Edinburgh marathoners past and present



  • well when i say nearer the start i mean nearer the place the busses leave to go to the start and the finish.  As the race starts in a city thats not actually Athens I'm sure somebody would point out why my hotel was sooooo much cheaper image
  • Damn missed the stalker deal image
  • Ooooh sounds like a nice trip Caniggia. Room for a little person in your suitcase? I'm sure Smiffie's available image image  I ndid wonder where you got to last night. Sounds like a really crap migraine image  Glad it's all better today.

    Well done careful Smout and Smoutickle image  Happy Asda shopping!!

    Evening all image

  • Can I borrow a jug of milk from someone pleeeeease?  I NEED a cup of tea and hubby's out and I canny get to the shops image
  • Do you think I might have to change my name from Caniggia 33 to Ketsbaia 6 after another Dundee god now he is manager of Olympiakos in Athens.  Its such a shame this bizarre moment is about all that he is remembered for he was soooooooo good too image  I'm sure Mick still appreciates his contempt for the shirt and the gallowgate end.  It makes a mackem proud to see that even some of their own players hate Newcastle image

  • There is room for a little if smiffie wants to come but she may have to share the suicase with a small cuddley leopard called Leonard who's world travels continue........Its a long story image
  • Its a tough decision for a one off bit of foreign travel.

  • I'm not changing my name for Berlin in honage to the Germans who have played for Dundee Sebastien Kniesel and Vince Mennie (or Mince Vennie as he is still unaffectionately known) are 2 of the worst footballers I've ever seen in my life image 
  • That guys a nutter Caniggia!!!

    Hurry up with the milk guys......

  • Bedshaped we have thought of everything.  If you pop up onto the roof terrace you can get some fresh milk here!!!!!! image
  • OMG just turned the telly over to embarassing bodies and they're right up some woman's hairy ass with the camera image
  • the roof terrace it is!!! Don't get much fresher than that!!!
  • I can't take the competition, not from a cuddly leopard image

    Just dropped kids at thier dads as my train goes 6:30 tomorrow morning, so early start image
    At least tubes on strike so I can 'Lady Muck' it and get taxi image

  • You'd have to pay a hefty excess baggage fee Caniggia, I believe she is just a little over 20kg image but then again a lady should never reveal her weightimage

    Hi Jac - thought we'd lost you.  Hope injury sorted soon and I agree with others "never say never"

  • Evening housemates.

    How is everyone?  I'm good.  Did 6.3miles this evening on the treadmill and it's the first time in ages that I've been able to breath well whilst running.  Joy joy joy..........  I used my new breathing technique of pressing my tongue into the roof of mouth and only breathing through my nose.  It makes a huge difference and yeah it's probably partly pyschological, but the more you concentrate on it the better your breathing gets.  It only seems to work so well when I'm not full of catarrh!!

    Oh Can, sorry to hear about your migraine, you need to take better care of yourself Mr. image  I never have the treadmill on the flat setting, I like a bit of a HILL. image image  Does Athens Marathon start in Marathon or near Athens?  The drive to Marathon seemed to take ages when we went to watch the olympic canoeing there.  I remember when we went to acropolis, we'd brought one of the cats toys on holiday by mistake, so we'd decided to take a photo with it at each of the famous places we visited in Athens.  Anyway, at the Acropolis, we took out the piglet toy for a photo and we got whistled at by the security guards and they made us delete the photos, they missed one though. image

     Hey bedshaped and Smiffie and everyone else. Am off to bed shortly.

  • The leopard is my mum and dads fault as they lost my nieces fav toy when they were over in Aus a few months ago.  Instead of telling them he was lost they told her he was "on his holidays"  As they cant explain how how he was going to reappear they have got me to find a replacement leopard online and as I'm globetrotting a bit they would like me take actually take him on his holidays. So far he has been to Boston, Newark airport with its fantastic view of manhattan, the mel gibson memorial building (because all small aussie kids should learn about australians putting on dodgy scottish accents) along the road from Karen's hoose, Broomfield because big sis supports airdie and he has trips to Berlin to meet smiffie and Athens still to come.  He will return at Christmas with his photo album by which time my niece will have either outgrown him or forgot who the hell he was.  This is an awful high effort christmas present for a 2 year old kid but if it helps gran and grandpa feel less guilty for dropping him off the pram I'm sure it will be worth it.

