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  • Sunday name Can!!!  Tut, kick in the ankles.... image  Anyway, you know it's my special shoes, not super specs! 

    You going for a blue rinse bedshaped? image

    Waves to everyone.

    Had a sh1t run this eve, totally depressing with my carp lungs.  So, I came home and cried!  Och well, tomorrow is a new day.

  • Are carp lungs not called fins????? image

    Its not just your running thats a bit off tonight your smilies have gone to pot too.  Its like reading one of Kiwi's posts image

  • I edited and resubmitted to fix the smilies Can! image

    Unfortunately, I don't swim like a fish Can.  It's more like doggy paddle at the moment.

  • i dont swim at all I bloody hate it!!!!!! image
  • LOL folks - too much fun to be had in here tonight eh image

    Is there anywhere to sit with no paint drips image image

    Someone asked how AFresh got on (I think) - bit of a useless mention image I don;t remember seeing anything back in the other hoos.

    Well Folks - I feel a bit better today having slept most of the weekend away. Then OH an I falling asleep on the floor in the wee room downstairs lastnight! He'd recorded the Apprentice through the Satellite we'd put up yesterday (livingroom PCs been bust so on dodgy telly in there at the minute). ANyways we sat on the floor with pillows an cushions to watch it (only one officey chair in there) - then both of us nodded of pretty much straight after it! I woke at 2 ish but he didn't come upstairs with me. Finally made it to bed after 5 - he said this it was too far he could get up - two flights of stairs LOL

    Anyways - OH is V happy with his new free sky stuff (or something). Apparently if he was remotely interested he would be able to watch an England game that's on soon in High Def? image ?

    Ooo I had a massage tonight - we bit tights bits but not bad at all - think Benedetta was pleasantly surprised with my post marathon pregnant state image

    Nearly think I'm ready for bed tonight - the whole night too! Determined to tr not to fall asleep at my desk this week!

    OOO Oooo - I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow..... lady foned today an booked me in image I'm very confused what the whole 17th June thing was about now but glad I finally get this 1st appointment thing sorted out image

    Be good peeps (well.... you know what I mean ;o) )

  • Good luck with the appointment tomorrow Smout. image
  • BEDSHAPED Pom poms or not.You have to be part of the team.If you do the Edinburgh next year I shall make an effort to get to the meal and by you a pint.

    It is a shame really that we couldn't enter a team with t-shirts and all.Anyone have any ideas for a name?????!!!!!! 

  • By the way.The Aussies are out! WONDERFUL.imageimageimage
  • Not only leave the pompoms bedshaped will have to leave her outfit from last year at home!!!!!


  • CRIKEY BEDSHAPED.You have become a Gurka.Sherpa Tensing Mrs. Bedshaped.Moustache and all.SCARY MATE!!!!!!!!
  • Morning all hows this for an offer, was in the pub last night with wifes mam and dad and we were talking about the marathon and if i wanted to do another etc, i said i really wanted to do Paris one year and that James (my son) wants me to do it as well, so Father-in-law said if i enter it, he will pay for the hotel!!!!!!!!

    more later after work, 

  • Smout describing bedshaped and Smiffie as "paint drips" seems a bit hard on them don't you think? imageimage

    Soph - hope you feel better today.  Those lungs of yours can't be that bad if you can cycle 70+ miles in a day.  Caniggia I think you'll find carp lungs are called gills !image

    bungie - don't let Smiffie see that book - anything to do with cheese and she'll eat it.  A book on nuts - now that would be safe.

    Adie - I enjoyed Paris although it was very congested in the first 6-7 miles of the race.  I'd like another crack at it next year perhaps if I don't get into VLM.  If you do it getting as far forward as you possibly can at the start would be my advice and watch for debris underfoot.  All sorts or crap was just thrown down in the start pens and first 1/2 mile of the course.  Your Father-in-law has bot been to Paris recently I'm guessing.  Was painfully expensive with current €  /  £ exchange rates.  You'll also need a medical certificate to run in France which was a bit of a pain in the butt.

  • LOL DCB! Ooop.... I'll go hide in my bean bag image

    LOL Can too - bedshaped's outfit..... you've hit it on the nail there image

    Right.... having my breakfast then off to work..... trying not to forget the 2pm appointment image image

  • Hi all, well legs still work, took them off to the gym last night for a couple of miles on the dreadmill, am going to let them loose on the highways and byways of Harrogate tonight see how they fair.  Having watched a programme about frostbite on Everest last night I have to say my toes look remarkably good compared to those on the telly - yikes no climbing up Everest for me!!

    Smout hope all goes well this afternoon.  Adie I quite fancy doing Paris, but, I love Paris so much that I fear I might miss the race and just spend the whole time mouching about drinking coffee in lots of nice cafes.

  • Oh that made me laugh, remembering Bedshaped jumping out at mile 12 last year image really picked me up!

