVE laps of town moor which is a bit of a drab greenbelt park on the outskirts of gosforth.  It actually sounds more boring than 3 laps of Luton.  How could you be bothered??????? image


    p.s. bedshaped and smiffie are up ladders at the moment touching up the skirting boards image 

  • still can't reach the top image

  • we just discussed this fellow one night.  He rambles in the buff and gets arrested a lot. Nothing much more you can say about him really.



    Other hot topics have also included how does the tooth fairy know to come is she informed by the dentist or does she have to inspect every pillow every night? A more recent one was how much powerade do you have to drink before you actually turn into a smurf.  Nothing  particularly inetersting or perverted to be honest kiwi but for folk that dont come in to play that often with us it must have made them sit up and take notice.  Obviously had an effect there are lots of folk that haven't been before and loads we haven't seen for ages.  I'm quite surprised its been so popular!!!!!!

    Is Hellen that random burd we all set to ignore a few weeks back image

  • Ugh, was looking at the pictures of the marathon and just saw one of my ex running with his top off! image

    What the hell was I thinking!?

  • Hi Gang, where is the brig bash run being held, and what is it, any info, the cakes sound appealing.
  • You're in trouble for that one Caniggia I'm sure.  They will kick one ankle each when they find you, you BFG image.  Good job you have a friend called Sophie and can speak to the queen.


    Karen it points North (more or less), that is the top bit of the earth where there is snow and ice and no penguins image 

  • Soph - you look good in pink image

    Kirrie - a ran past a guy with no top and remember thinking, "what is he thinking....."

    Right that is me off home - I've been here 13 hrs and that is enough for one day.

  • what cholcolate biscuits do they have up there DCB?

    The Brig Bash is held in Bridge of.........which one is it weir, allen or earn??????....Earn I think. The one just a few miles south of perth!!!!!!! Its a 5 mile loop of the town and a bit of countryside round the outside of the town.  Its pretty flat one gradual down bit and one gradual up but nothing to really be describes as an "h" word which is nice for a race after work.  They have a vast array of cakes!!!!!!! image

    I was 12th out of 94 folk yesterday.  The 1st lassie who is really good was only 5s behind the 1st laddie which is lots closer than most races and the winners was 5 minutes slower than last years winner.  I think that result  means the field was of an amazingly low quality rather than I ran well!!!!!! image

  • If it was the shirtless man from the tour of fife DCB probably nothing much image

  • Do you like my specs too DCB?
  • Evening all! Boy that took all day to read back image

    Smiffie I can't decide whether my hair is greyer or it's the paint from the ceiling lol image  

    Hello newbies image  

    Kiwis, maybe I will run it one day but I do such a good line in support it would be a shame for my pom poms to go to waste image  I am doing Loch Ness Marathon tho so does that count???

    Well done Hellen on your marathon - again!! 2nd lady, very impressive!!! image

    Now I can't think of what everyone else wrote image

  • Sophie's Super Specs!!!!!! image
  • oh and here Caniggia, take a big kick in the ankles! image
  • A Watson THIS IS the Brig Bash details, Bridge of Earn like Can said, lovely summer quiet country road run. The spread afterwards is like nothing I have ever seen at a race before. Its image 

    Just a quickie folks, hi again all. Mind be quiet cos I'm heading off to bed to read THIS BOOK or rather skim thru it for a course I'm on on Wed! And I'm in early again this week so I need my sleep image Plan a run after work tomorrow.

    nite nite x

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