    He is quite lush but unlike mee his spots dont seem to be fading much he is also a swine to do speed session with image

  • Yay the milk's arrived. Need a choccy bicc to go with the tea now!!!

    Well done Soph, great run and good news about the breathing.  That's funny about your wee toy on hols and sneaking the photies image  Why did you have to delete them??

  • Aw that's a nice wee story Caniggia and good for you globetrotting to keep yer folks out of trouble!!

    Right, tea drunk choccy biccy scoffed - night all image

  • DCB I doubt smiffie weighs more than fresh air but if she does I'll put her in the handluggage they never weigh that image

    Soph I've got a hotel overlooking the acropolus so I should be fine with leonard and a long distance lens!!!!!  The race is the olympic course from 2004 starting in marathon, running uphill for miles (hot and hilly just how I like them), passing paula's paving slab, you then have to try to fight off a weird bloke in a gay looking short kilt (they are sticklers for tradition lol) before finishing in the panathaniko stadium.  To be honest I could take or leave the 1st 25.5 miles but the prospect of running up and then around the stadium at the finish just looks awsome imageimageimage  


    soph when you say you took the cats by mistake.  Did you just bundle them into the suitcase by accident were they under some t-shirts or something???? image

    Bedhsped if you milk this one you get strawberry milkshake.  I told you this flat was good!!!!!!


  • hiya image

    hope all are good !

    had sports massage today .....wasnt too bad for a change then did 13 miles cycling  to my mums and back .....my wee legs are feeling a bit tired now ! ..amazing how the diffrence in muscles you use cycling compared to running image

    i got my prize from the  auld toun race ..was £10 which i think is brill considering i was just 3rd vet image..really chuffed !

    ....catch up  properly tommorow xxx


  • Smiffie I agree with Scott I f*ckin hate kilts!!!!!!!! image  England has given very few good things to the world trousers were one of those few notable achievement.

    I actually thought the 1st guest was funny too.  I'd never seen him before.

  • Can - I just got the email as well from 2:09 - um looks like a good deal for Athens, may be tempted, now how to persuade other half that its a holiday for him?!!!

  • Morning,

    The cat's toy Can.... We didnae smuggle cats! image  The stadium where the marathon finishes in Athens is AMAZING Can, you will love it.  Very jealous, not so jealous of running with lots of sweaty foreigners though.  What are the average temperatures supposed to be for that time of year when the marathon is taking place?  It was roasting the day Paula pulled up,nearly 40degrees. image  Oh poor Leonard and his globetrotting.

    Amber, the cycling will really help your running. image  Well done on your prize.

    Beshaped, we had to delete the photos because it was sacrilegious to the orthodox greek temple or something like that.... image  oops.

    Waves to everyone else.  Best do some work today! image

  • imageimageimageimageimageimage

    Just been into a meeting with my boss, the guy who started five months after me has been made the senior consultant and team lead even though I have more experience than him and two f'ing degrees.  I told my boss I feel totally disillusioned and like I'm always side-stepped as a woman.  It's total rubbish and I'm nearly physically having to stop myself walking out now.... imageimageimageimage  I'm so sick of this and life in general...

  • Oh dear not good. Go for a long run tonight to get it out of your system. And then start looking at the job sections in the paper.
  • A Forrest run to the other side of America markk? image
  • Why is there a picture of a pink cow way up there?

    Don't you walk out Soph!!

  • Hi Soph, sorry to hear you are having a C**p time at work.  Have some cake that always helps me!!

  • Karen, to have to ask someone who has less experience than me and has been downright rude to me in the past for work is like sticking needles in my throat..... This really is the last straw..
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