    Off for run with friend first thing, then spts massage, then work.  Swapped day off tomorrow for today....... well prob go in this afternoon.....

    hope you feel better Soph, heres some (((boing)))

    Caniggia33 you are sitting on the fence in this new house, so you might as well finish creosoting (can't spell) it while there image

  • SCharm - a fellow Harrogate Runner. Our club will be running around Follifoot tonight. Do you run for a local club? Have a good run.
  • I watched that too Scharm, the toe thing made me barf!!

    Morning, why does Kiwi keep shouting.

    You ok today Soph?

  • Hi Jovi, no not a club member yet but thinking of joining Nidd Valley Road Runners as I live in Starbeck - which club do you belong to?  Am scared of Harriers, they all seem so fast!!!!!!!

  • Morning,

    Am ok thanks Karen.  Listening to radio in work.  Gah is this my foreseeable work future, listening to radio??? image 

    DCB, I don't have Gill's lungs?  image

    Smiffie, isn't creosote banned????  I used to love the smell of that stuff. image

    Heh I like that idea for doing Paris SCharm, cafe stops!! image  Adie, sounds like a good offer.  I'd stay with my Uncle if I did it.... image  It's good having jet-set relatives.

    Heartbreak make me a dancer, dancer
    Keep my heart beating faster, faster... image  Guess the lyrics? image

  • SCharm - I'm member of Harrogate Harriers. We are a very friendly bunch (honest!)- nothing to be scared off. We have groups for all abilities from a social run/walk sort of group right up to elite guys so something for everyone. If you do decide to pop by be great to see you but understand if Nidd Valley would be preference as closer. Anyway, my "real name" is Wendy Marks so feel free to ask to point me out if you do pop up to the club to try us out.
  • DCB thanks for that, am well aware of the exchange rates from NewYear when we went skiing, they are better now from then though, need to check dates etc of it, do they base start on expected/previous times?

    SCharm, Easingwold for me tonight, YorksRoadRaceLeague, nice run even with a big hill in it.

    Hi all

  • Thanks Jovi (aka Wendy) my husband works with Paul Stockburn from the Harriers, and Paul was my "virtual" trainer for Edinburgh (my name if Sarah Chalmers)!  I'm actually quite shy which is why I haven't joined a club as yet, its the getting through the door bit that scares me!  so your offer of asking for you is much appreciated, however, I don't have use of the car on a Tuesday night which is why I will probably join Nidd Valley, I am not sure I am up to jogging up to Harlow Moor before an actual run!!!!  although I could get the old bike out of the shed.

    Adie - hills don't scare me - Guy Fawkes 10 miler at Ripley!!  Birstwith Brute!!

  • been there and avoided since lol
  • Ah, but some of us will do anything for a big bag of chocolate!!!!!

  • Och you lot. I finally get myself an early night and turn intoa gurka??!!  Kiwis, I'll hold you to that pint you know - you'll never escape that one image  Problem with me doingEdinburgh is how will I run out from the bushes and surprise people?? I think last year's point was definitely more interesting than this years, though a bit more remote. I'm sure it made that section more interesting image

    Good luck with the midwife appoint Smout. Ooooh how exciting image but not for me lol. 3 times was plenty thanks image

    I love watching stuff about Everest SCharm but like you have no desire to climb it! You need to be a millionnaire for a start it cost so much!!!! 

    Paris sounds great Adie - can you get you in-laws to pay for all your housemates too image

    Nope Soph, didn't get that one. What was it? Oh time for Jeremy Vine - must get the radio on while watching the tennnis too and folding the washing while making no.3's lunch. Oh I'm a busy bee today image  Look after yer lungs woman BTW, they'll be back soon enough, just take it easy image

    Howdi everyone else image

  • oh, somehow that posted twice??!!image
  • Have done Ripley too - I agree - def worth doing it for the chocolate- we certainly deserve it after the Birstwith hill. My goal is to one day be able to run all the way to the top of that hill without stopping - I can but dream! I think Ripley race was in RW a while back as being the hilliest road race in UK.
  • OMG Bedshaped, Jeremy Vine!! Nooooooooooo, next you'll be reading the Daily Mail and writing complaint letters.  How old are you woman????  Deffo blue rinse time. image  It was Sophie Ellis Bextor...  I think you enjoyed the bushes a bit too much huh. image
  • Aw Soph Jeremy Vine is great -- he makes my afternoon image  I draw the line at the Daily Mail tho..... and yeah a blue rinse is definitely on the cards image

    Is this race where you get chocolate like the races where you get cake??? Those are just the best. Who needs a t-shirt or a medal image

    No.3 off for his school visit this afternoon - awwww..... 

  • Bedshaped, the Guy Fawkes race at Ripley is partly sponsorded by Nestle so you get a carrier bag rammed full of chocolate and other goodies!  You also get a t-shirt, but you have to remeber to ask for a size bigger than normal because you need it after stuffing your face with all the choclates!

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